Are Russian women prettier than German girls?

By Faizel Ahman
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Are Russian women prettier than German girls?
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German girls vs. Russian girls

German girls always have to undergo a comparison with what Russian women have to offer. At the same time, both nationalities have their merits. What is right or wrong for the individual is a matter of taste. However, the article below provides insightful details on specifics that may shed light on the issue for some.

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The look of Russian women

Are Russian women prettier than German girls?
Yulia (22) from Siberia

Let’s start directly with the point that is very decisive for many men in the question of women, namely with the appearance. Men are visual species, which means that they often and especially in most cases decide subconsciously whether a woman is beautiful for them or not. At least when it comes to the first seconds of an encounter with a woman.

Ladies from Russia are often conspicuous by the fact that they like to be very strongly styled. They care a lot about their appearance and take a lot of time in advance on almost every occasion to spruce up their appearance accordingly. Furthermore, Russian women often wear expensive clothes, expensive shoes and also the accessories are usually very valuable. For her, no money in the world is too much to feel comfortable and no shoe is too high to be sexy enough.

German girls, on the other hand, often celebrate their femininity much less than the usefulness of some gadgets, love trendy sneakers more than shoes with heels and like to buy cheap mass-produced goods because they are more comfortable and often trendier than expensive individual items.

The character

Of course, for men, the focus is not only on the external details. Of course, the inner values also count. Characters are always very individual, but there are some things that distinguish German and Russian women in particular. Like a label on a wine: red wine always remains red, but each wine is distinguished by specific attributes.

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For example, a Russian lady’s label would say things like “pride” and “fearlessness.” They respect strength, but are themselves also strength personified in any situation. Russian women prefer to take things into their own hands rather than be dependent and are a fearless partner ready for any situation.

German girls are not necessarily completely different in character, but they are much more casual than Russian women. In German-speaking countries, young women are also often taught to be self-confident, but it is also often drilled into their heads to remain as relaxed as possible when dealing with their fellow men and not to confuse pride with conceit. Openness is also relatively normal for the ladies in Germany, with a few exceptions. Women from Germany thus have a certain coolness factor, especially the younger generation, who grow up with barely noticeable taboos.

Hobbies – Russian women vs. German girls

Are Russian women prettier than German girls?
Sandra (24) from Osterholz-Scharmbeck

The difference between the two nationalities begins with the education of young children: while women in Russia are often brought up to be very sporty, in Germany only the bare minimum is expected, for example in school sports. This is then often noticeable by the fact that Russian women are incredibly disciplined whereas German girls can rather “forgive themselves something”.

Cooking is also often part of the education of Russian women from an early age. They like to cook and learn that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, according to the motto: “If you can’t cook, your husband might leave you”.

German women, on the other hand, take a more casual view of cooking and either don’t like to cook or don’t like to cook at all. Friendships with men are also quite normal for girls in Germany, whereas this does not happen very often in Russia.

Education and culture

Russian women attach great importance to their education, as they value and honor independence. Being in a relationship with a Russian woman can therefore be quite unsettling for one or the other man. Men who consider themselves limited as far as their horizons are concerned should therefore clearly keep their hands off a Russian woman or at least not try to duel intellectually. Education and culture are indispensable for a Russian woman.

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Thus, it may well be that Russian women per se have completed several courses of study, speak several languages fluently, and still work a normal office job. Or are to be found at the executive level of large corporations and therefore often have an intimidating effect on men. No matter how: The man at her side must be a real guy!

Passion comparison

Are Russian women prettier than German girls?
Tatiana (21) from St. Petersburg

Russian women are often described as very fingered and hot-blooded. Their temperament in the act of passion differs in many respects from that of German women – at least if oral traditions are to be believed (small pun in passing).

Of course, it is very important to them to satisfy the man at their side. Since Russian women are often very strict with themselves, they are also often under pressure to perform from a young age, so to speak, in order not to lose the man of their choice to another woman. Because nothing could damage their reputation more than not having made enough effort themselves to keep the man with whom together or even married.

When a woman from Germany becomes intimate with a man, it is either preceded by a relationship of trust or she only sees the man in her bed for this one time. As for the level of passion, Russian women may try hard, but does that directly mean they enjoy having sex with the man? So if you are into 100% honesty and un-faked sex, award the point to the German woman.

Conclusion: Remains open in the case, as a matter of taste ;-)

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