The erotic short story: A chat with consequences

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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The erotic short story: A chat with consequences

Today she can only laugh about it

April was bored at home again, none of her friends were there, her parents and brother were away somewhere. As she usually did in this situation, April logged onto and started the chat and live show.

April is just 19, a nice girl from next door, 168 cm tall with only 52 kg. April has a really pretty face, long dark brown hair, a cute little yet round butt, small feet (shoe size 36) and brown eyes. Overall, a sexy appearance. Admittedly – April does have one small shortcoming. Her breasts aren’t really breasts, they’re more like little bumps with cute little nipples.

Die erotische Kurzgeschichte: Ein Chat mit Folgen

Paul was different in the chat

No sooner was April in the chat than the first inquiries came from various gentlemen, especially those of advanced age. Of course, always the same banter. “How are you?”, “Where are you from?”, “Want to watch?”, “Get naked!”, “Want to meet?” and even more direct requests and offers. Surely every girl knows this kind of pick-up line in the chat rooms.

However, a request April already made a bit curious. Paul, 45 years old, was the sender. Paul didn’t ask that usual cheese, but deftly knew how to wrap April around his finger. The chat was getting more and more tense between the two. Despite the supposed age difference, they both got along quite well. They were on the same wavelength, so to speak. Slowly the chat went in the direction of eroticism and also there it crackled piece by piece between April and Paul.

Experience April for yourself in chat.

Now you have to know that April, at 18 years old, didn’t exactly come with a lot of experience. Well, there was already the “Jugend forscht” department, where she made her first explorations. Petting might be the right keyword, because so far April had already satisfied a boy two or three times with her hand and once even with her mouth, but that didn’t go to the final conclusion. She’s been felt up by a few guys as well. Also fingered and even licked, but nothing more yet.
In the chat, however, April didn’t want to come off as a prude, since she claimed to be a 24-year-old with plenty of experience. Paul was intrigued by April and her supposed past experiences, because Paul had never known such an open young lady with these preferences that April was revealing.

Die erotische Kurzgeschichte: Ein Chat mit Folgen

She was really shy

The chat was getting more and more intimate by the second. April lied like a trooper. Paul was obviously already totally aroused, also describing his arousal in great detail and also what he did during the sex chat. April was actually starting to get fuzzy with this increasingly intimate chat as well, started playing with herself a bit too.

After some time Paul suggested to turn on his cam as well to experience each other better. At first April was hesitant, but after some convincing from Paul, they switched to cam-2-cam chat. So now she saw Paul more or less eye to eye. A little excited, April stared at the screen and indeed, Paul really did look quite attractive for his 45 years. Paul was impressed with April anyway, sitting on her bed in her underwear and cute little socks.

Greedy and curious as April was in the meantime, she hesitantly asked if Paul might want to show her more of himself and what he was doing under the table. He didn’t hesitate for a second, stood up and his full length pole, about 17 inches long, rocked back and forth on the screen. April was overcome with a slight blush of shame at the sight, but also felt herself getting a little damp in her panties.

Die erotische Kurzgeschichte: Ein Chat mit Folgen

The chat got hotter and hotter

“Well April, do you like what you see?” asked Paul, slowly pushing his foreskin back and forth, coming a little closer to the camera with his bulging glans. April was floored, for she had not expected such shameless candor. But she liked it, even turned it on. “Will you show me something of yours too?” asked Paul suddenly, snapping April out of her wildest fantasies and thoughts.

“Uh… yeah, what do you like to see?” April asked back sheepishly. “Anything, my sweet,” came the prompt reply, “you were telling me earlier how open you are about sex. Come on April, strip for me, show me how horny you hot slut can dance!” Oops, now April was a little embarrassed after all, her big mouth in chat immediately silenced. Briefly, April considered just turning off the computer to get out of this awkward situation.

Join April directly in the live chat.

“We’ll keep that between us, though,” she stammered, a little frightened, and brushed off her bra. With her hands she covered her small buds, which in the meantime stuck out stiffly from a mixture of arousal, shame and muffle. “Come on April, let’s see those cute little titties of yours, I bet they look incredibly horny.” Slowly, April lowered her arms, revealing her stiff sweet nipples to Paul.

The cute girl was totally overwhelmed and turned off the computer. She never heard from Paul again. She has since taken a liking to sex chat and regularly logs on to to drive men crazy in her live shows. When she thinks about how shy she was in the beginning, she can only laugh about it. From finger games to oil and dildo shows, she now actually shows everything and has also found out that there are many men who are on her small breasts.

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