9.11. – Lullu Gun celebrates her birthday!

By Julia Moreno
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9.11. - Lullu Gun celebrates her birthday!
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Lullu Gun birthday ♬♩

Sugar sweet and yet so dirty

On 9 November celebrates
Lullu Gun birthday!
From the whole Team of the Eronite the very best congratulations and all the best for your day of honour, dear Lullu Gun

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Lullu Gun Birthday - All the best for your day of honour from the erotic magazine Eronite!Lullu Gun is probably one of the sweetest and hottest girls on the whole planet earth. She has been at home in Berlin for several years now and shoots – and not only with Jason Steel – delicious porn movies. It has remained so natural that it makes your mouth water. Silicone tits? Fortunately, no. Here a man still has the naturalness in his hand. We strongly hope that Lullu Gun will keep this and never go under the knife for cosmetic surgery. Because that girl is beautiful enough!

Lullu Gun – the young woman doesn’t shoot with pistols, but the delicate porn actress knows quite well with weapons. At least when it comes to a woman’s weapons. She uses them to get what she wants. Hardly any guy can resist her when it comes to admiring her, courting her and laying the world at her feet. A pretty girl like your neighbor could be. Or the lady who cuts your hair at the barber shop. That could even be, because Lullu Gun is a trained hairdresser!

♬♩ Happy birthday, Lullu Gun, happy birthday to you…

What could be better than celebrating your birthday with Lullu Gun and toasting with her (or her)?! Exactly: actually just a horny little nook with the insatiable camgirl. In her live shows, she inspires with a hardly known tabuless and inhibitions knows Lullu Gun actually only from hearsay. Gladly she is the submissive little bitch that just wants to be fucked from morning to night.

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By the way: she has no problem serving a man, reading his every wish from his lips and sucking his fat pipe in the halftime break. This guy’s gonna get his money’s worth! Every man wishes for such an open, lustful and taboo-free woman like Lullu Gun. You can not only fuck with her, but also steal horses. She is so fun-loving that she takes part in almost any kind of crap and so you can spend a funny time with her and have a lot of fun. Lullu Gun is like a good buddy – just with a female body and a great charisma. A girl you just have to like!

The Lullu Gun birthday today – all the best!

Who’d have thought little Lullu could do it? She sometimes sucks two cocks at once! When it comes to satisfying her lust and greed for sex, Lullu Gun knows neither limits nor shame. She takes what she wants and that is often very hard and 20 centimetres long. A child of sadness is Lullu Gun certainly not, she loves life and men love her. Which doesn’t surprise us, just look at the top girl!

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