Texas Patti becomes Brand Ambassador for Redbux

By Jens Haberlein
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Texas Patti becomes Brand Ambassador for Redbux
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German porn actress represents new digital currency

The year 2021 has barely begun before the first good news comes from our export hit Los Angeles: For German porn star Texas Patti, 2020 was a good year despite the world-wide Corona pandemic. A very good one, actually. A year in which Texaspatti aka Bettina Habig was almost completely booked up, her schedule bursting at the seams. She defied the crisis, had one assignment after another. Now it’s Redbux’s turn.

Texas Patti becomes Brand Ambassador for RedbuxWith Redbux comes the next order

After she got a contract with Peeks (USA), the pretty MILF from Münsterland is more and more turning into Germany’s export hit number one. She built her internet presence (u. a. www.texaspatti.club) and earned no less than twelve nominations for various awards, including AVN, Venus, XBIZ and many others.

Now the porn star from Münster, who has pitched her tents in Los Angeles, California, for several years, is to represent the cybercurrency Redbux worldwide as a brand ambassador. Texas Patti, who was the face of Beate Uhse TV and through their sacked by her employer, is now, by her own admission, going one better and getting into the cryptocurrency business: “Being a brand ambassador for a payment medium must be insanely exciting,” Texas Patti chats to Eronite.

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Redbux as successful as bitcoin?

She continues, “Imagine if Project Redbux becomes even remotely as successful as bitcoin. Oh my god! I’m honestly pretty excited. Why we need our own currency in our industry? Feel free to ask our experts! Anyway, the Project kicked me right off and I really wanted to be a part of it.”

Direct to www.texaspatti.club

When asked about her plans for 2021, she replied, “It’s going to be an absolute blast, we’ve been working on this new project for about two years, which we’re going to raise in the US. I can’t tell you any more than that. I’ll just say this: it’s going high!”

There’s more about Redbux here in the attached PDF to read.

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