Which women have the biggest breasts?

By Jens Haberlein
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Which women have the biggest breasts?
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The biggest boobs in the world

There are plenty of them, literally: female breasts, covered by a sheath of fabric or undressed in all their fullness. Every woman has different breasts. But where are the biggest breasts to be found? Where do the women come from who steal men’s minds with their unmissable bust size? And to what extent are clichés about the biggest breasts confirmed?

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Which women have the biggest breasts?Why big boobs are so fascinating

Apparently, ever since humans have existed, the male species has taken a liking to female curves. It seems that the larger and more voluptuous the breasts, the more likely they are to attract attention. But the largest breasts usually only have such an irresistible effect on the male species if they are also firm and firm. That this is not always possible because gravity and the aging process get in the way is obvious.

However, from a scientific point of view, the widespread preference for large breasts has a biological basis: in the past, large, firm and firm breasts were associated with health and fertility. This was reported by “bigfm”, according to which in the Faculty of Science of Charles University in the Czech city of Prague 267 men were interviewed by researchers. The men came from different cultural backgrounds, each expressing different ideals about breasts.

Who has the biggest breasts – according to the cliché

If common stereotypes are anything to go by, Latinas and African-American women are said to have the biggest breasts. The reason for this is that women from these cultures usually have voluptuous curves. In addition, it is often assumed that Americans in particular have the largest breasts, but these are made.

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This assumption stems from the fact that cosmetic surgery is commonplace in Los Angeles-based Hollywood alone. But clichés are and remain prejudices that need to be dispelled – especially when the reality surrounding the world’s largest breasts is quite different.

These countries have the biggest breasts

Amazingly, it is the Norwegian women who carry the biggest breasts in the world! The worn cup sizes in the European size measure are between D and E. This is closely followed by women from Luxembourg, Iceland, the United States and the United Kingdom, who wear a size D. The only two nationalities that fit the stereotype of Latinas having a large bust are Venezuela and Colombia. Women from these two countries, as well as from Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Finland and Denmark wear cup sizes C to D.

Cup size is not the same as breast size

The size designations for the bust vary depending on the country. This irregularity is due to different scales and size systems used in different countries. This quickly causes confusion and in the end leaves the question open again, from which countries the largest breasts are finally to be found. The various sizing systems all consist of numbers and letters, with many manufacturers modifying the specifications for their own products. For example, the US size 34 C corresponds to the EU size 75 D and the UK size 34 D. These differences are still borderline bearable, but in France an American 34 C would be equivalent to a 90 D and in Australia a 12 C.

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What all these sizing systems have in common is that the sizes described sometimes differ only slightly from each other. The Czech designation 2 D is visually easier to differentiate – which suggests that this size system is a good choice as the new international bra size system. Sizes of this system also generally give more information about which size women should rather keep their hands off when buying.

Size is not everything

All over the world there are different ideals and ideas about what the perfect bosom should look like – or even how it should feel. The only fact is that mammary intercourse is easier with larger breasts.

Many men like their breasts big and plump, but it makes a difference whether they are made or not: the question is whether it is nicer to touch a pair of breasts that are small but soft – or whether you want to touch large operated breasts that are unnaturally hard and inflexible. In the end, though, it’s purely a matter of taste. The biggest breasts of value are worth nothing without a beautiful woman to wear them.

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