9.12. – Today celebrates Mia Julia birthday

By Julia Moreno
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9.12. - Today celebrates Mia Julia birthday
9.12. - Today celebrates Mia Julia birthday


Mia Julia birthday ♬♩

The famous pop singer and erotic actress was born on December 9, 1986. How the Mia Julia birthday will go is still uncertain! Will there be another Ballermann party or a private party with her husband Peter Brückner? Does she perhaps give us a very deep insight about her portal Onlinefans?

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The girl next door

On 09.12.1986 Mia Julia has birthday. Born in Munich, after graduating from school she first learned the profession of hairdresser, which she practiced for several years. At first glance, you wouldn’t guess that Mia Julia Brückner is a porn actress. She seems cheeky and sweet at first.

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When she entered the porn business in 2010, however, it quickly became clear that the girl has it fist thick behind the ears. With films like Das Sennenlutschi and Pure Lust, she clearly proved that she has found her calling here. In the meantime, she can be seen regularly at the Venus erotic fair and has been on the cover of Penthouse magazine more often.

Mia Magma porn career

She started her porn career in 2010 under the stage name Mia Magma at the porn producer Magma of the same name. With movies like The Ultimate Blowjob, Sexy Surfer Girls and Sexy Snow Bunnies she heated up her fans mightily. For their top performance as erotic actresses they were awarded with various prizes.

Mia Julia Private Porn

These include the Erotixxx Award and the Erotic Lounge Award. In 2012 she withdrew from the porn business for the time being to start a singing career at Ballermann. Since 2020, she has re-entered the porn business, however, she is now her own producer. In her portal Onlinefans she publishes her videos and can be seen via livecam.

Partied as Mia Julia at the Ballermann

Like her colleagues Jürgen Drews or Mickey Krause, Mia is celebrated at Ballermann. With songs like “Mallorca da bin ich daheim” she makes the crowd quake. Their skimpy outfits also cause enthusiasm – especially among the male audience. Mia has a cheeky and fun-loving nature that infects others. The simplicity of the lyrics also convinces the buzzed audience on the Balearic island.

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So sexy is Eronite reader Julia from Munich

Here, Mia Julia celebrates her birthday with every fan who has come to the island for her big day. The Mia Julia birthday in 2021 unfortunately had to do with less audience due to the Corona pandemic.

Their 2022 tour and their latest hits

Their latest hit “Freitag Samstag Dicht” has just been released. In September 2021, her hit song “Mama Platz!” was released. In 2022, the time had come again: Mia Julia goes on tour. According to the motto “Fuck home”, the fans will forget about any everyday life as soon as the hot blonde performs on stage. Their concerts will take place in Hannover, Dortmund, Bremen, Mönchengladbach, Cologne, Mannheim and Munich.

Mia Julia Hardcore Porn: Pussy Blasted In Her Sex Videos

News about Mia Julia

Mia Julia was already in Promi Big Brother in 2014. In 2021, she was there again, but on the late-night show. She can be found regularly at the Ballermann. Through its portal Onlinefans presents hot clips that can be accessed by registered users. There will be a tour in the new year and currently their new song has been released.

Mia Julia Birthday

Every year she lets it rip. Mia Julia seems like a shy girl at first sight, but she is not. Who has experienced them at the Ballermann, knows that! On December 9, it’s that time again: another Mia Julia birthday! How will she celebrate it? Privately, in front of the cam with husband Peter Brückner? Or will there be – as so often before – a Mia Julia birthday party where she herself will be on stage and sing? All fans can be curious how the next Mia Julia birthday will be. Until then, they celebrate the song “Friday Saturday Tight”!

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