This is how much sex people your age have

By Jens Haberlein
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This is how much sex people your age have
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How much traffic is normal at what age?

Anyone who occasionally worries about how much sex is normal at what age should read this article. All important questions and more are answered here. This much in advance – it cannot be generalized, because people are different from each other. One likes more sex, the other likes less. However, there are studies on this topic.

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The frequency of having sex varies from individual to individual

Many people wonder if they are within the range of normal when it comes to frequency of sex. The thing is that it varies from individual to individual. One has more desire, while the other prefers to deal with other things. People are pronounced differently. This is not only true for sex drive. Therefore, there is no general answer to the question of how much sex is normal at what age.

So viel Sex haben Menschen in deinem Alter

However, there is one study in which this question was the subject. The publication shows interesting results. The results are divided into different age groups. The answers are unsurprising.

How much sexual intercourse is normal?

In the study, it was found that younger adults have the most frequent sex. And this is the case for the 18 to 29 age group. The indication is that, on average, couples have sex 112 times a year. Converted, this means twice a week.

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How much sex is normal for the 30 to 39 year old participants in the study? They still have sexual contact 86 times a year. Only 69 times a year has the age group between 40 and 49 years. A significant decrease compared to the first group.

Why does the desire for sex disappear with age?

This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that physical performance is reduced. The aches and pains accumulate over time and the desire for sex is no longer as great as it used to be. In addition, diseases are also responsible for this. Those who are struggling with other problems are not thinking primarily about sex. How much sex is normal? From the age of 50, it becomes less and less.

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In addition, the desire for sex also dwindles the longer couples are married to each other. Other issues are then more important. The importance of sexual intercourse is declining. Children also put the brakes on sex drive.

Those who grow older set different standards

So viel Sex haben Menschen in deinem AlterWomen who are already in their 50s, however, don’t have to worry about that when it comes to the question “How much sex is normal?” Nevertheless, it does not mean that couples at this age do not have intercourse at all. Only the quantity is decreasing. In return, the quality increases due to many years of experience.

This can also be seen in the age group of women from around 35 onwards. Only at this age are they satisfied with their own sexuality. Not infrequently, the really first orgasms occur here. So getting older also has its advantages.

The desire decreases in the second half of life: Who would not have thought it, depending on age, the desire for sexual intercourse decreases. However, it is also possible that the desire will increase again in the short term. There are also women over 50 who have more sex with their partner. On the other hand, there are still women who never want to have sex again. For men of the same age, the situation is quite different.

However, no one has to worry about that. Anyone who has less sex than the study found in the various age groups should know one thing: In surveys, people usually fib to make themselves look better.

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