This is why many older men want sex with a teenager

By Faizel Ahman
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This is why many older men want sex with a teenager
This is why many older men want sex with a teenager
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Revitalize your own youth

That many older men seek sex with young women is well known. But why does sex with a teenager have such a big appeal? What makes the big age difference so appealing? Relationships and sexual adventures with a large age difference are often the subject of erotic depictions. So it’s no wonder that many men want to turn these fantasies into reality.

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Old men and the sex with a teen

This is why many older men want sex with a teenagerOften it’s simply a matter of feeling really young again. Sex with a teenager can give many older men back their youthful feeling. A sweet 18 year old Lolita can quickly charm an older man in search of lost youth. Such an adventure brings back wonderful memories and fulfills fantasies that you couldn’t live out in your youth. What man does not like this idea?

With the right girl, the dream can come true. This is also a great way to revive or relive fond memories. After all, there is no reason to leave them in the past. Life can really take off at an older age. Not the least of which is sex life. For many men, this is when it really starts.

Older men seek self-affirmation

As you get older, fantasies like sex with a teenager gain urgency. This is also referred to as the Lolita complex. Many men are then in a particular hurry to make their fantasies come true. Because after a certain age, men often seek self-affirmation. Who better to deliver these than a girl around 19? When an older man is desired by such a young thing, he naturally feels validated. He knows then quite clearly: He still has it. This confirmation can best be provided by a young lady. Also, teenagers are often impressed by an influential older man who has already accomplished something in life. This admiration can be quite flattering to a man. After all, he earned them hard, too.

Straight to sexy teen dream

No wonder, then, that for this reason, too, sex with a teenager is the absolute favorite fantasy for many gentlemen when their St. John’s drive breaks through. For others, it’s even more than a fantasy, because they’ve already tried sex with a teeny. Cute young women can be addictive once you discover this preference for yourself. Sex with a teen gives an older man new energy and can get his whole life going again. Of course, one should not make one’s ego dependent on it.

Taboos are tempting

This is why many older men want sex with a teenagerOf course, for many men, part of the fantasy is that it is so taboo. A large age difference is frowned upon and seems forbidden. That just makes sex with a teenager all the more tempting. What seems forbidden automatically becomes even more desirable. This is a fantasy that many men want to fulfill. Besides, this taboo is actually quite harmless, because after all, everything happens consensually. And even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it: Everything happens between two adults. So it’s perfectly legal and harmless, even if many are outraged by it. So who wants to miss out on this exciting experience? Older men often develop a preference for taboos, as they can bring a breath of fresh air into their sex life.

Some men have special preferences

The fact that older men want to have sex with young women can of course also have to do with the fact that they find this age group particularly attractive. Sex with a teenager is the main or even the only fantasy for this type of man. Some older men prefer teenagers or are sexually attracted exclusively to young women. Their own age does not matter.

Straight to the German dream

If the girl of her desire is of age and looks only relatively young, this preference is also quite legal and can be lived out without hesitation. This is because many young ladies are attracted to much older men themselves and deliberately seek out these relationships. Sex with a teenager is therefore quite possible and also expressly wanted by very many teenagers.

Young women are full of energy

This is why many older men want sex with a teenagerBecause teenagers are so wild and energetic due to their youthful freshness, many older men are especially attracted to them. So much energy is of course also noticeable in bed. Ladies of the same age often can’t keep up with that. Also for this reason some men would like to try it once with a young girl. If sex becomes boring in old age, sex with a teenager seems more and more tempting for men.

Many then discover that sexual adventures with a teenager are so hot for that very reason. Young women can never get enough and that can be very attractive. Of course, as a man you have to be able to keep up. Not everyone can do it, but many still want to try.

An understandable desire

For these reasons, it’s no wonder so many older men want sex with young women and teenagers. This fantasy is so well known that you hear about it all the time. She is the subject of many jokes and really everyone knows her. But for many, the idea of an older man having sex with a teen is also repulsive. They find the large age difference objectionable. But in itself, sex with a teenager is not a bad thing.

Straight to teen girl

An 18 year old who is particularly into older men has the right to live out that fantasy. If she then also finds a man of the right age, who feels the same the other way around, the two can give free rein to their lust. Because love knows no age. Many have already found this out for themselves.

That’s what makes teen girls so attractive to older men

For sex with a teenager, sugar daddies show a lot of gratitude. Sugar daddies, that’s what older, well-off men are called. By profession, they are corporate bosses, stock market speculators or simply multimillionaires. They like to hole up on the golf course, but they much prefer to do so with blood-young, attractive bunnies.

Teengirl with natural big bust is real eye catcher

Often such an older gentleman is in a relationship, but on the side and secretly maintains a small harem of beautiful teen models. Between board meetings and business dinners, there’s always some time for a date, a little number in between. The schedule of the generous gentleman is full to the brim – a different one almost every day. Thanks to Viagra, he also manages to work off his erotic weekly workload. But why sex with a teenager of all people?

In search of lost youth

In old age, and especially in men over 50, the first ailments appear. The most common age-related diseases in men include cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and, most importantly, difficulties with the prostate.

It has been known since ancient times: Lack of sex and prostate disease are correlated. Sex with a teenager can effectively remedy this situation.

Straight to teen girl

The medieval “doctrine of the 4 juices” describes: Blood, yellow bile (from the liver), black bile (from the spleen) and phlegm (which includes semen) must be able to flow harmoniously and unhindered if one wants to remain healthy.

It was also known that the blood of young women (virgins) had a healing effect, and was almost considered a miracle cure for aging. Thus, the Medicus prescribed to ailing princes and kings as the first remedy of choice the intercourse with fair maidens. The youthful charisma alone, the impetuous, fresh sexual energy and the delicate, pink pussies of the girls, brought many a royal scepter to a halt again.

Experience your big tits fetish with a teen girl

But there are also creepy stories about the mystery of the virgin blood. Vlad III Draculea (1431-1477), better known as Count Dracula, preferred sex with a teenager. He is even said to have bathed in the blood of young women and drunk it, promising himself eternal life. Equally notorious for her cruelty was the Hungarian noblewoman Elisabeth Báthory (1560-1614), called the Blood Countess. The serial killer is said not only to have drunk the blood of young girls, but also to have tortured them bestially beforehand in order to increase the alleged rejuvenating effect.

Straight to teen girl

The age-old desire to reverse the aging process sprouted further bizarre blossoms. In the 17th century, during the time of witch hunts, apothecaries are said to have collected in vats the blood of young “delinquents” who were found guilty of sorcery and executed. From it made a special jam and sold it as a universal medicine for disease prevention. Are all these hair-raising stories based on a kernel of truth?

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Only recently, in a laboratory experiment with mice, it was demonstrated that the life expectancy of the little animals actually increases when they receive regular blood infusions from younger conspecifics. This result has caused a real hysteria in the USA, especially in Hollywood. The rich have young blood injected into their veins and pay six-figure sums for it. Whether these are merely pseudo-scientific findings or a miracle cure remains to be seen. The trend is alarming in any case.

Legs wide – always ready

On the other hand, having sex with a teenager seems harmless. Consciously or unconsciously, the older gentleman feels how youthful freshness, firm breasts and the flowery aroma of young girls’ vaginal secretions have a positive effect on his psyche and quality of life. Lolitas are permanently horny and addicted to hard cocks due to their age. He is experiencing his second spring.

Devotes Teeniegirl Lessia Mia im Interview

Likewise, the young bitch benefits materially from her solvent patron. Many a smart girl could bang together considerable luxuries, like a sports car, a small condo, and plenty of bling, and that was before she turned 20. Others spread their legs for old rich guys in order to have their studies financed. Sugar daddies know that it’s not always the paternal security, or his mature masculine charisma that makes him so attractive to the Lolita. No, in most cases it’s the filthy lucre. Sex with a teenager just has its price.

Straight to teen girl

Conversely, the teenage girl also knows that at some point she will become uninteresting as a playmate. Once the initial spell has worn off, the old whoremonger will start looking for fresh meat, i.e. other blood young asses and tits. Therefore, she will intensively use the precious time, as long as the sex affair lasts. She will suck his balls every day, but also his wallet.

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