8.11. – Lana Giselle is celebrating her birthday!

By Julia Moreno
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Lana Giselle’s birthday ♬♩

A blond angel with cup size 75 G

On 8 November celebrates
Lana Giselle
birthday! From the whole Team of the Eronite the very best congratulations and all the best for your day of honour, dear Lana Giselle

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Eronite empfiehlt dir Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Die Zukunft des Dating 3.0 startet hier!
Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Die Zukunft des Dating 3.0 startet hier!

Lana Giselle birthday - Eronite erotic magazine Erotiknews erotic blogEveryone wants to fuck this girl, really everyone wants to fuck her. Is that a miracle? Just look at this horny pout, which directly invites you to the hot woman Lana Giselle to push his hard cock into the blowing mouth. Look at those tits. She just has a perfect body. One you want to fuck over and over again until the blonde pretty little mouse Lana Giselle screams with lust and horniness, you chase her from one orgasm to the next, one shiver after the other runs down her back until she sinks exhausted into bed. Only when she has been properly fucked is Lana Giselle satisfied. She likes to return the favor with sexual favors and likes spontaneity above all else. So it happens sometimes that she blows your hard belt in the car at the gas station. Inhibitions? She doesn’t know them.

♬♩ Happy birthday, Lana Giselle, happy birthday to you…

Lana Giselle herself enjoys being a sex bomb and seducing men by the dozen. She knows hardly any taboos and when she likes a guy, she goes to the full and pulls out all the stops of the female art of seduction.

12.1. - Fickschnitte18 celebrates her birthday!

Can you imagine that luscious girl being subjected to psycho torture? That Lana Giselle takes pleasure in active enslavement? Yeah, well, that woman is a real piece of work. And by “ears” we don’t mean her gorgeous boobs this time. Also a sexual interrogation with an impact to the BDSM make Lana Giselle completely crazy and really horny. But she also likes big cocks, which she fills completely and almost tears her small, tight pussy. Thick beatings that fuck her up and take her breath away. If she has trouble swallowing the stiff cock, if Lana Giselle has to gag at the Deepthroat, then you’ve done it and you can fill her with your cum!

The Lana Giselle birthday today – all the best!

Or simply put another way: Lana Giselle is born to fuck, a real dirty pig, pretty fucked up and totally fucked up. She not only swallows the sperm, she gargles it. Look into her eyes when you spray in her face and you will see in her eyes that Lana Giselle is a pretty horny fuck. Just hump it through. The harder the better. Every thrust must be hard, get her right and fuck her to multiple orgasm!

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Die Zukunft des Dating 3.0 startet hier!
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