Sex story: When the quarterback has a flashback

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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I could hardly believe my luck

There was a huge commotion in the city, people were all looking at me funny. But it wasn’t until a few days later that I learned why: Doc Jones was gone and everyone knew what had happened between us. But the worst part for me was when I found out how everyone knew and who was to blame for Emma leaving town head over heels. I could never forgive my dad for that, I was incredibly angry.

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Eronite empfiehlt dir Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Die Zukunft des Dating 3.0 startet hier!
Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Die Zukunft des Dating 3.0 startet hier!

I tried to make him understand that Emma was not to blame, that it was I who demanded it of hers and that he needed to make that clear and get her back. But he did not believe me, for him she was the devil who had defiled his son. My mum also just looked at me with a contemptuous look.

As a quarterback, women were at my feet

“This is a sequel to the sex story The Quarterback

Not only Emma’s life had changed radically, but mine as well. From then on, I avoided my parents as much as I could. I slept most nights at friends’ houses, they were excited about the whole thing and not all of them had parents as strict as I did.

Sex story: When the quarterback has a flashback
Sex story: When the quarterback has a flashback

My girlfriend, on the other hand, was anything but thrilled, she naturally broke up with me and was pissed off. Fortunately, it was only a few weeks until high school ended and I had more than one scholarship offer for college. I chose the one that was farthest away from this damn town and my parents. I went to Florida and not just at the start of the semester, but two days after receiving my degree. My parents didn’t even care.

I settled in and enjoyed the free time in the sun and all the beautiful, lightly dressed women, life here, it was different and much more laid back than back home in Texas. In general, my college start was excellent. I joined the team well, was fully involved in training and my grades were also good. And I had a lot of fun. The parties here were awesome and the women were a dream. Any shyness I used to have, I had completely lost. My evening with Emma already pointed out to me how good sex was, and I wanted to experience it as often as I could. I had a wild first year.

But in the second year it became a bit more serious and demanding. Due to an injury to our starting quarterback, I became the number one guy for the rest of the young season. My first game was a disaster right away. We lost big and that was largely my fault, I just couldn’t get into the game.

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Although the team stood behind me and gave me encouragement, I was still broken. I stayed in the booth until the end, night had long since fallen and the stadium lights were switched off. Only the full moon bathed it in a soft light when I went out into the field once more.

After the home game she enjoyed the peace and quiet in this atmosphere

But I wasn’t the only one looking for this peace and quiet; I spotted someone sitting in the lower tiers of the stands. “Don’t worry, you did good and you’ll be better next time,” a familiar voice called out to me. It was Sophia, a Latin beauty and one of our cheerleaders. I liked Sophia, she was nice to me from the first day and besides she was beautiful. Only she didn’t seem to be into me. At least that’s what I thought. I walked over to her and with each step I got closer I recognized her better. She was still wearing her cheerleading outfit and her long brown hair was tied back in a braid.

“What are you still doing here?”, I asked. “I enjoy the quiet, I do that after every home game, even if we win. But I could ask you the same thing.” “This is my first time today. I’m trying to process all of this. I’m a starter now and I’m worried I’m not up to it.” Sophia started to laugh and of course I asked what there was to laugh about.

Sex story: When the quarterback has a flashback
Sex story: When the quarterback has a flashback

“You, of all people, have self-doubt. The way you go around picking up one woman after another, I would never have thought that of you.” I climbed over the wall and sat down with her. “You know, I wasn’t always like this. I come from a small town in Texas where people are very old-fashioned and devout. And I was also like that, I was shy and inexperienced, only a woman from outside showed me how beautiful sex can be and that I can be quietly confident. That I don’t have to be afraid of having new experiences. But that didn’t go over well with my family and the city. The woman was virtually expelled and I was ostracized.

An 18 year young man being lewd with an older woman, that was a scandal. When I finally got here to college, I finally blossomed, I saw how people lived here and just did what I felt like doing. But the shy, self-doubting young man I used to be, that never quite went away, and today it just resurfaced.” Sophia looked at me and her look had changed, she now saw me with different eyes. We continued talking like this for an eternity, she told me about her past and then about her plans for the future and I told her about mine. And at some point the first rays of sunlight appeared in the sky and bathed the stadium in a faint reddish light.

In the end zone I met this dream woman again – and invited her to the picnic

“Wow, the time just flew by now,” I said in response. “Yes, but it was a beautiful and insightful night, but now I should sneak off to the dorm real quick before someone sees me like this. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and darted away in her cheerleader outfit, leaving me with a smile. Before that night, I had perceived Sophia as an arrogant and conceited cow, but I was as wrong about her as she was about me. I was definitely going to expand on that, I was sure of it.

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The following two weeks, however, she did not cross my path once, I already suspected that she was avoiding me. Although I always saw her from a distance during training, we never exchanged a word. At the same time, I thought we had a connection somehow. But I knew where and when I would catch them alone. We won our away game narrowly and our home game a week later even sovereign. But instead of celebrating with the team, I had something else in mind. Again, I stayed in the booth until everyone was gone, then I got a blanket, a bottle of wine, two glasses, and some snacks out of my locker and went out to the field. In our end zone, I spread out the blanket.

“What the hell are you doing?”, I heard from the darkness. “Come here and find out.” I sat down on the blanket and asked Sophie to take a seat as well after she arrived at the end zone with me. Like last time, she was wearing her cheerleading uniform, but this time she was even more beautiful in my eyes. Probably since then I saw her in a different light, with different eyes. “So, what’s this going to be? Are you trying to break my ritual of rest?” she asked. “No, I just really liked it last time and thought we’d do it again.” “Okay, why not, actually.”

With my lips and tongue I played around her young tender buds

We talked, enjoyed the silence and became closer. At some point in a moment when we were enjoying the silence, I turned to her and she did the same to me at the same moment. We looked into each other’s eyes, I seized the moment and dared. I approached her lips with mine and she did not retreat and so it finally came to a heartfelt kiss. Quickly more and more passion flared up, she grabbed my shirt, pulled it over her head and immediately kissed me again. I did the same with her top and with her bra, but afterwards I kissed her not on the lips again, but on the neck, while her hands opened my pants.

Sex story: When the quarterback has a flashback
Sex story: When the quarterback has a flashback

Her petite and delicate hand immediately enclosed my already hard penis and I heard a soft “Wow” from her mouth. While I caressed the tender buds of her perfectly shaped C-cup with my lips and tongue, she massaged my cock. After a while, I grabbed her under the arms and lifted her onto my lap. Immediately she reached under her skirt, first pushed her panties aside and then reached for my cock again. “Wait” – she bent to the side and pulled a rubber from her pocket, which she practiced putting on me.

Then came the moment that made my heart race more than usual, and she settled on me. She was so warm, so soft, so soulful. At the same time, she looked deep into mine with her hazel eyes. I don’t know what it was, but I saw something in hers that triggered a nice feeling inside me. Her lips approached again, mine touched her tenderly and as we fell into a heartfelt kiss, she began to move on top of me. I let my hands slide on her back, giving her support and some security. Her breasts bobbed up and down before my eyes and she began to breathe harder.

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But after a while she got off me, got rid of her skirt and panties and I got rid of my pants. She knelt back down on the blanket and I stepped behind her, got down on my knees and took her in my arms. While I kissed her neck and nape, I slipped one hand on her firm shapely breast and the other between her thighs. I felt her wetness on the delicate vulnerable skin of her labia, slid over her clit briefly into her and then out again, massaged and caressed her clitoris.

I stayed close to her and did not avert my gaze from this dream girl

But after a while of moaning and pleasure, I pushed her over in front. And while she supported herself with her hands, pressing her bottom against my pelvis, I penetrated her again. Just a few hours ago there were thousands of people in this stadium, my team and I scored touchdowns in this end zone, and now here I was fucking a beautiful woman in the dim light of the moon. But even as my cock penetrated her again and again between her labia, I already felt more than the approaching orgasm.

Meet horny women today - sex contacts near you
Meet horny women today – sex contacts near you

And it was precisely for this reason that a change of position was needed. After Sophia was lying on her back in front of me, I went between her legs again and immediately penetrated her jewelry box again. But this time I looked her in the eyes and in these blazed desire. I underlined my resumed hip movements with a passionate kiss. I stayed close to her, not averting my eyes from her for a second, even when we came almost simultaneously.

I stayed inside her when it came to me and let it pulse her, feeling connected to her. Her smile shortly after made me shine too, she seemed to have enjoyed every second of our short tryst. It was a warm tropical night, which is why we stayed down for quite a while afterwards. She lay on her back, I on my side, head propped up with one arm and stroking her soft skin with the other hand. Slid her finger between her breasts over the small birthmark that was just below it in the middle halfway to her belly button. She seemed to like my tender touches and I liked being close to her. The crackling between us was clearly noticeable.

My life changed brutally from one second to the next

After that night, we met regularly, became closer, and eventually became a couple. With her by my side, I continued to blossom, time flew by, and our college days were coming to an end. I eventually managed to get so good that I made it into the NFL Draft. In round four, Arizona finally picked me and Sophia and I moved into the desert. In my third year we got married and shortly after had our first child, a wonderful boy.

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At some point, however, my time with the team ended and together we left Arizona and went to Washington, where I got a contract as a backup and Sophia our second child, a little princess. It couldn’t have been nicer, sure I wasn’t the star quarterback anywhere, but we had a nice life. Until the year my life brutally fell apart at the seams. I was now 35 years old when Sophia was killed in a traffic accident.

My son, who was in the car with me, miraculously survived with minor injuries. But the loss of my great love brutally swept me off my feet. My team could not support me and could not hold me. Weeks I spent at home, neglecting everything. But when Sophia’s parents threatened to take the children away from me, I fought my way back into life; I needed that kick in the ass. We decided to leave Washington behind together. That’s when the offer from one of my former coaches came in handy.

Erotische Sexgeschichte: Der Quarterback ist zurück

He was head coach in Seattle by then and heard about my story and offered me a contract as a third-string QB. I couldn’t wait for more, so I accepted. But before the season started, I wanted to have surgery for an old ankle injury, so I went to a local hospital. But when I walked into the treatment room and saw the doctor who was going to treat me, my jaw almost dropped to the floor.

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