Sex toys on vacation – What can be in the suitcase?

By Marco Dorada
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Sex toys on vacation - What can be in the suitcase?
Sex toys on vacation - What can be in the suitcase?

What is allowed and what is not?

On the beach during the day and in a chic hotel room at night: on vacation, many couples’ love life really flares up. Those who like to use sex toys at home would also like to be able to do so on vacation. But which sex toy goes on a trip and how does it work with the security check at the airport?

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Sex toys on vacation – is it necessary?

Whether alone or as a couple: sex toys really spice up your love life. The solo number becomes an unforgettable experience and couples get a special pleasure kick in bed. The toy keeps libido fit and increases sexual desire. The variety of available sex toys makes it possible to live out long-held fantasies or simply intensify the orgasm. Only understandable that sex toys may not be missing on vacation.

Sex toys on vacation - What can be in the suitcase?

What makes everyday life at home more exciting and tingling, does so even more on vacation. The sex toy causes tingling relaxation and pleasurable experiences while traveling. While packing your suitcase, the question quickly arises as to which sex toy is best suited for your vacation. And most importantly, is there anything to consider when transporting them on a plane?

Suitable sex toys

The vacation suitcase is packed and the remaining space is rather limited. The sex toy must travel with you, that’s out of the question. Which toys are best suited in this situation to cause as much pleasure as possible with little space? Even with minimal storage space, there are numerous options so that the sex toy can fly with you on vacation. In addition, large sex toys can be more easily viewed as potential weapons. Therefore, the rule is: small but nice.

Mini vibrator in the form of a chain

The mini vibrator from Crave is perfect for lustful adventures while traveling. Those who want to carry inconspicuous sex toys on vacation are well advised here. The vibrator, designed as a necklace, visually enhances any chic outfit and transforms into a bringer of pleasure in a few simple steps. Hardly any observer dares to guess what woman obviously carries with her. Once there are no more prying eyes, the woman can use the pendant to stimulate the clitoris.

Directly to the erotic store

Couples benefit from the jewelry by using it during the act for additional excitement, triggering flights of fancy. Its inconspicuous, slim design makes it possible to carry the vibrator in the bar or restaurant. He quickly disappears under the table between the legs and enriches the evening in a tingling way.

Anal plugs as sex toys on vacation

The anal plug represents a suitable sex toy when traveling and due to its practical size it does not require much space in the suitcase. With its conical top and wide base, it is unmistakable. Contrary to many rumors, women and men alike like to use the additional stimulation of an anal plug. The small toy can raise orgasm to a new level and is suitable for preparation for anal sex.

Bondage games provide sizzling moments

Erotic bondage games bring momentum into sex life and are conveniently implementable without much effort. The belt of a pair of jeans or the tie of the man are converted without further ado and fix hands as well as feet. The advantage: these clothes are already in the vacation suitcase anyway.

Sex toys on vacation - What can be in the suitcase?

Thus, they represent an inconspicuous sex toy when traveling. In the absence of a belt and tie, handcuffs or bondage ropes easily find a place among the rest of the luggage.

Penis rings – little helpers

Small and practical, penis rings hardly take up any space in your vacation suitcase. The toys are usually made of soft material and are placed around the penis, testicles or glans during sex. They lead to a stronger erection and cause the pleasurable adventure to last longer. Using the sex toy on vacation, in a way, also has a medical benefit by helping with erectile dysfunction. The small particles disappear without problems in any small pocket and thus form an ideal lustful companion.

Transport sex toys correctly

When flying on vacation, travelers should follow certain rules. Of course, carrying dangerous and sharp objects is prohibited. But what about the much-loved sex toy on vacation? What goes in the hand luggage and what not?

What matters is the content

Battery-powered vibrators belong in the hand luggage. The lithium batteries installed in them can self-ignite in the event of friction or damage. Therefore, transporting them in checked baggage is not a good idea. Many airlines do not allow alkaline manganese batteries to be carried in the travel case. Likewise, a maximum number of batteries allowed is often specified. Either way, it makes sense to remove the batteries from the sex toy while traveling.

Sex toys on vacation - What can be in the suitcase?

This eliminates the possibility of the device suddenly starting to vibrate in the handbag during the flight. While the batteries are in the carry-on luggage, the toy can travel without batteries in the checked luggage. In general, sex toys with battery and rechargeable battery travel in hand luggage. Toys without power source can easily remain in the travel case.

Liquid accessories in the aircraft

Additional attention should be paid to any accessories that may be needed, such as lubricant or massage oil. If you don’t want to do without lubricant on vacation in addition to your sex toys, you have to pay attention to the classic hand luggage regulations: Anything over 100 milliliters must go in the suitcase. Anything less than this may remain in a suitable zip bag in your carry-on luggage. However, these zip bags are recommended not only for liquids, but also for the sex toys. In the event of an inspection, the toy is protected from foreign hands and contamination.

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Of course, the toys can be specially wrapped and packaged, but that makes less sense than initially thought: Unidentifiable items are scrutinized more closely by security personnel. Those who want to hide the sex toy often only draw unnecessary attention to themselves.

Sex toys on vacation – not a rare thing

If suitcases containing sex toys are checked, albeit randomly, this is no reason to be embarrassed. The fact that toys make sex life more tingling is no longer a secret. So a toy clearly visible in a transparent bag is unlikely to cause much excitement.

Directly to the erotic store

In addition, the check is ticked off more quickly if the items carried are clearly identifiable. Sex toys bring tingling pleasure and what about them should you be embarrassed?

Observe entry requirements

Those who travel with sex toys within Europe need not worry. Outside the EU, things look quite different. In fact, the exciting toys are not allowed to enter every country. Why is that? Some countries do classify sex toys as pornographic material. While the toys themselves are not banned, they fall under the import ban of the respective country. Particular caution is advised with countries such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Maldives, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Before starting your journey, it is therefore advisable to visit the homepage of the respective office. Those who are unsure can acquire missing knowledge here and avoid uninvited surprises. Even when traveling within the U.S., it is important to do your research beforehand. In the state of Alabama, for example, fines may be levied in addition to confiscation of the beloved toy. If you research well and follow current safety instructions, you have nothing to fear.

Sex toys on vacation – yes or no?

Tingling and pleasurable experiences are equally conducive to well-being at home and on vacation. So it’s only understandable when the much-loved vibrator goes on a trip with you. However, except for a few countries, taking the sex toy with you is not a problem. If the regulations of the respective countries are observed and the exciting adult toy is stowed properly, nothing can go wrong.

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