This is why eye contact is so important when flirting

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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This is why eye contact is so important when flirting
This is why eye contact is so important when flirting
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Eye contact when flirting

The eyes are the proverbial window to the soul. This is exactly what makes eye contact so special when flirting. As soon as the eyes of two people meet for the first time, something great could – purely theoretically – come of it. Even if this eye contact may have been brief, this event can have a lasting impact.

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The first eye contact when getting to know each other

Imagine the following situation: After a stressful day at work, you quickly go to the supermarket to buy a few snacks and some wine for the evening. Still thinking about the annoying boss or the ambitious colleague, the eyes roam through the shelves to find one of the required items after the other almost automatically. Suddenly, a shadow appears in the corner of his eye, which turns out to be another customer looking for products in the store.

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The customer looks over – possibly also absent-mindedly – and so the gazes of the two people meet. Even if only for fractions of a second. If the appearance of the other person seems attractive, the eyes may “stick” to the other person for a milli-second longer.

A slight, tingling sensation might be felt in the stomach area at this moment. All this has something to do with the psychology of man. And this sometimes comes into focus with full force, even with the proverbial blink of an eye.

This is why eye contact is so important when flirting

The fact is that the very first relevant information about a person is always transmitted to the brain via the eyes. It is completely irrelevant whether a person catches sight of another by chance or whether he furtively looks over at him. Because, for example, you’re out and about at a disco, partying, or sitting comfortably at the bar with friends.

At some moments, it’s as if “lightning” strikes you out of the blue. Before the two “chosen ones” have even exchanged a single word with each other, the communication between the two of them begins with the eyes. Humans are “polarized” in such a way that even the most subtle, seemingly imperceptible movements of the eye or facial muscles are perceived by the other person. And even very accurately.

A deep look

However, the first eye contact when flirting can become awkward if the other person does not avert their gaze. Or intimate. Or lovely. When it comes to eye contact when flirting, the famous “one second” can sometimes be too much. Both in positive and negative terms. If the chemistry between the two people is right, a long look is usually perceived as highly arousing. If, on the other hand, the initial enthusiasm is rather one-sided, this eye contact could backfire when flirting.

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In most cases, the other person senses how his or her counterpart is feeling at that moment. This perception is also derived primarily from the subtle movements or motions of the eye muscles. It is therefore worth taking a close look. Or better not? Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered explicitly in every case. After all, human beings are complicated by nature.

Eye contact during flirting is different from eye contact during sex. Even during an intimate kiss, it is the pure sensory experience for many people when you look deeply into each other’s eyes. In fact, there are men and women who can’t help but look at their kissing partner with open eyes during the “second most beautiful secondary matter in the world”. Hormones just go crazy, and they would prefer not to experience a second without literally losing sight of their partner. Eye contact during sex can have an even more intense meaning.

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If eye contact during flirting can already have such a profound effect, eye contact during sex is for many the highest form of eroticism. You lie skin to skin next to each other, you have just become intimate with each other in an indescribable way, the two bodies move in absolute harmony with each other and the waves of excitement shoot through your body like lightning. Closing your eyes during lovemaking only intensifies this intense sensation, according to many.

But the effect can be much more severe if you maintain eye contact during sex. In this precious moment, they both only have eyes for each other. The windows of their souls open as wide as a sparrow and thus at the same time establish a connection between the two people that can be so strong that everything else fades out.

The crowning glory of eroticism

Trying to look deeply into each other’s eyes during a shared orgasm is hard to beat for intensity. As tingling as eye contact has been proven to be during flirting, the effect of having sex with your eyes open can be equally powerful. Because you have not only the eyes “in view”, but the entire eye area, the mouth, the nostrils…

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Numerous different things catch the eye: the mouth wide open with excitement, the fine beads of sweat on the skin, the enlarged pupils, the reddened cheeks and lips…


What eye contact during flirting is proven to be enhanced tenfold by looking each other in the eye during sex.

Eye contact can play a very important role in flirting, as it is an important part of non-verbal communication. Here are some reasons why eye contact is so important:

  1. Signaling interest: When you face someone and make eye contact, you signal interest in the person. You show that you are paying attention and that you care. This can be an important prerequisite for a successful approach.
  2. Building trust: Eye contact can also help build trust. When you look someone in the eye, you signal openness and honesty. This can help build a sense of trust and security.
  3. Physical attraction: Eye contact can also trigger a physical attraction between two people. Looking someone in the eye can make you feel attracted to him or her. Eye contact can be an important part of sexual tension.
  4. Improving communication: If you keep eye contact, you can also communicate better. You can better understand what the other person is saying and you can better respond to it. Eye contact can also help people understand each other better and avoid misunderstandings.
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Overall, eye contact can be very important when flirting. It can help signal interest, build trust, trigger physical attraction, and improve communication. However, it is important not to maintain eye contact for too long and not to press the other person. It’s about sending subtle signals and creating a natural connection.

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