The confession: anonymous sex is my greatest thrill

By Laura Buschmann
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The confession: anonymous sex is my greatest thrill
The confession: anonymous sex is my greatest thrill
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Anonymous sex saves me from the slut image

While men are celebrated as heroes for a varied sex life, women quickly come into disrepute as sluts. Anonymous sex can help here. No commitments, no names, no expectations. For me the ultimate kick par excellence and finally a way to live out my secret fantasies.

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The confession: anonymous sex is my greatest thrillI’ve never been the real relationship person

I don’t care about tying myself to a partner permanently. However, this is not welcomed in society. I often get questioning looks because I have not yet started a family in my early thirties. I don’t care. My tastes lie elsewhere. I was very precocious and I was able to live out my lust to the fullest. The need for sexual gratification grew steadily. However, it was not easy to find partners who would provide variety.

The answer to my question, how anonymous sex is possible in a simple and uncomplicated way, I got rather accidentally a few years ago. As a freelance graphic designer I unexpectedly got the order to design an erotic site new. The site had specialized in the mediation of sex partners. No clear names, only synonyms and an unbelievable number of members were listed. Anonymous sex seemed to appeal to more people than I had previously thought.

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At first I was a little unsure whether I would register or not. But curiosity and the desire for sexual adventure and anonymous sex outweighed. If possible, sexual preferences should be stored on the profile. In this way it was easier to find a suitable partner for a sex meeting. I like to do it wild and unrestrained in public places. Changing rooms, cinema or parks have an incredible attraction for me. So it was clear that this property would be stored in my profile.

Anonymous sex was new territory for me until now

It didn’t take long for my inbox to fill with inquiries. For me it was incredibly important that anonymous sex did not take place in my hometown or in the immediate vicinity. I was all the happier when my first sex date was to take place a good two hours drive away. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. Anonymous sex was new territory for me until then. But it was the kick and above all my insatiable desire that drove me to agree to the first sex meeting.

Confession: chief physician during the day, drinking wound water in the evening

My heart was pounding. What would anonymous sex be like? Damp hands and weak knees didn’t look so good when driving a car. But the anticipation of an erotic adventure finally prevailed.

As agreed, the car with the aforementioned number plate was parked in the car park. I sincerely hoped that his profile picture and paraphrase were not fake. Although I did not attach great importance to appearances. But a little sex appeal should be radiated by the man.

The confession: anonymous sex is my greatest thrill

I had tasted blood – I liked the anonymous sex

Relief spread when a good-looking guy opened the door and even looked at me a little embarrassed. A short informal greeting and some small talk quickly eased the tense atmosphere. I sat down with him on the back seat and experienced how horny anonymous sex can be. His hands were felt everywhere and he was full of passion. I’m afraid it all happened very quickly. But it should be the beginning of a new adventure series. I had tasted blood and anonymous sex was to become a part of my life from now on. I was still dizzy from the experience. But no sooner had I returned home than I searched the mailbox again. Anonymous sex had me under the spell of lust.

Anonymous sex has the great advantage that secret fantasies can be lived out uninhibitedly. I am not accountable to anyone, which is why I like to be satisfied in public places. I don’t owe anyone an explanation why I don’t want to meet a second time or why I find lacquer and leather appealing. It turns me on and it gives me the feeling of being able to decide for myself how I shape my sex life. Without expectations or great responsibility. I am only accountable to myself when anonymous sex takes place. It feels free and uncomplicated.

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If you can’t imagine what anonymous sex is like, remember your first time with a new partner. This indescribably beautiful tingling sensation. The racing of the heart and the promising desire to explore a new body. The unknown smell, the unknown touches. Everything is new and exciting. Why shouldn’t you experience this much more often and, above all, regularly? Thanks to these meetings I am allowed to do it with a strange man as often as I like.

The confession: anonymous sex is my greatest thrill

Swinger clubs are a good alternative

Recently I have been going to bigger cities on weekends to have fun in swingers clubs. No prior arrangement is required. Everyone present just wants to have sex. This makes it relatively easy to sleep with several strange men in one evening. The thrill of being watched at the same time is priceless. Anonymous sex also works in this way with several women and men at the same time.

All this only works under certain conditions. I protect not only my health, but above all my true identity. I’ve never told my real name. For contact and exchange I use a prepaid mobile phone. Thus all other data and contacts of “normal life” remain protected.
A woman’s reputation can quickly be dragged through the mud if she admits to sleeping with pleasure and with many men. It’s practically my dark little secret.

I never want to have to give up this kind of sex again

First of all I met a partner again. More likely to happen at the weekly market. We only exchanged understanding looks, nodded to each other briefly and went our ways. He with his wife in his arms and me looking at my prepaid cell phone to plan new meetings.

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Every now and then a queasy feeling comes over me. Especially when the places are quite remote. But like they say: No risk, no fun. I think to know how far I can go and so far everything has gone well. I’m convinced that it will stay that way. Because this wonderful way to experience sex and to discover something new again and again, I can’t and don’t want to do without anymore. It’s become like an addiction.

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