Strangled during sex – that’s why many women are into it

By Daniel Kemper
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Strangled during sex - that's why many women are into it
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Forbidden fantasy of many women?

How come some women want to be choked during sex? If you take a closer look at the subject, you will notice that this drastic way of playing is actually quite popular among many women. Some girls react with sexual arousal when they are approached more roughly. But let’s get back to the question of why women like this dangerous form of sex.

Power games par excellence: being strangled during sex

In search of answers to this question, one very quickly ends up in the sadomaso realm. Where power games, dominance and submission are involved, the question of choking games is answered.

Strangled during sex - that's why many women are into it
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Who choked his partner During sex, imposes his will on this. So these choking games represent the ultimate form of a classic Dom Sub relationship, so to speak. Women who allow being choked by their Dom during sex are offering their partner the ultimate submission. That a large number of dominantly inclined men are into it should be beyond question. However, many women who are secretly attracted to dominant men also dream of being choked during sex one day. Submissive fantasies are more common in women than you might think. Especially since not all women immediately admit that they secretly want to be strangled during sex. Preferences of this type will only be admitted by women once they have built up trust with their potential partner. Quite a few will never admit this preference to themselves and admit it in front of other people.

The advantage of incorporating this game into the framework of an SM relationship is obvious. Experienced SMler arrange code words and hand signals, at which the game is stopped immediately. This is especially important in choking games. Because here, of course, as with other SM actions, something can go wrong. The agreement of so-called safe words are indispensable and show a sense of responsibility. So-called dumb-doms, which supposedly manage without safewords, are strongly discouraged.

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For choking games, which are also called breath control in the SM area, there are him every SM studio suitable toys. Adjustable collars that can be tightened by the dominant part are the first to be mentioned here. Part of this game can also be a complete fixation, for example on a St. Andrew’s cross. Thus, the dominant part has full control over his submissive counterpart. Now he can start with the breath control.

The dream of being choked during sex

Strangled during sex - that's why many women are into itMany young girls who are just discovering their own eroticism are full of fantasies. Some of them are a little more fancy than others. More brutal fantasies such as rape or strangulation are not uncommon. The use of force can trigger a reaction in the genital area. Whether this is intentional or unintentional is a matter of opinion. Girls touch themselves extremely rudely while dreaming about being overpowered, kidnapped and raped. Strangulation is a common form of overpowering fantasy here.

Fear of not getting enough air can accompany the body’s sexual arousal. For most of the girls, however, it remains mostly with the not lived out head cinema. In many cases, that’s a good thing, because reality doesn’t always deliver what fantasy promises. So in the worst cases, if the Dom goes out of character, it can cause long-term damage to the woman. Those who have been mistreated once will never indulge in these types of games again.

So, if your potential partner confesses that she wants to be strangled during sex, this is a huge sign of trust. You should deal with it accordingly. Women who are already to give themselves to their man so properly are a real treasure. If the woman puts her own life in the hands of her partner during choking games, this can no longer be surpassed as a sign of trust.

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Submissive women are truly not sluts who should be treated badly. They are even distinctly rare and therefore all the more special representatives of their kind. Good doms therefore treat their slaves like rare diamonds.

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