The perfect date: What do men expect from the first meeting?

By Faizel Ahman
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The perfect date: What do men expect from the first meeting?
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The expectation of men for the perfect first date

We’ve all had a date where we thought everything was going well. But later that night and in the days that follow, you hear little from the man you dated. Men can be very simple-minded at times, and it is said that on a first date a man needs no more than 20 minutes to decide whether or not he wants to have a second date with a woman. There are some specific criteria that men look for when dating a woman. Here are some points to consider for the perfect date of the future!

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A lot of smiles for the dream man

On a first date, and especially for the perfect date, it’s important for women to come across as welcoming and warm, otherwise the date will quickly become awkward and embarrassing. One of the best ways to show your soft side is to simply smile. A smile can go a long way and definitely sets the date in the right direction. No man wants to date a woman who does nothing but frown. Men are looking for a woman who is welcoming and not cold.

The perfect date: What do men expect from the first meeting?

Confidence for the perfect date

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident. Most men want to avoid women with major self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Compliments for the man

Just as women want compliments, so do men. On a first date, many men are looking for a woman who is willing to both accept and give compliments. So if a man says that the woman looks great or has a beautiful smile, she should not hesitate to compliment him.

For the perfect date better not complain

There is nothing worse than dating a woman who does nothing but bitch. We all have things we need to vent about. But complaining on a first date definitely sets the wrong mood.

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Men are looking for a woman who doesn’t appear to be a big complainer who gets upset about everything and everyone.


Just like men, women often say something to make sure they get what they want. But this is not good. Whatever the case may be, men often see through the lies and fake feelings. On a first date, men look for a woman who is sincere in both her words and her thoughts.

Steady conversation

The first date is about getting to know each other. Any date can become problematic if the conversation becomes boring or one-sided. In order to keep him interested and show that you are interested as well, it is important that you both make an effort to have an ongoing conversation. Men are looking for women who can both answer questions and ask questions. No one wants to be on a date where the conversation is slow, awkward, and led by only one person.


Generosity has always been a big debate. After a $120 date with lots of drinks and first-class food, the least a woman can do in a man’s eyes is offer to chip in some money. So if you want the perfect date, be spendy!

Vor- und Nachteile einer Dreierbeziehung

Leaving the past behind

No man wants to date a woman who talks about her ex, even if she only mentions him once. Having a date and being part of the dating world should mean that you are over the ex. Men who date a woman who gushes about her ex usually go into ignore mode as soon as that happens. Men are looking for a woman who carries around some baggage, but doesn’t allow that baggage to affect her current dating status and experience. No woman likes a Simp!


The point of dating is to spend time with someone to get to know them better and see what physical vibes are present. Men want a woman who is committed and a woman who is willing to commit to the date.

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No man or woman wants to date someone who is distracted or busy with other things. If the woman is texting every other minute or is more focused on the waiter serving on the other side of the restaurant, the lack of engagement can be easily noticed.

Sexiness for the perfect date

For the perfect date, no woman wants to give the impression that she’s on the prowl. However, there are many ways to be sexy without overdoing it. Men are looking for a woman who can be sexy without trying. It is not necessary to wear extremely revealing clothing or talk sexually. For the perfect date, it is often enough to wear a good perfume.

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Independence for the perfect date

Men like women who are independent and successful. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has her life under control, with a good job, her own things and an education. Independence is definitely attractive for a man. So if you’re looking for the perfect date, you should be proud of your own work!

A woman who says “thank you

Some men like to prove that chivalry is not dead. However, there are some women who expect chivalry without saying thank you. A man likes to know that his actions are appreciated, so a thank you here and there can go a long way, especially on a first date.

A woman who dresses well

Many women think the sexier and more revealing they dress for a date, the better. The truth is that men are looking for a woman who can dress sexy without looking like she belongs in the club down the street.

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