Testicle crawl: Pampering program for his eggs

By Laura Buschmann
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Testicle crawl: Pampering program for his eggs
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How you get him going with hand- and blow jobs.

Your guy enjoying playing around the testicles is a practice to make him hot during the love play. On the other hand, crawling the testicles is a satisfying relaxation program and a pampering program for his eggs, which most men like. Find out here what you can do to really increase his feelings when crawling eggs.

Balls spoil – Do it with the mouth!

That makes guys hot: Everything you do with your mouth is felt hot and full of relish. This is also the case with this perfect pampering programme for his eggs. A skillful blowjob, where your tongue goes even deeper on a voyage of discovery, is guaranteed to turn it on. You can kneel in front of him and turn him on with tongue and mouth or choose other positions. For example, men love it when they kneel above you and their testicles are surrounded by your lips when they want to.

Testicle crawl: Pampering program for his eggsPampering program for his balls – How do you do it with your mouth?

In any case: Gently and with feeling during the pampering program for his eggs! You should start slowly and then increase. This will get him going. You can use the techniques alternately.

Licking, sucking, sucking or tongue games: You should build these techniques on each other. Suction comes as a second step, because it gets hotter there. Always feel well into him, how far he already is. If he moans and sighs deeper, you know that he likes it. Also aids such as ice throwing come well with a pampering program for his eggs.

One topic in the pampering program for his eggs is shaving: some women don’t give a damn about it, others don’t like it when it stings and pricks down there. You can also talk about that beforehand, who stands on what. Many men like it better on their own bodies when everything is shaved and smooth.

Pampering program for his eggs – also with hand job

But also the fingers and hands should not be missing with the right pampering program for his eggs. Gentle touches make him feel hot and flushed. What can you do with your hands?

Massage them: Especially the testicles are sensitive and love to be massaged sensitively. This can take different lengths of time, can be increased, but of course it can also be stopped.

Wet dreams: not only teenagers have it

Stroke her: Loving strokes in this area spoil him. It testifies to closeness and intimacy to caress his testicles. A particularly intimate togetherness also develops between you. Use fingertips, palms and change everything slowly. So you surprise him and increase his curiosity about what happens next.

Knead his eggs: Depending on your personality and preference, some men like it when you get a little harder. You can take his testicles tighter in your hand, knead them and hold them. But be careful, not too much pressure!

Roll back and forth: This technique is almost an insider tip. Many men swear by it. It’s quite simple: Put your flat hand on the eggs and gently push them back and forth.

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Pull on it: But be careful: Be careful! Spezis do this by gently wrapping their thumbs and index fingers around their testicles. Then they are pulled down, but with caution! This is also something that not every man necessarily loves. If you are unsure, you can discuss it loosely with him beforehand or just feel it while you do it, as he finds it.

Pampering program for his eggs – Pamper him in a particularly intimate way!

So there are many variations for the perfect pampering program for his eggs. However, techniques with hand and tongue can also be combined. So he can really get going and will surely return the favor. Skillfully working the testicles creates a special closeness between you and makes sure that you get to know each other better.

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