Woman with club feet spoils foot fetishist

By Faizel Ahman
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Woman with club feet spoils foot fetishist
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Foot fairy Susi with pampering program

The internet is a good facility for people who have special needs. There it is significantly easier than in normal everyday life to find like-minded people with whom they can share their passion. For example, a woman with club feet offers a special service for foot fetishists.

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Who is behind the ad of the woman with club feet?

The lady is 26 years young and lives in the small town of Beilstein. In her ad, she openly confesses that she is a woman with club feet. To prove it, she posted a photo of her feet online. The woman with club feet calls herself FussfeeSUSI in her profile on the dating website and is on the Internet a lot. In the process, she came across forums about men who had foot fetishes.

Frau mit Klumpfüßen verwöhnt Fußfetischisten

This caught her interest as she pays a lot of attention to her feet anyway because of her health problem. The smart woman decided to turn a disability, which for many only means disadvantages and problems, into an opportunity to earn something extra.

What service offers the woman with clubfeet?

FussfeeSUSI offers foot fetishists the full pampering program. You can caress her bare feet, massage them with kisses and of course suck her toes. If you want, you can also use Susi’s feet to masturbate and even cum on them. Foot FairySUSI also likes to give a footjob. This is a relatively common sex practice.

Direkt zur Klumpfußfrau

With her bare feet, but sometimes also with high heels or boots, the woman works the penis of her partner until he gets an orgasm and splashes his sperm over her feet. For a little pocket money, customers can be pampered by Fussfee Susi. She is online on the dating website regularly and can be contacted by email.

Is a foot fetish rare?

No, not at all. It is a sexual preference that is especially common in men. Where it comes from is still not known, as there are probably several causes. In any case, it is certain that in the brain the zones for the sexual organs and those for the feet and toes lie directly next to each other. It is quite possible that there may be occasional overlap.

Men with a foot fetish find women’s feet, either naked or in erotic footwear like high heels, extremely sexually attractive. A woman with club feet offering a service to foot fetishists, while rare, is perfectly fine in the eyes of the law.

Verzweifelt: Fußfetischistin aus München

Foot fetishists, by the way, are not that rare. The Bavarian King Ludwig I was known for this. The famous US-American director Quentin Tarantino is also a self-confessed foot fetishist.

Woman with club feet offers footjob – is that okay?

From both a legal and moral standpoint, the offer of the woman with club feet is perfectly fine. Offering sex of various kinds for payment is legal in Germany and is treated by the law like any other service. Since FussfeeSusi makes no secret of the fact that she is a woman with club feet and even publishes a photo of her feet on her profile, there is nothing to object to her offer from a moral point of view either.

Direkt zur Klumpfußfrau

Your customers know in advance what to expect and can decide whether or not to accept the offer of the woman with club feet. If so, the acts are presumed to be by mutual consent. Problems could arise at most if such an offer came from a girl who is still underage. In addition, FussfeeSUSI must not forget to report the income from her sideline to the tax office, as all income must be taxed.

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