Was sex really different in the 80s?

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Was sex really different in the 80s?
Was sex really different in the 80s?

The porniest decade of all?

In the 80s, many things were more colorful and shriller. The clothes were quirkier and the hairstyles higher. Moreover, more than a few claim that this decade saw the creation of the best music of all time. But what about sex in the 80s? Was that one also crazier, shriller and more colorful?

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Was sex in the 80s like it is today, only without hairspray?

Was sex really different in the 80s?Even if the film industry of the 80s was rather prudish compared to today. The topic of sex was always and everywhere present. Always. Even men walked around in shorts and belly tops because it was considered sexy. Of course, not without the mustache. Without it, nothing worked. After all, every man wanted to look like Tom Selleck from the series Magnum.

Fortunately, in the 80s, it wasn’t just the men who were walking around lightly dressed. There was plenty to look at for both sexes, which made for a certain erotic mood. Basically, the topic of sex was dealt with quite openly in the 80s. Also because the topic of AIDS only really came up in the 90s. The teens of the 80s were more afraid of syphilis and gonorrhea.

Who has the biggest? This question seemed to occupy people’s minds for an entire decade. Always and everywhere, the bigger the better. Whether it’s the sword of Conan the Barbarian or the Terminator’s gun. Just like the knife of Rambo and Crocodile Dundee. But size was also important in sex in the 80s. Think of the successes of bosom wonder Dolly Buster.

Porn in the 80s

Hard to imagine today, but back then there was no Internet. If you wanted to see porn, you had to go to the movies or buy one at the video store. The FSK18 films were mostly hidden in a separate room, which you usually couldn’t even find without instruction from the staff. S&M movies or other hardcore flicks were only available under the counter upon request. As you can imagine, it was a cumbersome thing to get porn. This circumstance made the whole thing a popular dare among young adults.

Young porn queen today

Today, any porn is just a mouse click away. The consequence is that now really everyone has already seen films of this kind and can have a say. Unusual sex positions? Horny dirty talk? What was an almost insurmountable mystery back then is practically common knowledge nowadays. The same goes for the question of who was in which film, when and where, and whether there are any more of them. Today, all this can be researched on the Internet. Films about sex had to be painstakingly collected in the 80s.

Are there actually differences from sex in the 80s?

Was sex really different in the 80s?As already described above, people had to gather information more laboriously back then than they do today. Of course, this also concerns the ideas and fantasies for togetherness. Is that why sex was more boring in the 80s? Certainly not. Perhaps more monotonous from today’s perspective. But what you don’t know, you can’t miss. From there, people in the 80s had a, by their standards, fulfilling sex life. Maybe even in some places a better one than we have today. After all, STDs back then were not as deadly as the current ones. Carefree screwing around was also frowned upon at that time, but those who could handle it had no further problems.

The hottest decade of all time: The 80s are absolute cult and will always remain so. What hasn’t this decade brought us all? Film legends have already been mentioned above. Think of all the music styles that were partly created in the 70s, but reached their full bloom in the 80s. Instruments like the synthesizer were first unthinkable without, until finally at the end of the decade everyone was fed up with it.

The topic of sex in the 80s was mainly determined by so-called sex symbols. Male as well as female. Names like Don Johnson, Kim Basinger, David Hasselhoff (no one believes today, but it was like that back then) or Drew Barrymore stood for pure eroticism. On the subject of eroticism of the 80s, the name Madonna must of course be in a separate sentence. Anything else would be disrespectful.

All in all, this energetic decade was a consistently awesome time.

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