Candlelight dinner at home: step by step to the perfect evening

By Daniel Kemper
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Candlelight dinner at home: step by step to the perfect evening
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Make candlelight dinner at home perfect

A candlelight dinner at home usually takes place for two reasons: Either the sweetheart should be spoiled with it – or it should be a perfect evening to seduce a new acquisition. For either of these plans to succeed, the perfect candlelit dinner at home requires a number of considerations and preparations. After all, the host or hostess wants to appear relaxed and in a good mood on the decisive evening. It is recommended to proceed step by step and, above all, not to take on too much.

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With style and charm the evening will be perfect

Instead of going out for a chic (and expensive) meal in a restaurant, you can arrange a romantic evening for two at home without too much effort. An invitation can be issued for this, but it can also be a surprise if you already know each other well.

Candlelight dinner at home: step by step to the perfect evening

With a few tips, even people with little experience can create a stylish candlelight dinner at home. The male or female guest will feel flattered anyway.

Deco is an important factor

It should be a perfect evening like in a nice restaurant? Then, of course, candles can not be missing. For example, it can be a lot of tea lights, which will bathe the room in a soft light. The rest of the lighting should be dimmed. A tablecloth and matching paper napkins on the dining table will also create a special atmosphere at the candlelight dinner at home. If this is in the kitchen, you can do without cloth napkins and scattered rose petals.

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Both look classy in a dining room, as well as ivy vines. But a not too lush bouquet of flowers will also do. At a candlelight dinner is eaten with from “good” dishes. Appropriate plates and cutlery should be available for several courses, as well as water and wine glasses, and beer glasses if necessary.

What food for a candlelight dinner at home?

everyday not everyone has time to prepare a festive menu with several courses for hours. But if you want it to be special and a perfect evening, three courses are the minimum. Appetizer, main course and dessert must be coordinated. It is best to choose dishes that can be prepared quickly.

Candlelight dinner at home: step by step to the perfect evening

Those who have experience cooking fall back on recipes he or she has already tried. Cooking experiments with complicated dishes are not recommended. Nervousness easily arises and something can go wrong during preparation. It is also advisable not to serve food that is too heavy. After all, the evening should continue as romantically and sensually as possible.

Colorful salads with shrimp or a delicate soup of seasonal vegetables are suitable appetizers. The Italian classic bruschetta (toasted ciabatta bread with tomatoes and garlic) is also popular as a savory starter. Pasta as a main course is actually always well received – either with vegetarian or meat sauce. A delicious casserole with not too much cheese or a braised chicken fillet with side dishes are also good ideas. In general, a delicious down-to-earth meal usually makes more of an impression than a deliberately exquisite dinner.

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When it comes to dessert, imagination is the name of the game. Some desserts can be prepared the day before or in the morning. An almond cake goes well as a finale for a Mediterranean candlelight dinner at home. Or tiramisu chocolates that can be nibbled with the fingers. Mousse au chocolat or ice cream with fruit are tried and tested desserts that everyone will enjoy.

Which wine to choose with the meal and afterwards?

If it is to be a perfect evening with subsequent intimate togetherness, the rule is: moderate wine consumption and, if possible, do not drink alcoholic beverages in a mess. But, of course, at a candlelight dinner at homeWine is offered. Either the guest’s favorite wine or your own. Whether red or white wine is served depends on the food and the season.

No one has to stubbornly stick to the idea that red wine goes with dark meat and white wine with light meat and fish anymore. A good alternative is well chilled rosé. If you want to really let it rip, bring real champagne or a fine Crémant to the table. Both are also suitable as an aperitif before the meal.

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Be careful with the booze afterwards, be it grappa, brandy, vodka or whatever. A perfect evening could possibly end early as a result. The guest should also be welcome to drink only water, juice or lemonade. So it’s better not to offer hard drinks in the first place, which may overwhelm a person.

Polite behavior at the table

A good host or hostess shows interest in his or her counterpart. But this person should not be pestered with questions and continuously asked to access. It is advisable to serve all courses as plate dishes as in a restaurant. The topics of conversation should not be trivial, but also not problematic. After all, the candlelight dinner at home should create a positive mood and romantic flair. Beautiful music contributes to this, but it must please both and not be too loud.

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A host with class is someone who does not behave cavalierly at his own dining table – at least not in the presence of another person. So don’t slurp or smack, tilt your chair, or grab the wine glass with both hands (it has a stem for touching). Responding to the guest, providing salt and pepper and many little things more contribute to the success of a candlelight dinner at home. A guest should feel welcome and cared for, but not overwhelmed and overburdened with care.

What other preparations for a candlelight dinner at home?

First of all, there is the appropriate clothing. The outfit should not be too formal. No one has to receive someone at home in a blazer or jacket. A tie would be just as out of place as a cocktail dress. Stylish but casual is the golden rule. It goes without saying that worn-out sweatpants or a grubby T-shirt are no-goes. Showered, combed and with clean fingernails, the host or hostess receives the guest. If you think ahead, you also check your feet for presentability and take an intimate shower if necessary.

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Not infrequently, a cozy candlelight dinner at home serves to set the mood for an erotic evening and an exciting night. In this respect, it is advisable to provide an appropriate atmosphere throughout the apartment. Do not forget to clean the toilet! Going from candlelight to a brightly lit bedroom can be a bit of a shock. So it’s better to light the bedroom sparingly beforehand and perhaps put a few more pillows on the bed. Pillows and a blanket on the sofa also look very inviting to snuggle up after dinner.

Ultimately, it always depends on the chemistry between two people whether it will be a perfect evening for both. Anyway, a candlelight dinner at home is a good strategy to express affection and erotic interest to someone at the same time. Fixed partners appreciate this just as much as people who come into question as such.

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