Trans disabled: Healthy person sits in wheelchair by choice

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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Trans disabled: Healthy person sits in wheelchair by choice
Trans disabled: Healthy person sits in wheelchair by choice

Brave woman talks openly about her trans disability

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Jørund Viktoria Alme is originally from Norway and is trans-disabled. This means that she feels disabled even though her body is not. In the case of the woman from Oslo, the desire is to be paralyzed from the waist down. Alme uses a wheelchair for this purpose. Trans-disabled as she is, resting her legs completely does her a world of good.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder

This mental disorder is called body integrity identity disorder in German. Sufferers have the feeling of having too many limbs. The body parts are virtually wished away by the sufferers in Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Whoever is trans-disabled actually feels the wish that corresponding body parts would not function or would not be there completely.

Directly to the trans disabled

Fortunately, self-mutilation occurs only in isolated cases. Those who are trans-disabled must exercise patience. For an effective treatment of the causes is not yet available. However, psychotherapy can alleviate the suffering caused by Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

Courageous step into the public eye

Jørund Viktoria Alme is trans-disabled and went public with it. A courageous step that not too many will follow. It was clear in advance that the symptoms of this mental disorder would not be understood by a broad public. Okay, of course the general public has never heard of terms like Trans Disabled or Body Integrity Identity Disorder. That one or the other reacts wrongly in the first moment is to be excused. But the Norwegian had to deal with the negative reactions of other wheelchair users, among others. At the latest here the fun stops, because the poor woman from Oslo has certainly not chosen her Body Integrity Identity Disorder voluntarily.

Wave of reaction on Twitter

Trans disabled: Healthy person sits in wheelchair by choice
Direct to trans woman

Oodles of people spoke up after Alme went public with her problem. There’s feedback from other wheelchair users who feel she’s pulling their leg. They talk about their situation, the daily handling of the wheelchair and the pain they have to suffer. They cannot understand why someone would sit in a wheelchair almost voluntarily and regard it as a mockery of their situation.

There are even people who remember past times when the poor Norwegian would have ended up in a psychiatric ward with her problems. That such statements are made by currently active politicians then at least makes one shiver down one’s spine. The memories of German history are still too fresh. It’s a pity that you are always reminded of this, even on such occasions.

For others, the focus is on the psychological effect of Body Integrity Identity Disorder. They see the wheelchair for what it is. Namely as a tool. If someone is trans-disabled, this device can also help. And that’s what the wheelchair was invented for, after all. To help.

But as beautiful as reactions of this kind are. You can’t disguise the fact that the majority of responses are negative. This may be due to the anonymity of the Internet. But it may also be because there are still a lot of people today for whom mental illness doesn’t really exist. People who still believe that those affected are merely telling themselves all this. Let us hope for these people that they never get into one of these situations themselves. Mental illness is a serious vice.

Small note on the side

Talking to the Norwegian, we learned that the wheelchair is her constant companion. She only leaves it when there is no other way. When boarding an airplane, for example. Even though she has virtually confined herself to a wheelchair, Jørund Viktoria Alme refrains from using handicapped parking spaces. Because theoretically she can walk, even if this causes her psychological pain. The whole thing was just a remark in passing, but it makes the woman from Norway seem a lot more likeable. For those who, despite their own difficult situation, adhere to the rules of etiquette in road traffic, will earn sympathy points.

Directly to the trans disabled


No matter what one’s individual stance is on Body Integrity Identity Disorder and its impact. As with any disease, anyone who doesn’t have it is lucky. And hopefully will never get. Those who are healthy usually forget far too quickly how good they have it. It’s only when everything doesn’t come so easily to you that you notice the difference. When even formerly simple things become difficult, you become aware of your illness. At least this is how it goes with physical diseases whose symptoms are generally known and recognized.

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But what about mental disorders? Unfortunately, there is still a great need for clarification here. Depressed people certainly do not choose their moods. You can also fix them with a terse “now be positive”.

Mental disorders come in a wide variety of facets. Trans-disabled or Body Integrity Identity Disorder are unfortunately only a fraction of all mental illnesses. The way one’s environment deals with this situation is usually decisive. If the circle of friends is intact and sticks together, the affected persons are usually already helped a lot. Nevertheless, you should not do without professional help. It is not for nothing that medical studies take several years.

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