8 dollars a cup – cafe pours breast milk coffee

By Faizel Ahman
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8 dollars a cup - cafe pours breast milk coffee
8 dollars a cup - cafe pours breast milk coffee

Mother’s Milk Coffee: An Exceptional Business Concept

Welcome extra income for nursing mothers

Coffee culture is known worldwide and can be found in the most diverse variations. But in the Russian province of Perm, a young entrepreneur has made a name for himself with an extremely unconventional idea: breast milk coffee. Maxim Kobelev, the owner of a small café chain, has shaken up the market with this unique offer and is causing a stir. In this blog article, we want to take a closer look at this unusual business concept and shed light on the background as well as the controversies.

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The success story of an unconventional café

The idea for Mother’s Milk Coffee came to Maxim Kobelev and his wife after the birth of their own child. They wondered if breast milk could be used for other purposes, and so the vision of a special coffee made exclusively from breast milk was born.

To the milk breasts!

The implementation of this idea was met with initial skepticism and controversial discussions. Nevertheless, they took the plunge and opened three cafés offering the Mother’s Milk Cappuccino.

Breast milk as a premium ingredient

8 dollars a cup - cafe pours breast milk coffeeMother’s Milk Coffee has become a real insider tip and enjoys great popularity. About 50 cups of the special cappuccino are sold daily. To meet the demand, nine nursing mothers provide about five liters of breast milk every day. The interest is so great that Kobelew is already thinking about expanding his café chain and looking for more suppliers.

A look at the price

The Mother’s Milk Cappuccino is no ordinary coffee and is reflected in the price. While a conventional cappuccino costs about 150 rubles in Russia, a mother’s milk coffee costs a whopping 650 rubles. This equates to about $8 per cup. The high price can be explained by the effort and cost of procuring the breast milk.

Kobelew attaches great importance to the fact that the supplying mothers provide all the necessary medical documents to ensure the quality and health of breast milk. For a “portion” of breast milk, the breastfeeding women receive 1000 rubles, the equivalent of about $13. This allows them to earn a handsome daily income in Russia.

Controversies and ethical aspects

The introduction of breast milk coffee has sparked controversy over ethical and health issues. Some people see the sale of breast milk as exploitation of mothers and a violation of the natural purpose of milk for one’s own child. It is argued that breast milk is exclusively for infants and should not be used to consume coffee. In addition, there are concerns about hygiene and safety in the processing and preparation of breast milk.

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Maxim Kobelev counters these concerns by emphasizing that all supplying mothers must provide medical documents to confirm their health and the quality of the milk. He places great emphasis on hygiene and ensures that breast milk is properly processed to ensure safe use. Nevertheless, the question of the ethical acceptability of the business model remains and divides opinions.

To the milk breasts!

Despite the controversies, Mother’s Milk coffee has found a niche in Russia and enjoys some popularity. Many customers are curious about the unique taste experience and the special touch that breast milk gives to coffee. In addition, the high price is perceived as an indicator of exclusivity and quality.

Outlook and conclusion

Maxim Kobelev plans to further expand his café chain and sell 1000 cups of Mother’s Milk coffee a day by the end of the year. The business seems to be thriving and offers breastfeeding mothers the opportunity to supplement their income. Still, the question remains whether breastmilk coffee is just a short-term trend or a sustainable business idea.

The debate over Mother’s Milk coffee shows that unusual business ideas can generate both fascination and controversy. While some people appreciate the innovation and creativity behind it, others see ethical and health concerns. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to form their own opinion.

In any case, Mother’s Milk coffee remains an exceptional example of the diversity of coffee culture and the inexhaustible possibilities that this industry offers. Whether you’re a proponent or opponent of this unusual beverage, one thing is certain: Mother’s Milk Coffee has the potential to push the boundaries of the familiar and make people think.

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