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Two men, one woman – does this love triangle work?

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Zwei Männer, eine Frau - funktioniert diese Dreiecksbeziehung?

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Is a love triangle between two men and a woman different?

When we talk about a triangular relationship, this usually refers to the constellation in which a man has two wives. In addition to having a lover or affair with a steady partner, the classic triangular relationship is to have one. It occurs millions of times. The reverse case is not uncommon either.

Two men, one woman - does this love triangle work?A woman and two men – how does that work?

Such a triangle almost always only works when the two men know nothing about each other. Women have the same sexual desire as men. In a relationship it happens again and again that the man neglects his partner, for example because he is too professionally engaged. In the long run, his girlfriend or wife feels neglected and seeks love, tenderness and sex from another man. She begins a love triangle.

Anonymous surveys have shown that women cheat or have affairs just as often as men. However, they are much better at keeping their secrets. However, when the triangle comes to light, it usually means the end of the relationship. Few men would accept that their wife or girlfriend still has a relationship with another man. Jealousy would probably be too strong.

What role does sex play in a love triangle?

It’s not as important as many think. Women who live in a triangle usually do so because they are emotionally neglected by their steady partner. They get love and tenderness (eroticism) from another man. Of course it also happens that women want to let off steam just like men or that they start a relationship with another man out of revenge. This can happen when they find out that their partner is having an affair.

That sex is not so important in a relationship can be confirmed by many women who work as whores or otherwise in the erotic industry but still have a steady partner. In most cases your partner knows about the erotic job, but tolerates it because it is not a real triangle, but only sex without any emotional attachment. There are even female porn stars whose husband or boyfriend films the sex scenes with other men.

Can an honest love triangle work?

This refers to a triangular relationship in which all three partners know about each other and actually live together or at least deal with each other openly and without inhibitions. Such a triangular relationship is rare and in most cases does not last long. It presupposes that there is no jealousy between the partners. The woman should distribute her love, affection and tenderness equally among both men and should not prefer either of them.

The two men, on the other hand, should not only have a very stable relationship with the woman, but should also know each other well and trust each other. For the vast majority of men, such a triangular relationship would break up in a very short time because rivalry and jealousy would be too great.

Why is that?

Because the entire society is based on the family. A family consists of woman, man and children. This type of relationship has proven to be more stable than a triangular relationship in the long run. In addition, the couple’s relationship and the family are promoted by the state and recognized by society. A triangular relationship, on the other hand, is considered extreme, frivolous and drive-driven in public opinion and is rejected by the majority of both sexes.

Advantages and disadvantages of a triangular relationship

The reason for this negative attitude does not lie in a conservative moral attitude, but in the fact that a triangular relationship is too unstable in the long term and places too high a character and emotional demand on those involved. At least in Germany, neither a marriage nor an official life partnership between three partners is possible.

Can a love triangle even work?

In general and for the majority of both sexes not, at least not for long time. Under certain circumstances and in individual cases, however, it is possible for a woman to have a relationship with two men with their knowledge and consent. For this to happen, the two men must not only love the woman very much, but also understand each other well and ideally even be close friends. Knowing each other well reduces rivalry and jealousy.

In a triangular relationship, the woman must be careful not to favour any of the men. There are two options for sex in a love triangle. She will almost always have sex separately with each of “her” men. However, it is conceivable that there will also be a triad of devils (sex between two men and one woman, MMF). This would work even better if both men were bisexual.

Another variant of a functioning triangle is rather tragic. If the steady partner is too sick or disabled to have sex with his wife, but she is very loving and tolerant, he could allow her to have a relationship with another potent man to satisfy her physical needs.

What is the greatest danger of a love triangle?

When the woman gets pregnant. Since only one of the men can be considered a father, she has to decide with whom she wants to continue the relationship. She will almost always prefer the father of the child and end the relationship with the other man. The child then takes the first place in the woman’s life and she will do everything she can to raise it as well as possible. But a triangular relationship is not suitable for this.

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