This is why so few adult webmasters are making money on the Internet these days

By Mario Meyer
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Earn money without sex with porn and dating portals

How to make money as an erotic webmaster after all

In the beginning, many adult webmasters have this idea: earn money quickly on the Internet and preferably in the shortest possible time. There are countless courses, workshops and seminars on “How can I successfully make money on the internet?”. A wish that cannot always come true. Especially not if there is no serious intention behind it to work really hard for success as an erotic webmaster.

Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

It takes many things to be successful – and newcomers often miss these as adult webmasters, even though they are almost considered prerequisites.

Indispensable for adult webmasters are

  • Diligence
  • Strategy
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Concentration
  • Content ideas
  • Innovations
  • Monetization
  • Further education

Not just a saying: No pain, no gain

Adult WebmasterAs trite as this saying may seem, it fits the adult webmaster like a glove. Many beginners are simply too lazy. One hour of work per day is not enough and even once the blog is up and running, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Courses á la “Set it and forget it” are usually not worth a single cent, because as a rule exactly that (“Set it once and then forget it”) just does not work!

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Google needs the updates (“freshness bonus”) as much as the readers themselves. Who wants to end up on an erotic blog where the last post is four weeks or older and another half month passes until the next article? The aim should be to offer the reader reading fodder, to present articles in a tasty way (this also includes well-chosen photos) and also to refer to older, but still interesting articles from time to time.

A cleverly thought out strategy

Often it helps to draw up an organisation chart for your own erotic blog: which categories do I need, which keywords do I want to use, how many articles should go online per week, can I spend money on premium plugins, specialist reading or individual design adaptations or minor programming work? What should the structure of the page look like? Which target group do I want to address and which niche segment do I want to serve? There is no general answer to the question of which strategy is best. The individual strengths, the own expertise and the technical (basic) knowledge are very different. How safe am I in the niche? Am I publicity shy or do I visit trade fairs to exchange ideas with colleagues and competitors? It doesn’t have to be a business plan, but listing your strengths and weaknesses and putting together your vision for the blog will visibly help you succeed.

Patience is a very important virtue

Geld verdienen im Internet als Adult-WebmasterOnce the (erotic) blog is set up and the first contents are there, the site also needs visitors. Since no one knows the site for the time being, users must be lured to the site’s own Internet presence. For this, there are different methods to generate traffic or – depending on your budget – even to buy it. But most of the time, in the beginning, the traffic is being hauled via the search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo or Yahoo – (almost) for free. Almost, because it takes patience, and lots of it. Until the first visitors come to the blog, a time will pass and for this the adult webmaster needs a lot of patience. Until the first 1,000 Euro commission has landed on the account of the erotic affiliate, it sometimes takes a year. And until then he must be able to survive, must be able to finance himself somehow. But experience shows that staying power pays off.

Without a good stamina it does not work

It takes readers a long time to find the new site, and it takes Google a long time to realize that something big is happening here. If you are only willing to work a few hours a week, if you want to see significant results after just one week, you have probably made the wrong decision. An adult webmaster should take the job in the adult industry for what it is: a profession. On “free” days, the erotic webmaster is well advised to write and pre-date more articles so that he has a buffer and always enough text content in case of unforeseen events. A lead time of at least two weeks has proven to be practicable. Using an editorial calendar as a plugin is a good way to plan. If an article of the day interferes, a planned contribution can be postponed to the day of the election without much effort.

Concentration on the essentials

Adult WebmasterBundle your own strengths and resources and off you go, into the profitable erotic industry! But beware: many adult affiliates offer the purest belly-load, especially at the beginning: MILF dating, amateur portals, BDSM specialties, cam portals and much more. In addition, perhaps Google Ads or non-erotic offers such as insurance or electricity comparison portals. Focusing on a niche or topic can move the blog forward faster than the reverse. This way, the search engines know how to better classify the content and you don’t fall into the “no-content trap”: a yawningly empty or insufficiently populated category.

Many beginners can’t imagine how long it takes to have each category populated with at least 20 or better yet more posts that keep showing up in the rotation. The reader should not get bored on the page. Diversity must never be at the expense of quality. And if an adult webmaster has no idea about gay or BDSM, he should rather leave this field to the other erotic webmasters and cultivate his field, where he can sow his own – and therefore best – strengths.

Score with creative content ideas

We are often asked where we get the many ideas for our posts. It’s simple: open your eyes and prick up your ears. There are plenty of ideas in one’s own head, in one’s circle of friends, in chance encounters or in the daily press. All you have to do is be inspired. That’s how editor-in-chief Mario Meyer does it, for example. Once a week he meets with friends for a barbecue and if there is, for example, a discussion about whether honey is actually bee sperm, he takes up these ideas and processes them in one of the next articles. But any blogger or content creator should remember that copying from other blogs is not only unfair to the honest writer, but also punishable by law. Content theft is never a good idea, because eventually everyone gets caught, even if it’s via the webmaster ID behind the for-hire links.

Clever innovations are the engine of the site

Once the blog has been running for a while, ideas for change often come naturally. On other erotic blogs you can see categories, designs, promotions, competitions or other interesting things that could fit to your own erotic site. Sure, adopting them 1:1 is usually not a good idea, but getting inspired is allowed. So you can pick the things you like and improve them, optimize them for your site and present them to your readers. You have to stay on the ball or you’ll go extinct like the dinosaurs. Pages on which nothing happens, on which there is nothing new, attract no one from behind the stove and are eventually no longer called. By the way, shortening links with is a great way to manage your outbound links smartly!

Without monetization there’s no money

It’s simply no good if the reader doesn’t get a chance to spend their money. If the blog has no ads, how is the adult webmaster going to make money? How is it supposed to work if the ads are hidden or poorly placed? Advertising must always be one thing: eye-catching! There are countless ways to monetize, the simplest being a simple link in the middle of the text, a banner ad, or a button between paragraphs of writing. Why this variant is not used much more often remains a mystery.

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Many erotic webmasters are not able to monetize their visitors, put the banners for example in the sidebar of the blog. This may look quite nice on the desktop version, but on mobile in the mobile version hardly any reader sees it, because most do not scroll down to the bottom of the article – but only exactly there the widgets are displayed! Another option is to link from within the text using a text link. Here a suitable word or a whole phrase (half-sentence etc.) is linked to a suitable offer. Providing images with a suitable hyperlink is also a good method of monetization. There are no limits to the imagination and ingenuity of the Adultwebmaster. Even a simple newsletter can turn readers into customers. Just make it quick and easy for them to sign up for it (Eronite does it here).

Personal training and professional competence

Independent – by yourself and all the time! What sounds like a hollow phrase is the essence of success. For example, how is an erotica webmaster supposed to know about the new Google update if they aren’t already constantly educating themselves? This includes daily reading of relevant sites as well as the occasional intensive course, seminar or workshop for adultwebmasters. Besides the technical side, there is the legal side. Especially in the wake of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which the individual EU members interpret differently, it is immensely important to deal with the topic of law.

Otherwise, the next warning is imminent. The money for this would be better invested in a course (such as Cashcow)! Networking with other adult webmasters is also a great way to further your education (talks, meetings, trade shows, phone calls, chats, link exchanges, etc.). The Google Webmaster Guidelines alone should be required reading for every affiliate, for every webmaster, non-erotic or erotic. Also a little programming knowledge in the areas of HTML, PHP and WordPress can not hurt. You can never know too much!

Most blogs that have made it onto the worldwide web at some point disappear from the Internet after two years at the latest, or bob around as unkempt corpses that no one visits anymore. Even good concepts (like Cruze Crazy) fail because the above conditions are not met.

Erotic webmasters are often lone warriors – but not always!

Just by the way: the Eronite erotic magazine acts as an erotic webmaster just like many single fighters. For the magazine, the editor-in-chief can call on a team of authors, drawing from a pool of more than 30 copywriters in the background. Many of them write only one article per quarter, but some write several per month or even per week. Eronite has been around since 2006, and the erotic magazine in its current form since 2014. One or two articles appear daily, sometimes even more. In June alone, the team published 66 articles, in the whole year from January to June already 333 texts worth reading, i.e. on average about 55 articles per month. This does not include contributions in English or Spanish, which are published on the separate domains and respectively. This makes the Eronite Blog the only trilingual erotic magazine in the world that we know of!

The continuity and the diligence pay off, the access numbers rise incessantly, more and more page visitors are captivated by the Eronite erotic blog. We are not resting on our laurels, but are constantly developing the magazine further. Always on the pulse of time and state of the art. This year we were able to push our sex lexicon and introduce the new category “The Men’s Diary”.

Mit FunDorado im Heidepark auf Achterbahnfahrt

The team behind the team is constantly researching new topics, writing sex stories, interviewing porn stars and keeping their ears and eyes open in the erotic and amateur scene. Cooperations with agencies and portal operators ensure readers the best deals and most interesting news & stories. Many adult webmasters we have seen come and go. It won’t have been the end. They didn’t make it because they usually lacked two things: the ideas and the diligence. And so we can promise you one thing every year on New Year’s Eve, despite new competitors: we will not run out of ideas and innovations in the next year (decade)!

By the way: a course for beginners and advanced users that we can definitely recommend is Cashcow by Wolfgang Mayr, a successful adult webmaster. The course is available with the voucher code “ERONITE” (enter without quotation marks) with a whopping 30 Euro discount on

And another offer for webmasters

The road to success requires sweat, patience, perseverance and commitment. The know-how comes with time through own or external experience. Especially at the beginning of a webmaster career it is important: to have the optimal support from the affiliate program side and to provide the affiliate with industry specific knowledge as well as revenue generating solutions for sustainable success.

One of the mistakes many adult webmasters make – they focus on the wrong market segment (niche) or they don’t even have one clearly defined. It’s like investing in the stock market without a strategy. lots of input with moderate/unprofitable output. It is not witchcraft to maximize your revenue while minimizing your workload and time – it only needs intuitive, creative approach, strategic planning and targeted optimization – and has the experience to help the erotic webmaster to optimize the conversion and sales rate. Whether new to the industry or seasoned veterans, all can benefit. Just give them a try to prove just that!

By the way, they have a special surprise in store for those who sign up at using the code #eronite!

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