Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree – part 3

By Stephan Gubenbauer
Estimated reading time: 34 minutes
Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 3
Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 3
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United without touch

The slender body lies on a bed of red silk. His head rests on the pillow, lips slightly open. He breathes evenly. His dark eyes look at me in love. I can see directly into his heart as if through dark tinted glass.

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The full lips contort into a slight smile. I sit on the edge of the bed and immerse myself in his gaze, sinking completely into it. It’s as if we’re already uniting, even though we’re not even touching yet and are waiting for Mielke’s instructions. My soul feels caressed by the love in his eyes, I bathe in it, feel like I want to drown in it. I want to be totally absorbed in him.

I wander over his high cheekbones, his prominent chin, the Arabic-curved nose. He has a slender long neck emblazoned with a dark hickey that I want to kiss. I stroke it gently with the feather Mielke gave me and he bends his head back. The feather strokes his Adam’s apple and travels gently down to his collarbone. His mouth opens in silent ecstasy.

First gently caress with a feather

“I love you.” he whispers. “Shh.” I do, and put a finger over his mouth. “Don’t talk, honey. I love you too.” His mouth twists into a wide grin. I turn my head and see Mielke rocking back and forth in his chair. His junk is huge. You can see the improbably thick veins on it even from a distance. He is already fully extended and dripping like a faucet. I have to grin, too.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

“Concentrate, boys!” orders Mielke. Tobias visibly makes an effort, but his grin doesn’t stop and then we both snort away. Our laughter infects Mielke, too, who wants to have a good time. “Sorry.” I clear my throat. “Let’s get on with it. Are you ready, darling?” Tobias’s dark eyes sink all the way into me again.

He moans softly as the feather strokes his broad chest and passes over a nipple that instantly hardens. It tickles as I trace his abs. He shrugs a little and chuckles. The other nipple straightens under the delicate touch. Tobias runs his tongue over his lips with relish and moistens them with it. I would like to kiss him immediately.

He glows with love

Actually, he is not supposed to move, but he raises his arm and puts his hand on the back of my head. His fingers caress through my blond hair. I enjoy the gentle touch, but I still look over at Mielke, because that was not the deal. But he devotedly strokes his mighty boner and stares at us with eyes transfigured with lust.

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Tobias groans. His fingers touch the back of my neck. He continuously keeps eye contact and I can sense his thoughts. He glows with love. His skin has heated up considerably, the furnace of passion is boiling inside him and his pectoral muscles are twitching under the touch. Gently I stroke his belly button with the feather and dip a little. His upper body arches in delight.

I pull the spring along his sides and touch his thighs. He is now panting uncontrollably, throwing his head back again and again, his lips open in breathless amazement. His hand no longer touches me. He clawed his fingers into the silken sheet.

Like white molten liquid lava

His moans get even louder as I stroke the insides of his thighs and keep going from his knees almost up to his crotch without touching him where he needs it most for his release. “You like that?” asks Mielke, allowing him to speak. “Oh god, you have no idea how good that feels.” moans Tobias with his eyes closed and mouth wide open.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

The light brown chocolate bar with the sinful forbidden plump uncovered fruit at the top stirs towards me. It melts under my feathery touches on the rest of his body. White molten liquid lava erupts from the volcano and shoots into the air. She falls on his glowing hot body and bathes him. It looks beautiful on his light brown skin. It’s arousing the way it runs down him, trickling along his loins and pooling under his barely hairy fleshy man balls.

His eyes flutter uncontrollably. His chest rises and falls. Heavy panting comes from his mouth. Exhausted, his spasmodically rearing torso falls back into the silky nest that surrounds him. “God, that was incredible!” he moans. I agree with him. Except for one thing. It’s not that it’s incredible, he’s incredible.

Mielke still keeps his distance

I’ve never seen anyone squirt such a quantity without even being touched. But I want to touch it. I want it so much. My hard flesh aches and longs for its twitching depths. I want us to become one with each other.

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My lover’s wet muscle invades my mouth as he directs my head into position. His hungry lips attack me. I take another precautionary look over at Mielke. “Oh for crying out loud, kiss each other already!” Now that’s an order we’re happy to obey. I dive all the way into the wet cave, so hungry, so insatiable. If only it weren’t for the stupid need to breathe.

My body lays heavily on my beloved’s and buries him under me. While we kiss like wild and hungry, I feel my hard flesh massaging my lover’s softened one. A hand reaches between us, bringing us together and increasing the delicious friction. Mielke, meanwhile, is still a meter away from us, stroking himself.

A finger in the honey pot

He can’t embrace his own pleasure flesh with one hand either and needs both to do so. Two powerful huge paws caress the monster, its glowing red tip thereby pointing at the lovers in bed, who arch against each other and moan under intense kissing and caressing. The spring is completely forgotten. It lies somewhere on the floor, burned by the heat of the embers, demanding more touch.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

The erotic sensual stimulated body of Tobias wants to be devoured by demanding lips and touched by strong hands. I run my hand over the hanger under the pulsating hard flesh that burns my own pleasure rod in a hot massage. Tobias moans loudly as I cradle it with my hand and knead it gently.

“I want you.” I breathe into my open mouth. “That’s how much I want you.” “I want you too.” he moans back. “Ahhh…I want you…ahhh…so much…yaaa.” He cries out as my finger enters the wrinkled ripple and pushes all the way into his honey pot. “Yaaa…give it to me…ahhh.” he purrs, thrusting towards me. His beautiful black eyes plead with me for more.

In erotic stranglehold he is captured

I give him another finger. “Yaaahhhh.” he cheers and lifts his pelvis. Gently I thrust into his cleft and find the little nerve nodule that gives him much pleasure. His cries become louder and his movements, with which he beats against my hand, more violent. Mielke is now also moaning quite loudly. He still spoils himself, but he looks at us all the time. I wink at him lasciviously, because without having to say it we all know what comes now.

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Tobias has put his legs over my shoulders and stretches his incomparable ass towards me. The plump cheeks reveal a slightly open entrance to his anal amusement park, which opens and closes like the mouth of a starfish. I position my cock, hard to the bursting point, and carefully penetrate his hot tightness. This one immediately captures me in an erotic stranglehold.

Tobias moans loudly as I penetrate him. Our mouths collide again. His tongue comes out to meet me. I feel his muscles relax and let me all the way in. My thick rosy crown finds his pleasure gland and presses against it. “Ahhhh.” cries Tobias out loudly. “Oh god, oh, Alex, more, please more. This is so good….ahhh…yaa….oohhh Godtt!”

The narrow cave is his territory

A few moments later, the gigantic weapon that Mielke calls his own explodes and sprays off like a water hose. The sight makes me only really sharp. I thrust into Tobias again and again, enjoying his heat and incredible tightness as I feel my orgasm rise up my balls and then shoot through my long thin pleasure giver like a hot glowing firework.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

I mark my lover’s tight cavity with thick hot cum that I pump right into him as my territory. He is mine. “Ahhh!” both Tobias and I yell out at the same time. “God, that was awesome!” Tobias holds my sweaty body tightly in his arms. He looks over at Mielke, who has sunk back into his chair, exhausted and breathing heavily. “Did you enjoy the show?” he asks.

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“Guys, you two are hotter than hell, but you’ll have to lick me clean and make me stiff again so you can suck me off horny from both sides until I cum again.” It’s a tremendous amount of cum that has landed on his body. It coats him like white icing. His thick cock is imposing even when flaccid and shines wetly.

On a date with the cameraman

Mmmhh, says my exhausted brain. Involuntarily, I already lick my lips after this masculine, tart, gigantic candy cane, which I may still taste. I curl up on my lover’s sweat-covered and cum-smeared torso. “Let’s have a few minutes.” I ask him. He looks at me greedily, with a predatory look in his eyes, and nods. He doesn’t have any other choice, after all.

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Jacob lies on a soft bed of velvet. His eyes are blindfolded with a silk scarf. His hands and feet are tied with silky cuffs. He could free himself if he wanted to, but who wants to. The feeling of a cold ice cube held by the lips of a smart film technician slowly melting against his heated skin, leaving wet trails across his body, is so erotic.

He did the interview, but it never aired. That same day, the cameraman approached him. A man in his fifties with grayish hair and a weather-beaten sympathetic face. They met for a date and chatted. He learned a lot about his counterpart. That he used to film animals for reports and has been to all kinds of places. He even lived with an Indian tribe for a while. A tattoo on his back speaks of that time.

He enjoys the very own taste

It was a great honor to get it stitched and it has spiritual significance. He had no fixed residence, was always here and there. Then he fell in love with a nice man, settled down and got a regular job as a cameraman. But the relationship did not last in the long run.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

Jacob listened to him with great interest and liked how open-minded this man was. It’s the same in bed, as it turned out after a few dates. While Jakob is now blindly enjoying the ice cube’s touch, he realizes that Heinz can even teach him something in the box.

He moans lustfully as a round icy ball is inserted into his ass and slowly melts inside. Heinz takes up the melted ice mixed with the very own taste that Jakob’s clean pleasure grotto exudes with his tongue and leads every drop into his mouth. Jacob moans loudly under the lambent touches of his new lover. He pulls at his shackles, panting. Through the bandage around his eyes, he perceives everything even more intensely.

It fits like a glove

And then Heinz takes off the scarf and lets him watch as he drops a drop of the melted ice cube into his open moaning mouth. Heinz’s saliva is added to the tart mixture. The two kiss passionately. Then Heinz removes the cuffs and Jakob allows himself to be turned onto his stomach without resistance, where he finally receives the splitting thrust into his tight pleasure center and gasps with pleasure.

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It is the first time he feels Heinz in this way. The gorgeous length and thickness of the adventurous older man goes on an erotic expedition and finds the holy grail. Jacob cries out loudly in pleasure. Heinz fits into it perfectly. It’s as if his giver of pleasure has been poured into the fit of his twitching vagina, filling it out so perfectly.

Alex was always a bit too long and too thin. Everything Alex was able to do until their separation, Jakob had taught him. But here he finally has to deal with a man who is at least his equal in experience and with whom he can savor the pleasures of tantric pleasure and pleasure-giving erotic massages and extend them over many hours without either of them ever becoming impatient.

Alex creeps like a panther

“Ohhhh, Gottttt!” moans Jakob loudly as Heinz touches him deep inside. “So hard, so good….ohhh…” “Sooo tight.” moans Heinz now, enjoying moving in the tight channel that surrounds his penis from all sides. It feels so amazing. Jacob can’t know what Alex and his son have just experienced, because at the same time as he is melting the ice cube in his hot crack and Heinz is licking it all up, Alex is just bringing his son to a violent orgasm with a feather, without even having touched his bulging pleasure flesh.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

When Jacob’s prize-winning butt goes under a new hammer for the first time, so does his son’s tight bottom, and the two of them scream out their redemption in exactly the same second. There is so much sperm in this room. We all bathe in gallons of sperm. I can feel it, my lover’s hot juice leaving rivulets on my thighs as it flows out of me. Mielke wants us to get on our knees and slowly crawl towards him, like two horny predatory cats eager for their prey.

I get totally horny because I see the cat-like movements of Alex, who moves his lithe body on all fours towards the man on the chair, whose huge cock he fixes. He sneaks up on you like a panther. The powerful muscles move under the skin. Seeing it from behind and getting a glimpse of his ass is awesome. I know the situation from the other side as well.

Spoiled with tongue and hands

When I am the prey and he just takes me as he pleases and especially where he pleases. Then I become wax under his hands and his tongue. We have had shameless and dirty sex in all sorts of places. He has much more experience than I do and he’s just not ashamed at all. This is what makes his charismatic charm. He reaches Mielke first and starts licking the thick veins with his sinful tongue while his steel blue eyes look up at Mielke adoringly.

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We both know that the guy is totally porn infested and that he needs this show. But he also has qualities. The number with the feather was the Oberhammer and that it was his idea, that none of us would have believed him. We’ve had him watch a few times and we like him a little bit now. He’s not an entirely bad guy. He just craves attention.

I give it to him when I reach the two and lick with my tongue once over the entire shaft. From the root to the tip I lick it. Mielke groans. He is freshly showered and tastes much better than when he started. While I enjoy my huge vanilla ice cream and run my mouth caressingly over his skin, my tongue jumping forward and tracing his fat veins, Alex massages him with both hands.

Three in the shower

Mielke moans with his eyes closed, his fingers clawed into the backs of the chairs, his legs spread wide. I take care of the rosy tip, which melts deliciously into my mouth and rewards me with tart masculine liquid. Then it’s time. Mielke moans louder and louder. Alex and I get into position and wait until the hose explodes and spurts loads of cum into our young faces.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

We saved that for last. Mielke has wanted to do that for a while. Since this is the last time we need his help, we do him the favor now and then the three of us go to the shower. It is very spacious. Tiled with marble, glass walls, all the finest. The shower head is large and the water that runs from above onto our cum-smeared, mutually soaping bodies is like a tropical rain.

Mielke shoves three soapy fingers up Alex’s ass and then he directs my penis into his slippery vagina. We both moan lustfully. Mielke gets down on his knees in front of Alex and effortlessly takes his whole length into his greedy blow mouth. He sucks everything from my happy friend who enjoys it loudly to be in the middle and then he takes care of my joy dispenser which he sucks completely empty. My knees go all soft before Alex takes care of the gigantic monster for the very last time and lets the cobra spit into its juicy core once again. Then we all get dressed.

You can always rely on Alex

Alex and I walk out holding hands. We’ve made so much money in the last few weeks that we can afford our dream apartment, and we’ve already made an appointment to buy it. “Isn’t it burning too much?” I ask, slightly concerned. “It’s fine, it felt better today than the times before.” “Probably used to it by now.” He catches my gaze and laughs, “That could be good. I’m still tight enough for you.”

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I pull him into my arms and knead his ass. “We’ll have to test that in practice right away.” “Whenever you’re ready,” he replies perkily. We stick our tongues out lasciviously at a homophobic heterosexual couple who look at us venomously, and go home. There we share a remote control for the Playstation, with Alex sitting on my lap and pushing the buttons with me. We go to war together, standing on the front line and shooting every zombie together.

Of course, we know that video games have nothing to do with reality. But we also know that we could rely on each other just as much in a real war. I would not want to go to the barricades with anyone else, although his idea of the French Revolution is very idiosyncratic. At this, no one loses his head, he gives me the head, along with tongue and lips and makes me surrender. Before the people starve, I give them icing.

You have fun painting

It will take us a few weeks to finish moving. This is mainly because Alex and I are so keen on each other that we can’t keep our hands off each other. We paint the walls white together. I scoff a bit because Alex made the paint roller way too wet and the paint drips down onto his classically beautiful face.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

He has white speckles on his cheek, which makes me hot and I come up to the ladder and slap him hard on his tight ass from below. “Hey!” he exclaims. He pays me back at the next opportunity and runs the roller over the seat of my pants as I bend down to tape off the baseboard.

I jump up and hash at him. He dodges me, laughing, and we fight each other with our wet paintbrushes like swords. The paint splatters everywhere. Finally Alex pushes me into a corner. “I’ve beaten you!” he squeals. I stroke him once across the chest with the brush. “I’m not giving up,” I announce.

Once again they fall over each other

We engage in a merry scramble. Each tries to put the other in a headlock and the wet white paint spreads wetly over our painting clothes. Eventually we land on the floor and he nails my arms. “Won again.”

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I raise my head and spark at him. He has defeated me and now I am his hostage. He rips open the thin material of the painter’s overalls. “So that’s how you want to do it.” “No, this is how I do it.” The button on my jeans takes a hit as he pulls them down for me. My pelvis lifts and my eyes glow like black coal brickets in a fire of desire.

My lips pucker lustfully as he simply rips my shirt to shreds with brute force. He admires my naked torso, surrounded by scraps of cotton that barely cover anything. “What do you want me to do to you?” “Whatever you want. I’m yours.” I whisper in his ear and bite his neck, making him groan lustfully.

Now Mielke should clean

I don’t even plan to fight anymore. My fingers run through his soft silky platinum blond hair. Sliding down his neck, I wrap my arms around him. We both moan as Alex slides into my tight grasping channel. The plastic beneath us crackles and rustles as our wet, paint-smeared naked bodies loll on it. It is the first sex in the new apartment. Like rabbits we do it and it doesn’t take long until another white liquid joins the white painter’s paint.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

“Wow.” Alex looks around, amused. Cleaning up the mess we’ve made is going to take time. Neither of us feel much like it. “We know someone who’s totally into our cum.” Alex teases. “You’re such a rat. Poor guy.” “Oh, come on, the poor guy. Are you serious?” He feels compelled to enlighten me. He doesn’t care at all what Mielke feels. The guy is nothing but a huge dick and a fat wallet. “I never allowed more of him than what I wanted. Without shame and without regret, and I hope you don’t either.” Alex never forgave him for what he did to me and since then, in his opinion, the old fart hasn’t changed at all.

“He is still a callous brute who likes humiliation and is bored with his meaningless and contentless life. We are not friends and if he had the chance he would take advantage of both of us just like he tried with you the first time. Get what you can from him, but don’t start regretting it. Otherwise, you’ve already lost.” I understand that Alex saw through him and kept him under control from the beginning and tried to teach it to me as well.

Entangled in its own noose

Mielke comes trotting up immediately. He has a bunch of cleaning stuff with him and for the pleasure of being stripped naked in front of two hot young men watching him do it, he scrubs the floor on his knees and cleans everything of the white splatter. It has a thick hairy fleshy butt and equally hairy legs.

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His belly hangs down far as he slides on his knees. His hanger almost touches the ground. He enjoys putting on a show in front of us and showing off his powerful body. The fact that we tell him where he still has to clean increases the appeal for him. He wants to stay in touch with us, wants to do other things with us. I explain to him politely but firmly that he need not get his hopes up.

“Stop being so sweet, accommodating and friendly.” Alex tells me in the shower. Mielke had had no sympathy at all for the nineteen-year-old whose mother had just died. He had pressured a young boy he had to believe was straight, and had taken advantage of his predicament, without mercy or scruples. He hadn’t cared how I coped, nor how those around me would react. “If he hopes for friendship now and won’t let us go, he shouldn’t be surprised if we laugh at him. He’s tangled himself in his own noose.”

Mielke must lick the mess clean with his tongue

My friend has the ability to see things as clearly as I sometimes cannot. While Mielke, who has now finished cleaning, watches us, Alex dips the sponge into the hot bath water and runs it down my back with feeling. With gentle, rubbing motions, he scrubs away the paint splatters and the large white stains that spread from my shoulder blade down to my butt.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

I close my eyes and enjoy the treatment, which feels more like a massage than a cleanup. As the sponge rubs my pliant buttocks clean, a little moan even escapes me. Alex gives me a slap and makes my ass shake. I feel myself hardening.

Alex spins me around and proceeds to clean my upper body. He wipes my hand away from my iron bar and reaches for it himself. I grab his for it and make him hard. Mielke slides in front of us on his knees to drink our sperm directly from the source. We do not let him. Instead, he gets to clean the mess in the bathroom with a toothbrush, or lick it up with his tongue. He really is a pathetic figure. My sympathy is gone.

It is true love

Alex made him dance properly and now he makes him pay properly after he got the same massage treatment with the sponge from me. When Mielke has finally left, I want to set up our bed. I get the tool and read through the instructions. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up.

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“Alex, we…” I’m about to tell him that we really need to get some work done, when I see what he has in his hand. It’s an old notebook. “What…” “Tobias, I love you.” he says seriously. “I want to be with you. Only with you.” “Oh…” He hands me the notebook. “In there are all the contacts I’ve had since I became sexually active. You can burn it if you want, it’s my promise to you.” He flips it open, finds a piece of paper with Mielke’s phone number, among other things, and tears up the page. “I want only you from now on,” he announces. “I love you.”

My heart goes over at its unveiling. I have wished for this so much. Not that it wasn’t cool what we experienced. Among other things also with Mielke. But I always wanted only him. “God, I love you too.” I moan as I pull him to me and kiss him hard. “You have no idea how much I love you.”

The souls touch each other

Fuck the bed. The mattress is also enough. I need to be in it right now. I need it. So urgent. There is nothing more between us than love and fierce desire. We have found each other, known each other. Our bodies, passionately crying out for each other, move in a tender harmonious beat that wonderfully extends the pleasure and the pleasure to our maximum enjoyment. His magic fingers burn marks into my skin. He gets under my skin.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

His incredibly tight wreath, which has been so beautifully soft licked and stretched with my fingers, embraces me in a heartfelt hug, pulling me deep into him. I feel how much he wants me. His hungry lips want to drink mine. The demanding tongue enters my mouth like a spear and takes possession of it. His hands touch me tenderly, but also demanding. I feel him quivering under me, glowing, gasping and moaning. Feeling that I can freak him out turns me on.

Our hips move in unison. As I gently thrust into him, caressing him, I feel that our souls and our hearts have become one. We are two people whose souls touch each other, and this is such an incredibly beautiful feeling that it surpasses even the sexual desire of my body writhing lustfully in his body.

A giant double dildo resembles Mielke’s cider snake

Alex has tears in his eyes as he lies under me and receives my love in his lap. He also feels this fusion, this symbiotic becoming one. We had a lot of sex and it was always great, but never like now. He is somewhere else entirely. Over and away from me. We stay on top of each other, enjoying my cock until it slowly softens inside him and slides out. Then we take a shower, get dressed dutifully and set up the bed.

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“What was that?” he asks me as we work. “I felt like our souls were embracing, like we had somehow landed in another level of consciousness. And that was without any drugs at all. Did you feel it too?” “Yes.” I answer. I felt his feelings and he felt mine. As if we could feel each other’s thoughts. “What was it?” he asks me again. “I don’t know.” I shrug. “Love?” He gives me a kiss. The answer is enough for him.

We also set up the corner bench, the dining table and a cabinet and start putting it away. Alex searches for something in the moving box and his blue eyes search my gaze. “Honey, I’d like to try something when we break in our bed.” He pulls out a huge veiny fat plastic cock still in its original packaging. It’s a double dildo of an outline that resembles a Mielke. I prop my head in my hands and laugh. It is never boring with him. He is always good for a surprise.

Watching yourself in the mirror during sex is horny

It takes a lot of lube and fist penetration before the thick gigantic mushroom head fits into my lover’s rippling ring. “Ahhhh….” he moans loudly as I overcome his resistance and penetrate his sanctum. I let him enjoy the feeling of being stretched like this before I pull out again, lubricate him again with more lube and plunge in once more. This time he moans louder, “Ahhhh…so fat…so horny…mmhhh…”

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

The dildo is halfway in his ass and Alex now attacks my asshole with his tongue and fingers and makes me really wet. He stirs with three fingers in my honey pot and I moan with delight while his skillful tongue licks my wrinkled wreath really good soft. In the mirror across from our bed, I can see the thick part sticking out of my lover’s ass as he licks me out. It makes me really hot.

We took the mirror off the wall before coloring and just put it somewhere. If I have my way, it will stay where it is. I want it hanging right across from our bed. Or above our bed. That’s really hot. I see how the widely stretched swollen asshole of my friend encloses the thick shaft and feel how my own cock is about to burst.

With the arm as deep as only possible into the narrow

In the meantime, he takes lubricant to the aid, pulls his fingers out of me again, which makes me moan about the loss and lubricates his hand properly. Then he lets lubricant drip neatly into my breathing hole and shoves a few fingers in to make me slippery wet. I scream with pleasure. Finally he gives me his fist and pushes my arm in as deep as it goes.

To Gay Cruising

While I roar with ecstasy, I notice how he slides out of me and continues with the other hand. He takes turns again and again, the horny sow. I am just screaming and moaning. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Laughing like a leprechaun, he positions himself and guides the other half of the dildo into my wide gaping hole.

I feel the intrusion, that delicious ache in my core that stretches me wonderfully and gives me sweet death as I lean back and revel in it. The gigantic tip penetrates very deep into my hot tightness. I can hardly stand it, this pain and this tearing stretching sensation, followed by such infernal pleasure that it almost tears me apart.

He can see all the way inside

Behind me I hear the moaning and howling of my lover, inside of whom the monster triggers the same feelings. We both lean back until our butt cheeks are almost touching and then we start bumping into each other.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

In the mirror we can see how the giant slob pushes himself back and forth between us, well lubricated by the lubricant and our body fluids. It’s a horny sight as he impales us both with every rocking motion and thrusts between our buttocks to ignite a burning fire of lust inside us.

“Wooaahhhh…” I’m the first to collapse after splashing my hot man juice all over the new bed sheet. I turn around and breathe heavily. A look behind me in the mirror reveals to me what Alex finds so horny that he has already licked it out and photographed it many times so that he can jerk off to it alone. My asshole gapes wide open and burns like fire. I can see inside myself.

The blazing heat burns brightly

There I perceive from the side that Alex kneels on the bed and works himself with the dildo. It makes me really hot to watch how this monster part hammers into his tight hole and he moans like wild. Until he finally rolls his eyes over and screams out his orgasm. I’m already burning with desire for him again.

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It is the same with Jacob, who begins to burn under the touch of his lover. They are still new to each other and have yet to explore each other, but the blazing heat of their desire is already burning brightly. Jacob props himself up with both hands, his lover’s knees on his shoulders, and hammers into him.

They took a long time to really get down to business. It has been building, hours, days, weeks. All of that no longer had any meaning. The passion has built up and become an inferno under which Heinz is now screaming in absolute ecstasy, dragging Jakob along with him.

Treasure hunt with two fingers

As they lie sweaty next to each other and talk, Heinz tells them that he is thinking about giving up his quiet life and going on adventures again. He starts exploring the erogenous zones again with exploratory searching hands. “Hot.” purrs Jakob in his ear. “Really hot. I think there’s a lot more to discover down under.” He rears back as a jostling finger pushes into the heat of his core.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

“Did I find it?” asks Heinz gleefully as he gently runs his finger over the hidden pearl. “I think there’s a secret treasure buried there. I’ll have to go in with the drill. But maybe I’ll insert a probe into you first, just to be sure.” A second finger slides gently into the channel and bumps against the pearl.

“Ahhhh….” gasps Jacob. “Oh God….es soooo good.” “I have to retrieve the treasure now.” Heinz lovingly pulls out his fingers, pulls his cheeks apart a bit, and presses his wet muscle against the puckered hole before finally giving Jakob what he craves.

Jakob and Heinz have discovered their love for each other

His lover’s loud screams are music to his ears as he thrashes about in the silky confines of his prehensile canal. He nibbles tenderly on his shoulder as he thrusts into him, pulling on the hardening organ as he does so until Jacob collapses beneath him, roaring, and lies motionless.

“Wow, so this is what it’s like to be fucked into unconsciousness,” Jakob marvels as he comes to. Heinz pulls him into his arms and snuggles up to him. “I love you.” Jakob turns and looks at him in amazement. “Oh, did I say that out loud?” Heinz gives him a kiss. “But it’s like this. The last three months have been the best I’ve had in a long time.”

Gay-Cruising: Schwulen-Sex an öffentlichen Plätzen

He pulls out a dollar from his American travels and signs it. “This is a pledge and a promise.” Jacob’s eyes suddenly well up. Tears run down his cheeks. Heinz is dismayed at first, but when Jacob hugs him tightly and gives him a passionate wet kiss, he realizes how much this man longs for love. “There is so much more I want to show you. Come with me.” he asks. Jacob says yes immediately and without hesitation.

Everyone knows by now that they are gay lovers

My father has met a new woman. The two love each other very much. He’s always had affairs, on and off, and so for about half a year it’s been something serious. With Jacob, it is also serious. He wants to leave us and go with a charismatic globetrotter to Brazil into the jungle to watch monkeys – and probably do it like the howler monkeys. I do not begrudge him from the bottom of my heart.

Between Tobias and me it burns like crazy. Our passion could torch entire virgin forests. We have now finished decorating our apartment. That also took quite a long time. Now we no longer have to hold back. I think by now we’ve been doing it on all the furniture like rabbits. Above our bed hangs the big old mirror that Tobias insisted on keeping, and so we can also watch each other’s wild goings-on while we take in all the holes.

To Gay Cruising

It is wonderful that we can live freely. No secrets, no keeping secrets, no hiding. Everybody knows that we are gay lovers since Tobias’ employer got upset at the bar about some “fags” dancing on stage and said that there are certain places for this “people”. Tobias then bent over the bar counter in front of his boss and a few classmates to kiss me so hotly and passionately that everyone around us dropped their jaws.

The fathers support the young couple

The look of the guy went down to me like oil. He hadn’t expected that from Tobias, certainly not with his culture. “Oh, and what culture would that be?” Tobias replied, and then he gave his boss such a cool frown and exposed him as a homophobic, racist ignoramus. He did the same thing with a couple of family members who had a problem with our very existence.

No matter what he does, he always gives one hundred percent. Until recently, I was thinking about whether I even wanted to go to our Matura Ball. But now I plan to do that in any case. With him, as a couple. Even if they throw burning matches at us at school and make stupid jokes, that doesn’t affect us. Together we are invincible. We have our love and we can rely on each other. Real friends stay and everyone else never was.

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In order to be able to afford the apartment, our fathers paid us a little extra, but the prerequisite is that we pass our Matura this year. I would have said the chances of that are slim, because my sense of duty drops to zero as soon as I just look at Tobias.

The Matura is hardly done, they have fun right back in the car

But Miriam, my new stepmother-to-be, has us well in hand and somehow manages to squeeze education into our heads. So far, only Fatima has managed to do that. In exchange, she separates us while we study, knowing full well that we are a distraction to each other.

When the topic of school is finally over and the Matura is finished, Tobias still nibbles me in the car, on the way to the restaurant, where we actually wanted to celebrate with our families. We both show up there way too late, with a fresh-from-bed hairstyle and stink so penetratingly of sperm that the heads in the fine restaurant turn around after us.

To Gay Cruising

My father is angry, but Jakob just laughs. “Leave her alone, buddy,” he says. He winks at both of us and tells us to get out of here already. We don’t need to be told twice. I’m starving and can’t wait to eat Tobias’ hot orange butt and I’m also very hungry for sausage. Tobias loses himself a little later on our roof balcony at mine and lets me hear the angels sing while I see the twinkling stars in the sky lying on the table.

Meanwhile, my father proposes to Miriam and Jakob goes home to catch up on his dessert. Heinz sits on the kitchen sideboard where my bare ass used to sit and has his cock buried to the hilt in Jakob’s throat while demanding fingers drill open his rosebud, getting him ready to ride the cock that is already plump and waiting for penetration. His appetite for a nice fat black pudding, rivals that of his son. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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