Even a disgusting fat sow wants to be fucked sometimes

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Even a disgusting fat sow wants to be fucked sometimes
Even a disgusting fat sow wants to be fucked sometimes
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Sexy obesity says hello

Imagine the fattest, most disgusting woman you’ve ever seen. A fat sow so disgusting that hardly any man looks at her. Whose orange peel skin hangs from the thighs in thick fatty flakes. And now she comes, who easily outshines every Miss Molly: she calls herself Lovee and you can watch her live in front of the cam.

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The disgusting fat sow was full of cellulite

You can’t see her pussy because there is so much fat and flab stuck to her legs that as a man you have to push the fat masses aside before you can even see any hole. The fat sow is so disgusting that she should actually pay a fat tax for it. Really a lot of money so that you can bear what she shows in front of her livecam.

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In addition, she stinks so disgustingly of sweat from her greasy folds that you could get sick to your stomach. The cunt smells of piss and dried pussy slime after several weeks without a shower. The crust formed during her period can easily hold a candle to any crunch party – or clotted blood, depending on how you look at it. The fat sow also likes to fart, so that it then smells really spicy at her unwashed asshole.

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Anyway, her rosette is already permanently brown from all the shit that Lovee, the slightly different camgirl, often doesn’t wipe off her ass because she’s lazy and because she’s such a fat pig that she can’t even get to it.

Even a disgusting fat sow wants to be fucked sometimes

By the way, the gangbang piglet loves to be fucked from behind – if the guy is properly equipped and finds the entrance at all. Now she is looking for potent studs who don’t mind fucking a fat sow to the hilt. One who loves to lick her cellulite with her tongue while having her balls tickled.

She smells like rotten eggs, old cum and rancid piss

So if you ever want to stick your fingers in this fragrant cunt, you should quickly contact her. Because she really needs it. However, it could be that the finger when pulling out of this piss and old sperm stinking pussy is full of rancid pussy juice, which looks like melted stinky cheese on an oven baguette.

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By the way, the fat sow smells best when she rubs her menstrual blood between her thick thighs and mixes it with her piss for a few days. Then it stinks so nice after a mixture of moldy mushrooms and unwashed cunt, in which the special lover of erotic scents comes fully at his expense.

When you fuck this fat sow, she gets so sweaty that all the cracks and folds shine so beautifully that the connoisseur of thick women virtually by itself the pipe stands stiffly upwards. Even if you squeeze her sticky pus pimples that have formed on her labia, you can enjoy a very special snack. As a gourmet, you don’t have to wait for the pimples to pop and the pus to spurt by the gallon. Even if there were lovers for this as well.

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She just wants to get fucked again, who can blame her? Secretly she even dreams of a threesome with two men who fuck her as a meat mountain in all holes and rub her with greasy food, which her lover may still lick with pleasure after sex from her luxury body!

Well, do you dare this extreme dating?

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