Guide: The first visit to a sauna club

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Guide: the first visit to a sauna club
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Tips for the first visit

Various questions occupy most men before they dare to enter a sauna or nudist club for the first time. Some fear a muckraking experience, others are embarrassed by their excess weight. Above all, newcomers want to know how to behave in a sauna club without attracting unpleasant attention. How, for example, man walks confidently through the premises with a boner? (hang towel over it!)

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Can a newbie take on other experienced guys whose premiere in a sauna club was longer ago? After all, visitors not only have to deal with provocative girls and seductive ladies, but also with male competition. All these aspects hardly pose a problem. Because it is not for nothing that sauna-nudist clubs are so popular. Sure, the total package attracts many men. These include wellness offers, sports broadcasts, free (non-alcoholic drinks), various buffets and much more. The rivalry with other men hardly play a role.

Guide for the sauna club premiere

Some rules should already be followed to make your first visit to a nudist club easier. After all, the whole thing is supposed to be a turgid pleasure. Those who put aside their shyness will hardly regret it. Because he will not notice anything about a greasy atmosphere. Rather, the newcomer experiences a largely relaxed atmosphere and an interaction with level. Sometimes it helps to have a friend or two or buddies with you the first time.

Guide: the first visit to a sauna club

However, male visitors will first have to cope with seeing a lot of hot women in skimpy lingerie. Or completely naked girls except for the high heels. The flair in a sauna club is clearly different than on the nudist beach or in the mixed sauna, because here it crackles with eroticism. Men also move naked in the club, but some wear bathrobes, others towels around the hips. There is no doubt about the “dress code”: there are clearly frivolous reasons for it. However, it makes things easier that all female and male attendees present themselves in the same way.

Respectful treatment is expected

Respect is a priority in a nudist sauna club – both among the ladies and the adventurous gentlemen. This sounds quite natural, but how does a man politely turn down a lady who invites him for sex? With a clear no, which she will respect. After all, we are talking about a service that has to be paid for. In the sauna club the women take over the animating part. Your goal is to make sales. They pick the guests and rarely turn anyone down. When visiting a sauna club for the first time, a man can expect to be hit on quite aggressively. He should be prepared for this in any case. False shame is in every way out of place in the nudist club.

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By the way, in some clubs, it’s part of the process that certain activities happen in plain sight. If the astonishment about it is also great, the newcomer should remain relaxed. He may either watch, but he may just as well turn away and occupy himself with other things. Your own stay is likely to be suitably tingling and rousing at any time of the day.

Hygiene before visiting the sauna club

The ladies in such an establishment are well styled, top groomed and smell gorgeous. Men should not be inferior to them in terms of personal hygiene. If you want to get close to a lady in a sauna club, you have to take care of your finger and toe nails beforehand. A shave, if necessary also on the body, dental and intimate care are also part of it. Thorough preparations from head to toe are definitely recommended. Because the more comfortable you feel, the more unbiased you move in the sauna club.

Checklist for choosing the right club

First of all, it is necessary to check whether discretion is the top priority in the selected establishment. Is there enough space for an anonymous pleasure, for example, a parking lot in hiding? In the sauna club cash payment is common, often there is an ATM. Alcohol is a taboo in numerous clubs over 18. Under the influence of alcohol, guests easily do not behave as desired and spoil the sensual fun for the ladies.

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There should be clean bathrobes, towels, slippers and other accessories for the guest in the nudist club. If this is the case, it is possible to take a detour after work without having to bring anything with you. Not all clubs score with yacuzzi and massage experts. But a wellness area with sauna and steam bath should be available. Many sauna clubs also offer outdoor pools and terraces.

Who is attracted to the sauna club because of certain inclinations and preferences, wants to feel well taken care of. Fetish and role-playing fans need a certain ambience. In the private rooms there is stimulating design and at best creative equipment for bizarre sex & Co.

Nudist club sex cost and service

Before the pleasure begins, the entrance fee is due first. It is usually between 50 and 100 euros, at special events and parties even higher. This includes access to the sauna, bar and buffet. Alcoholic beverages cost extra. There are clubs with porn cinemas and extensive pool landscapes.

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A tip from the insider: Those who show up in the morning or early afternoon supposedly have the best chances of sexual contact. These are not included in the admission price. In a sauna club, there is a fixed business relationship with the female guests: as self-employed sex workers, they are allowed to use all the premises and meet their customers there. The professional girls and ladies are active on their own account. Some offer erotic massages or other services. Five to ten women cavort in small clubs. Large establishments, on the other hand, can have up to 40 women per day.

Each of the ladies offers its own service. Vaginal and oral sex are considered standard services. For all sorts of extras, most girls are also available. Among themselves, they usually agree on fixed common prices to offer customers transparency and fairness. In a few nudist sauna clubs there is flat rate sex, in some visitors can benefit from specials during theme parties.

What can be expected during the first visit to the sauna club?

Of course, local women want men to feel good about themselves. Most of the time they come after a short eye contact with their potential customer. They keep him company for so long before they retire together for sex. What happens and for how long is a matter of negotiation. Most often, the erotic service is charged per 30 minutes.

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As a rule, sauna clubs can be visited around the clock. So it is possible to enjoy a complete day off there or spontaneously show up only at night. No one is bound to a specific length of stay. Some men watch soccer or boxing broadcasts, treat themselves to coffee and cake and let the nudist girls have their way with them.

If you discover a desirable woman on the net who works in a sauna club, you might want to get to know her. However, there is no roster in the establishment. But the operators inform callers about which ladies are present and when the favorite is expected to appear.

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