How do I behave on the first date with a fuck contact?

By Faizel Ahman
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How do I behave on the first date with a fuck contact?
How do I behave on the first date with a fuck contact?

With good planning to an experience

The first date with a fuck contact is ahead of me. In order not to leave an unsafe impression later, I should plan and prepare it thoroughly.

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You should take this to heart when fucking:

How did I meet the lady?

Finding sex contacts is truly not easy. I am on the Internet a lot and met the woman in a forum. After some initial standard back-and-forth, things quickly got down to business. Contact details exchanged and arranged to meet the fuck contact.

The date is getting closer and nervousness is spreading

I must confess: I am excited. I realize that a good first meeting with a woman should be properly planned. The woman must not realize that she is my first fuck contact. No experience and insecurity makes unsexy. At least with a woman who knows what she wants. And not for the first time.

How do I behave on the first date with a fuck contact?

The right place makes a difference

At home in your own bed? Or better yet, something crazy like outdoor? Where the first fuck should take place can be an important factor. To make the right decision, I need to know what kind of character the woman has. What a type of woman she is. Is it spontaneous? Maybe a little loopy? Or does she prefer the standard?

Since I know very little about them so far, I’m not taking any chances. So I choose my own realm as the meeting place. My bedroom. My bed.

Music or silence?

Part of good preparation is thinking about whether I’m going to have music playing during sex or listen to the woman moan. Here too, of course, it would be good if I knew my fuck contact a little better. I do not. So I don’t risk anything here either and get my music system ready to go. I can’t go far wrong with romantic music. Of course, with the volume turned down. So that before the actual act is also possible to talk.

Thorough care is the be-all and end-all

For most people this is a matter of course. But only for most, and not for all. Therefore, I address it: Before the first meeting, cleanliness must be the first priority. So I wash myself thoroughly. Also and especially my best piece, which later takes the leading role. And should not only feel good for the woman. But also smell and taste good. So I take special care of my private parts during my full body cleanse.

Attractive smell can do wonders

I know from many women that for them the smell of the man is among the most important. If the guy stinks, he can look as good as he wants – the woman will not be interested (anymore). I know women to whom the smell of a man is even more important than the appearance. So please lay it on thick here – in the truest sense of the word.

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Perfume is a dime a dozen. What kind of smells women prefer, can be researched on the Internet. Of course, tastes are different. But there are perfumes with which at least you can not go wrong.

By the way, when applying perfume, less is usually better. A light dose of a good fragrance is usually enough to stimulate a woman’s senses. Applying it too thickly can quickly backfire.

The fuck contact is here

The woman is standing in front of the door. Now the right greeting is important. I recommend a peck on each cheek. This shows the woman that she is dealing with a gentleman here. Cheek kisses like almost every lady. And usually leaves a polite impression.

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After the appropriate greeting, I take it slow and start small talk. A pleasant start to get up to temperature. Don’t be in a hurry! The evening or night is long enough. If the woman feels ambushed, so to speak, she might unexpectedly back out. Of course, we do not want that. Therefore, patience is a sensible virtue here as well.

Once a good start has been made, it is time to get up to operating temperature. For this, I incorporate sexual innuendo into my conversation. The woman should get desire. Desire for hot games. But here, too, it is advisable not to rush things. I’m taking it slow. And quite informally. An absolute no-go is to try to force something. In this way, I almost always achieve the opposite of what I wanted.

Once we’ve made it and are in bed, it’s time to enjoy. Turn off the head and feel. I also pay attention to the lady’s reactions. What seems to please her, what rather not. The goal should be that both sex partners get their money’s worth. After all, this is a good prerequisite for further meetings.

The first fuck contact is always something special. And exciting. To increase the likelihood that the first date will not be the last, good preparation is essential. With my advice, this should succeed.

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