Scurriles from the fetish lexicon: What does “crunchy party” mean?

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Scurriles from the fetish lexicon: What does "crunchy party" mean?


Gross – but mega horny for some couples

What probably sounds quite disgusting and strange to most people has been a big topic on the internet every now and then for a few years now. It all started with an anonymous confession on Facebook. From then on, searches for the term crunchy party increased enormously. Whether this is a new fetish trend or just a joke that can’t be taken seriously is not quite clear.

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Crisp Party Fetish - What is it?A crunch party takes more than getting used to

As a rule, we all like to crunch – whether it’s chips, flips or nuts. That we crunch the rule, however, should be rather the exception. However, this is exactly what is at stake in connection with the definition of the term crunchy party. At a crust party, the man nibbles dried menstrual blood directly from the woman’s pubic hair or panties. The general public first took notice of this very special fetish through an erotic confession on Facebook. A 30-year-old man reported there namely that he together with his girlfriend had met a couple who would celebrate a crunch party at regular intervals. In other words, during her period, the woman lets at least part of her menstrual flow into her pubic hair or panties. Both then wait for the blood to dry and form a crust. Once this is the case, the man then nibbles or crunches off this crust piece by piece.

What already reads relatively disgusting, was also felt that way by very many Internet users. Within a very short time, the post of only 128 words was shared countless times and spread further. The topic ran in circles – from Facebook to Twitter to relevant forums. Even today, the topic of crunchy parties pops up with nice regularity on the World Wide Web. But what is really behind the story? And does the crunch party really exist? At least now the meaning of the crunchy party is clear….

What does crunch party mean?Body fluids as fetish

If you read the post from back then again today, you can of course get the idea that it could have simply been a joke. Maybe someone was trying to make a not-so-happy joke. The thought that the story could be fictitious is not entirely far-fetched on the Internet. The excitement machine jumped at this at least bizarre goings-on fully and remained in motion until now. However, it might not be quite that simple. Whether German couples really celebrate a crunch party on a regular basis is something we’ll leave to one side. It is not likely to be a widespread sexual practice anyway.

But neither are caviar games. Nevertheless, they do of course exist and certainly have a considerable number of followers. Not to mention the topic of golden showers, which has now almost gone mainstream. Sexual scientists then also point out that for every bodily fluid there is also a fetish. So it is absolutely conceivable that there are people who get excited by crunching a woman’s encrusted menstrual blood, that is, having a crunch party.

Real crunch party or a form of exhibitionism

However, it is just as possible that the writer on Facebook was not driven by the desire for the rule, but by a special form of exhibitionism. The post reads as if the guy wanted to create certain reactions. He could almost certainly count on his five fingers that they would mostly be negative. And it is precisely these expectable reactions that could then have sexually aroused the man.

Note: To be an exhibitionist, you don’t necessarily have to walk around the park stark naked under a long coat and regularly show off your member. But of course, it is true that we do not know exactly what is really behind the story. And it’s also true that if you really enjoy crunch parties, and if everyone involved agrees, you can of course crunch to your heart’s content.

What’s tempting about period blood?

The beginning of a crunchy party as a trend

Confessional is the name of the Facebook page where a man first reported his own crunch party. As soon as something hits the Internet, the next meme isn’t far away either, and that’s exactly what happened. But what may have first started as a joke or to provoke, is now a reality for some fetishists.

The preliminary stage of the crunchy party

A precursor to the crunch party is buying worn underwear with period blood. Supposedly, this fetish is even more common than the crunch party itself. Here, customers can often request their own special wishes for an additional charge. Thus, it is not uncommon that sellers also offer panties that were worn during the period.

The best fetish contacts

The customer determines how long the briefs, whether and which period protection may be worn and how the handover takes place. The men like it best when a personal handover takes place. You would prefer even more if the underwear is not taken off until the handover, which some women actually offer. So, it is entirely up to the discretion of one’s own desires as to the amount and freshness of the blood found in the woman’s underwear. What some consider perverse is the ultimate for others. And as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone….

Once the panties are removed, it is best to put them in an airtight bag as soon as possible. This makes the smell, any moisture and also the taste last longer. As soon as the men are home, they can examine their latest acquisition in peace and also already start to nibble. Should you even get a freshly undressed underwear here, man may even be lucky and the crunchies are still warm from the woman’s body.

Men who use this service find several aspects of worn underwear horny. On the one hand, it is a very personal object that has now passed into your possession. On the other hand, it is very exciting for them that in the underwear are the body fluids of the woman. Sweat, blood, pubic hair and discharge make each panty feel, smell and taste individual.

What’s so tempting about bodily fluids?

Body fluids are something horny. It is not for nothing that there are numerous lubricants, agents and special techniques on the market to make lovemaking hotter. In some regions of the world, it is even considered a good omen if the woman is very wet and releases a lot of body fluid during sex.

With spit the member is moistened, with lubricant the vagina is prepared and that’s not all. Possibly the thought of bodily fluids is arousing because it reminds you consciously or subconsciously of an orgasm. The man ejaculates sperm. The woman squirts. For both sides, there are numerous fans of the respective fetish in all imaginable proportions. They get together on portals and forums, enjoy their preferences and live out their lust with the perversities.

The best fetish contacts

Even here is not the end. Another side of bodily fluids that is slowly gaining acceptance is natural excretions. These are the sex practices golden shower and caviar games. What some time ago was considered a repulsive fetish, nowadays is simply a sex practice. Either it doesn’t meet your needs or it already does. If you want to live them out, you will no longer be looked at askance. Nowadays, this is still different when it comes to blood.

Is a crunch party fetish comparable to a blood fetish?

One could quickly get the idea that the crunch party fetish and blood fetishes are very similar. This can also be the case, but does not have to be. As blood fetish can be called both vampirism, but also the disease hematophilia.

People who live out vampirism often drink a few drops of blood, at best fresh from the throat of the “victim”. This doesn’t even have to have anything to do with a sexual component in the first place. This is often more about the appearance of being a vampire, sexually speaking.

Vampirism fetishists are said to have a tendency to sadism, which also does not have to correspond to the facts. Here one can distinguish whether directly the blood or the biting itself triggers the sexual arousal.

If people suffer from hematophilia, they are sexually attracted to blood. For example, they get an orgasm from smearing the blood on them and/or looking at or tasting blood.

A crunch party breaks taboos

So while golden showers and caviar games are already more or less openly tolerated in society, the blood fetish is a different story. This is often associated with pain, violence and hardcore porn. However, this only corresponds to the truth in rare cases. This rather finds its origin in another fetish, namely masochism.

A woman’s period, on the other hand, is something natural and beautiful, which only becomes more beautiful when a man enjoys it as well.

There are numerous people who find the taste or intimacy of period blood very arousing. Studies have also shown that orgasm during the period is a real miracle cure for pain for women. She can lie back and let her partner nibble off her dried blood. In the best case she experiences a horny orgasm during this time and all this without any pain.

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