This is why a woman wants to be a submissive sex slave

By Faizel Ahman
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This is why a woman wants to be a submissive sex slave
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Why do women love to be a submissive sex slave?

To be a submissive sex slave is the desire of many women. But why is that? There are a few reasons for this fantasy. What these are and what drives women to submit to their master or mistress will now be explained.

Why do some women love to be submissive during sex?

Darum möchte eine Frau eine devote Sexsklavin seinA submissive woman is often forced to prove strength in everyday life and this is definitely reflected in her aura and personality. Sometimes they are even in leading positions and bear responsibility. You are in charge. And that is exactly why many women want to be a submissive sex slave as a compensation.

If you look at the relationship of a submissive woman and a dominant man as an outsider, you will think that she sets the tone with her partner. However, it is completely different in private. It is often the case that strong women want to be subordinate in their private lives.

You want to finally give up the responsibility and be a submissive sex slave. They enjoy fulfilling their partner’s wishes and carrying out his or her orders without having to think about having to make a decision. The women love to be in this situation and expose themselves to the orders of the other. So they give up the lead.

Be a submissive sex slave – what do they want from their master?

Those who are submissive like to submit. The degree of this setting can vary significantly. So it always looks different in submissive/dominant relationships. For some women, being treated harder in bed (or wherever) is enough. This can also vary. They like to be captivated or want to experience leadership. Here, the submissive is not particularly pronounced.

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However, if you want to be a submissive sex slave, you want very precise instructions. Humiliation is also part of their fantasy. You want to execute commands. Not only during sex, but also in everyday life. Not all submissive women want BDSM practices and do not want to feel beatings. Here it becomes clear how great the differences are.

How should the partner react? He should approach them with tact. If you know that your partner wants to be a submissive sex slave, you should treat her with empathy. This is the only way he can find out what her preferences are. The tone can be considerably rougher. After all, it is their wish.

The dominant partner

He should get out of the habit of cuddling with his partner. Rather, he should do what he wants without asking them. The dominant part may take what he wants. If he wants to have sex with her, he takes it. Whether she wants to or not. And yet that is exactly why she wants to be a submissive sex slave. He no longer needs to ask her about her favorite position. His wishes have priority!

Darum möchte eine Frau eine devote Sexsklavin sein

Even though it seems strange to him at first and he resists being so hard on her, it is her desire to be a submissive sex slave. But with many men it is so that they notice meanwhile, it pleases them to be dominant. Over time, they enjoy taking the lead and the responsibility.

How should a submissive woman be treated?

The dominant part may use his submissive sex slave, he still should not disregard her wishes and needs. It is important that he responds to them. If you want to be a good Dom, you are emphatic and can tell what a woman is feeling and how she is doing by her reactions. Being a submissive sex slave does not mean that she has to give up her preferences and boundaries.

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Therefore, it also notices when a limit is reached and stops the game instantly. Once she is hurt, he should stop and be there for her. After the game he stays with her and takes her in his arms. But if you want to be a submissive sex slave, you don’t have to be stiff as a board. It merely puts the leadership in the hands of the dominant part. Your desire is simply to drift. It feels like burdens are falling off her.

He, on the other hand, decides what happens and what she must do. Men who are not yet familiar with dominant experiences gain experience over time. So they can grow into that role, as well as the submissive woman. She learns what it is like to be a submissive sex slave. The woman learns that she must compulsorily carry out the orders of her master. Otherwise, she will face severe punishments. If she wants to avoid this, she should read his wishes from his eyes and always be attentive.

Being a submissive sex slave – because she wants it that way

Darum möchte eine Frau eine devote Sexsklavin seinMany couples have a relationship where there are clear rules. Sometimes it’s even just one. He is allowed to do whatever he wants with her. Around the clock. There is no escape for them. It is possible that he puts a ring around her neck, to which he attaches a leash. So he can lead them wherever he wants. If you want to be a submissive sex slave, you do it voluntarily. It is their personal will.

But how is it possible that a woman wants to be a submissive sex slave of her own free will? Why does she want to become his property and be kept like a slave? Why does she want to carry out his orders? The answer to this is quite simple. She feels happiness in being a submissive sex slave. What does the future actually look like for a couple consisting of a submissive woman and a dominant partner?

If they both want it, there is a good chance that they will be happy as a couple.

What does that look like in practice?

When such a couple plays together, she must submit to his dominance. This can happen with or without sex. For example, she receives only one blow or she is tied up. Who wants to be a submissive sex slave, of course, also wishes to be intimate. It can, but it does not have to. But it is clear that she does not want to take responsibility and she does not want to be dominant at any price.

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So playing is possible with and without sex. After that, it becomes a bit gentler. The dominant partner catches the submissive sex slave. He shows her that he loves her after an active session. So he can put his arm around her and demonstrate his feelings with it. Those who experience such intense moments feel the adrenaline rising inside them. The pleasure they both feel releases endorphins in the body.

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