8.9. – The Bang Boss is celebrating his birthday!

By Julia Moreno
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8.9. - The Bang Boss celebrates his birthday!
8.9. - The Bang Boss is celebrating his birthday!
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The Bang Boss Birthday ♬♩

This Guy Fucks Them All Away And His Cum Is His Autograph…

On September 8, the Bang Boss.
Bang Boss.
birthday! From the entire Team of Eronite the very dearest congratulations and all the best on your special day, dear Bang Boss

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Bang boss birthday

He is the best male amateur performer in Germany. Honored with a Venus Award. He is the bang boss. Manuel Stallion from Berlin, the one and only boss. 100% real teens that only the Bang Boss tests and of course fucks in his porn castings.

Exclusively, all of his videos are available on the one and only Bang Boss Profile just for you!

Sexy ghetto bitches are his prey, naturally horny and without inhibitions. When the bang boss is done with them and has fucked them properly, the little sluts are scared of his cock. But of course he doesn’t give a damn. Normal sex became too boring for the Bang Boss and he just started to follow his teen acquaintances and fuck girlfriends with the camera, so that everyone can watch the Bang Boss in action. So that everyone can see how the young girls literally devour the fat cock of the Bang Boss, willingly have all their holes stuffed and even swallow his sperm at the first meeting. And all because they want to please the bang boss. Fuck horny sluts from the street, from clubs or chats that he does not pick up, but who crave to be allowed to suck his boss cock.

♬♩ Happy birthday, dear Bang Boss, happy birthday to you …

He is looking for women and girls who are not afraid of his big boss cock. On camera, the bang boss fucks them out of their minds until they beg to get cummed on and swallow his warm cum. Only then is the bang boss satisfied with the sex-hungry broads.

When the Bang boss is asked if he would like to meet God, Barack Obama or Mark Zuckerberg someday, there’s just a big question mark on his face. No, of course not. He doesn’t want to meet these people, damn it! Or can he fuck her? They’re further down the rankings in his opinion than the Bang Boss himself anyway. He’d rather meet a woman who doesn’t like his cum, who doesn’t orgasm from his boss cock, and who doesn’t like the way his cock makes her cum. Bang Boss does not idolize. He also wants to know the feeling of a loser once. His most blatant sex fantasy: “I’d like to fuck a woman in the ass while fisting her in the cunt and jerking off inside her with my own hand.” (Original quote from Bang Boss)

The Bang Boss birthday today – happy birthday!

His special fetish: The Bang Boss is into it, as the girls kneel in front of him and gargle with a mouthful of cum: “Bang Boss, I love you!” And for that, his fucking groupies would even swim across the entire Pacific. To feel the baseball bat in his pants (aka bang boss dick) inside him for once.

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