Absolute HAMMER for webmaster at CashDorado/FunDorado

By Mario Meyer
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Absolute HAMMER for webmaster at CashDorado/FunDorado
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Ingenious commission cracker at CashDorado

For a long time, many adult webmasters (adult affiliates) have puzzled, trembled and hoped. What would happen next with the commissions at CashDorado? Eronite is already revealing the secret of the new commission model at FunDorado – and giving away a few details about the innovations on the premium erotic portal.

Unprecedented – competitors must now follow suit

First things first: instead of the previous 35% commission, the affiliate partner program CashDorado from the erotic sector will increase and pay out a whopping 50% commission lifetime plus 15 euros for each new registration from January 2022! With this commission rate, which is unparalleled in the German (!) affiliate landscape so far, the competition has to come up with something. Finally, the erotic affiliate will now be the winner if he uses the revenue share model (also called RevShare in affiliate marketing).

Hier als Affiliate anmelden!

Every webmaster who already has CashDorado in his portfolio will be compensated according to the lucrative new commission model. According to our calculations, the switch to the new model should already pay off financially after the first new customer acquisition. Existing customers will be compensated according to the old commission rate for all Adult Webmasters.

Earning money has rarely been as easy as it is now

So if you don’t promote FunDorado yet, you should sign up for CashDorado as soon as possible, because earning money has rarely been as easy as it is now. As always, only those who are there can be in front!

Absoluter HAMMER für Webmaster bei CashDorado/FunDorado

If you want to profit from the new commissions, register here at CashDorado as an affiliate and cash in from now on. For the beginning of 2022, it is still planned to significantly increase the advertising materials and promo tools such as (individual) landinpages and to come up with some novelties. Likewise, the web interface of the affiliate area is subject to a complete re-design, the first step has already been made, the portal now has in the basic version with the old hardly anything in common, essential things have been improved, among other things, the statistics has been completely revised and is now much more user-friendly than before.

What’s all new?

  • New commission model with 50%-REF + 15 € PPS
  • Numerous new advertising opportunities
  • Users will continue to be compensated Lifetime
  • New advertising tools and landing pages in preparation
  • Clearer and more transparent statistics
  • Monthly CashCon for all webmasters
  • FunDorado with an infinite user offer
  • More camgirls than ever before
  • Regular updates and new products
  • Attractive 14-day subscription for €4.95 instead of free trial access

On February 14, 2022, another new product will be added to FunDorado: FunDo-Casting. Over 60 German girls will provide tight lads for the users with photos, videos and live chats. So enough time and material to get in the mood as an erotic webmaster for the upcoming applications of the site.

About North German Merchants and Premium Eroticism

The Hamburg-based company freenet AG (known by “mobilcom-debitel”) founded as a Joint venture with the mail-order company Orion from Flensburg (known primarily for its many sex stores and the distribution of sex toys) founded in 2001 the Jestoro GmbH, which has several portals from the Premium Adult Entertainment segment, including also FunDorado with its cheap erotic flat rate, offered on the Internet.

Not long ago, on June 30, 2021 to be precise, the executives of the three companies involved (Jestoro, freenet and Orion) signed a paper that was to govern the sale of FunDorado. Just one day later, on July 1, 2021, the deal was implemented and it became known that United Content AG (Switzerland) had acquired the company Jestoro along with the premium brand FunDorado. CheckTech Service GmbH and Farma Direkt GmbH also fell to the new owner.

Mit FunDorado im Heidepark auf Achterbahnfahrt

Rumors quickly ran high in the adult industry. Would the new owner turn FunDorado into a pure cam portal? Would the adult webmasters(erotic affiliates) have their commissions cut or even eliminated? What happens to the team that has been working together for years?

As quickly as the waves rose, so quickly did the waters calm down. Mirko Drenger, until then Managing Director of Jestoro GmbH, joined Antenne Deutschland in Munich as the new Managing Director (at the same time also Managing Director of Sneak Media GmbH as well as of the national advertising marketer ad.audio, a joint venture between Antenne Deutschland and marketing professional Ströer), while some other employees also found their homes in other companies.

Geld verdienen als Affiliate

However, the new managers still relied on the tried-and-true: Julia Bischoff, supervisor for the Adult Affiliates, left the company after 12 years and made room for a face that is very well known in the adult industry: Marco Amoruso. He became the new Affiliate Manager and since then has been taking care of the concerns, wishes, worries and needs of the erotic webmasters at CashDorado.

Photos © by CashDorado

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