Das Geständnis: Verliebt in die Schwester der Freundin

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Das Geständnis: Verliebt in die Schwester der Freundin
Das Geständnis: Verliebt in die Schwester der Freundin
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If you’re in love with your girlfriend’s sister…

It cannot be what it must not be. Being in love with the sister is and remains a taboo. At least that’s what Frank thought, until fate intervened.

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In the meantime Frank had been together with Lena for many happy years. The two had met at a car meeting in Berlin. They shared a passion for tuned vehicles from the very beginning. “It was love at first sight,” he remembers well.

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“After a few promising dates, it wasn’t long before she moved into my apartment. Basically, we had a rather unspectacular relationship. It was never going to happen to me, being in love with her sister. I only knew her from pictures. ” But in the darned seventh year an unexpected turn was taking place.

Das Geständnis: Verliebt in die Schwester der FreundinVera was the complete opposite of her sister Lena

It was in July when Frank first met Lena’s sister Vera in person. She lived in Munich for eight years, trained as a cook and worked in renowned restaurants. Now she returned to Berlin to open her own small restaurant. Vera was the complete opposite of Lena. She was determined, self-confident and she had an unmistakable sense of humour. At first Frank was not in love with the sister. But he felt something moving slowly but surely inside him. A desire that would break a taboo.

In love with the sister? That can never happen! It was like a unwritten law. Similar to the fact that a man never takes another man’s wife.

But he found himself more and more often trying to get close to her. At first purely as a friendship. He liked her laughter and her relaxed, uninhibited manner. It seemed as if he could talk to her about anything. He offered her help in setting up the restaurant, because he was good with his hands. Thus she was able to save the costs for expensive craftsmen.

“I was so grateful when Frank offered to help me Without him, I could never have opened the restaurant so quickly.”

For Frank himself, it was a wonderful excuse to be able to spend more time with her without any worries. Without wanting to admit it, he felt more intensely every day that he was in love with the sister. Torn between morality and passion, his feelings were now on a rollercoaster. His bad conscience towards Lena grew more and more. But most of all he was afraid to admit that he was in love with the sister.

Das Geständnis: Verliebt in die Schwester der FreundinOne evening together changed everything

One fateful evening, everything changed for him. He had sneaked out of the apartment once more to visit Vera in the restaurant. His heart was beating up to his neck, for he could no longer hide his feelings. He had to give them free rein and he wanted to say that he was in love with the sister. Vera was still working in the kitchen when the last employee left the restaurant.
“I knew it would happen that night. I could feel it.” Slowly Frank went behind into the kitchen and drew attention to himself for a moment. When the eyes of the two of them met, decency was the order of the day. He pulled her gently and kissed her passionately for the first time.

“The odds were 50-50. Either I’d get a loud slap in the face Or she would kiss me back.”

Frank looked at them and he knew that the fire was lit on both sides. It was to be the beginning of a passionate affair that broke one last taboo: being in love with the sister unfortunately also means risking a possible break with the family. Both were not yet ready for this and kept the secret to themselves.

“I confided in my best friend one night. I explained to him that I was in love with my girlfriend’s sister and that I just didn’t know what to do. I had never experienced this passion before and at first it was just hot kisses.

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Frank and Vera used the restaurant more and more often for their forbidden meetings. As soon as Frank’s girlfriend was present, they only exchanged furtive looks. No one knew if Lena suspected anything. A furtive touch here, an accidental hug there. Neither of them could play with open cards yet. Too great was the fear to admit it, that Frank was in love with the sister. It’s a devilish game where everyone would actually lose. Until finally, on a warm late summer evening, the first sex took place.

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“Vera had this glint in her eyes that made it unmistakably clear to me that she wanted it too. We kissed and a tingling sensation ran through my body like I had never experienced before. Her skin tasted slightly salty and the flowery scent of her perfume bewitched my senses. I explored every inch of her skin and sank into a whirlpool of lust that made me lose sight and hearing.”

“We knew we couldn’t keep it a secret affair forever. could run. So I plucked up the courage and spoke to Lena. It was anything but easy to tell her that I was in love with the sister. Her reaction to that hit me harder than I expected. I thought she would yell, scream, and flip out. Instead, she just said she had known all along that I was in love with the sister.” It was a strange evening for Frank when Lena left the apartment for good after all these years.

“Now that all cards were on the table and I had cleared my guilty conscience, I wanted to build a future together with Vera.”

Both thought it wise to wait. They didn’t want to rush anything, because a love that starts with the taboo of being in love with the sister takes time. After all, the ex-girlfriend would not disappear completely from life as usual. She was the sister, after all.

There were difficult weeks ahead of Frank and Vera. They tried to keep the passion and slowly but surely get involved in a real relationship.

“I never sought the thrill. I would have sworn before that I would never be in love with the sister. But as they say in life, “Never say never.”

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