Embarrassing: caught your own daughter having sex

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Embarrassing: caught your own daughter having sex
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Precocious daughter caught having sex

The sounds are clear coming from Xisca’s room. In broad daylight and at a time when good schoolgirls are doing homework. What I need to hear as a father doesn’t sound like bashful teen sex at all. No: Xisca Bond, her full name, gives cries of pleasure like an experienced, older woman. And she is only 19 years old. I already noticed that she is extremely sensually inclined. Now I actually caught my daughter having sex.

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Pretty she is – and has huge boobs

Embarrassing: caught your own daughter having sex
Direct to Xisca Bond

With Xisca it is like this: she has never worried my wife and me. She is healthy, smart and strikingly pretty. I am not saying this with exaggerated fatherly pride, but quite objectively. In terms of looks, she would have what it takes to be a model. Her huge natural breasts immediately catch the eye of everyone. Only she is a bit too small for the catwalk and also much too busty. “Fidgeting on a catwalk, that’s not my thing!” My beautiful child knows what she wants: to be an erotic actress or a singer, preferably both.

So far I have hardly given a thought to whether Xisca is still a virgin. That I caught my daughter having sex today, I would have thought impossible yesterday. Sure, she’s had a boyfriend before. There she hung out with a guy named Luis, who had pretty dark curls and was quite something. Xisca thought he was cool, but my wife and I did not notice any signs of infatuation on her. That reassured us.

Of course, I didn’t miss how gorgeous Xisca looks with her long blonde hair and big green eyes. I saw her breasts swell and her buttocks round out – and regarded this with fatherly benevolence. Honestly, I didn’t want to be a stuffy guardian of Xisca’s virtue.

Direct to Xisca Bond

But finding my princess riding the neighbor in her room was a shock to me. I saw from behind how her shapely pear ass bounced up and down. Worse, the guy below her roared like a deer. Man, what a disgustingly embarrassing moment that was when I caught my daughter having sex.

How am I going to teach my wife?

I was nauseous at work, so I came home early in the afternoon. Xisca surely assumed to have a storm-free place until 6 p.m. as usual. That my daughter would be caught having sex, neither she nor the stabber next door seemed to fear. Why did this unpleasant contemporary come to our house in the first place? I couldn’t stand him from the first day. But I would never have believed that he would seduce my Xisca. A man of almost 50 years with a teenager, he should be ashamed of himself.

It’s a totally messed-up situation: My wife Miriam is well acquainted with his wife. Her name is Anja and she is a pretty skinny bitch in my eyes. But Miriam finds them nice and reliable. “There’s a crisis in their marriage,” she once mentioned. Has this nasty Torsten from the neighboring house consoled himself with my Xisca? Is he tired of his skinny old lady, and is that why I caught him having sex with my daughter today?

Straight to Xisca's tits

Miriam will be blindsided when she hears this. I’m sure she’ll think of a suitable punishment for Xisca first. That’s their way. But not mine. Would you rather I didn’t tell her that I caught our daughter having sex today?

Threw the neighbor out of the house

That has been my reaction. I chased the scumbag across the terrace without his underpants and threw his clothes after him. I don’t care how he settles things with his Anja. She won’t think he’s cheating with Miriam. Like a caught child Xisca stands in front of me, stark naked with sweaty hair and scratch marks on her breasts.

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I don’t like to look and say, “Go on, put some clothes on. Or better take a shower first. You smell like a freshly fucked squirrel!” I caught my own daughter in flagrante delicto having sex with someone I deeply detest, it flashes through my mind. I look at the neighboring property and see this creep getting dressed behind a bush. It is best to freeze his tail off….

Xisca seems to have no regrets

Embarrassing: caught your own daughter having sex
Direct to Xisca Bond

Smelling good and neatly dressed, Xisca sets up in front of me. “And now? Are you very embarrassed to have caught your daughter having sex?” “Embarrassing is not an expression at all,” I roar indignantly. “How could this guy do this to you?” “What do you mean?” Xisca grins cheekily at me. “Well, for him to just eat you up in my house, you can’t do that!”

I realize that I don’t really come across as a respected person. “But I towed him, not he towed me. He even resisted at first…” Xisca looks at me attentively and I feel how dear I am to her, even though I actually saw my hot daughter having sex. With a grown man!

I prefer to keep quiet about the kinky images that run before my inner eye. They could easily take place in a porno, however, the protagonist does not have Xisca’s beautiful face and not her body. My fantasies did not go that far, after all, I am her father.

Xisca and I make an agreement

“But why that puke?”, I ask in honest amazement. “I like it, and it’s extremely well stocked!” Good heavens! Not only did I catch my daughter having sex with the lecherous neighbor, but I also have to listen to such bullshit. “I don’t want to know how big Torsten’s dick is,” I say gruffly.

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It occurs to me that my wife once mentioned his caliber because his wife complained about it. “How do we tell your mother?” “It’s best not to,” Xisca says in a firm voice.

She’s right, we’ll keep the whole thing to ourselves. But Xisca has to promise me that she won’t make a pass at Torsten again. It’s bad enough that I watched my daughter have sex, that will be something to talk about. Miriam and Anja, however, should rather not find out about it. I make a pact with my little princess, but I don’t like to hug her today.

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The time after I caught my daughter having sex

It is unusual for me to be secretive about Miriam. Also, I keep thinking about the dirty scene in front of my eyes when I caught my sweet Xisca with that jerk of a neighbor. Okay, he looks pretty good with his biceps and tight biker calves.

I wonder if my spouse has already assessed him and found him to be a good potential sex partner? Who knows? All of this disturbs me and keeps catching up with me. That’s why I curse the day I caught my daughter having sex.

Cover photo: Xisca Bond

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