Advantage dog: Whose penis gets stuck!

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Advantage dog: Whose penis gets stuck!

Advantage dog: his penis remains stuck for 30 minutes – whether the bitch wants or not!

Many men envy dogs for the fact that the act of love can last up to a whole hour with them. This is because the male’s penis only swells to full size in the bitch’s vagina. In this state the penis can no longer detach itself from the bitch. The penis gets stuck until the two genitals swell again. But also the foreplay of the dogs can last relatively long.

Advantage dog: Whose penis gets stuck!The penis gets stuck – an advantage in the act of love between male and female dog

If the bitch is in heat and reaches her climax, the oestrus or heat, then she is fertile and is waiting to be mated by a male. The foreplay is almost as important as it is for humans. From all sides the dogs climb up and sniff at each other. So they get to know each other better and decide whether they are sympathetic or not.

In order to be mated, the bitch stops calmly, shows her partner her reverse side and stretches her tail sideways away. In this position he can penetrate more easily with his semi-rigid penis.

When the dog’s penis is in the vagina, it swells to full size and the penis gets stuck. When the erection is complete, a swelling occurs at the back of the glans called bulbus glandis or knots.

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Also the vein cushions of the vagina swell up and the dog can no longer pull the penis out of the tightly closed vagina. The penis gets stuck.

How long does the act of love last in dogs?

If bitch and dog are firmly connected with each other, the dog descends again and turns with the bottom to the bitch, the penis remains stuck. The actual act of love, which is also called “hanging”, only ends when both the penis and the vagina swell down again. Only then can the dogs separate again. The penis gets stuck and so this act usually lasts about 15 to 20 minutes.

For this reason, some men are envious of the male dog for the erection and the duration. But also with dogs everything can be over after a few minutes. The whole act with foreplay lasts up to an hour or more. It is like with humans, some dogs come straight to the point. Others take their time a little longer.

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