She tried it: Sex every day for a year!

By Julia Moreno
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She tried it out: Sex every day - for a year!
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Country girl has sex every day for a year

A daring experiment – 12 long months

My name is Andrea and I come from Lower Saxony, living near Hannover. We, my brother and I, live here with our parents in a small house with a big yard. Besides two horses we have chickens, geese and rabbits. As a dear girl from the country I was brought up very strictly and so I used to waste not a second thinking about having sex every day for a year. That changed abruptly when I came to town.

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Daily sex - for a year!

There may have been a lot of action in town.

There I got to know many new people. Not least because I joined a tennis club. Soon I had a boyfriend – and broke up with him again. Met a man again – and separated from him. It happened to me ten times in a row. Somehow boredom quickly set in in bed and from one year of daily sex I was miles away.

Then I met Isabelle at tennis. Blond, tall and handsome. It is only because of her that I now have sex every day for a year. From the first day on I was fascinated by her pleasure of life and her wide tolerance limits. She’s the kind of vamp that normal women actually hate. Too perfect and then also friendly – that is not possible. She radiated a natural arrogance. Mean, but not too mean. Still fascinating. Her charisma had something and I just couldn’t escape her.

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In contrast to this, the question once arose whether I could do without sex for 250,000 euros five years. Certainly not after my experiment. It was just too horny for that and apart from that – it still lasts. Because nothing is finished yet. I enjoy it while I am young and healthy. And yes, why not?

Daily sex - for a year!Sex every day for a year

But the fact that I now have sex every day for a year is due to my new girlfriend – and that is how it happened:

One day we played a match against each other and then went to the showers together. Enviously I stood naked next to her and watched her perfect curves. I quickly noticed that my eyes were returned and before I knew it, this blonde dream woman was standing next to me. The sexy blonde stretched out her shower sponge towards me and asked cheekily if I wanted to soap her.

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It came as it should have come. We loved each other wildly and passionately. That was the day I discovered my bisexual vein From then on I met many women with whom I alternately and regularly meet. Not that we misunderstand each other: I still have relationships with men. But if the boys don’t sleep with me every day, I visit Isabell or another of my friends. In this way I have already had sex every day for a year.

Andrea W. (23), near Hannover

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