4based.club: Like Instagram – only earning money

By Benno von Sandhayn
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4based.club: Like Instagram - only earning money
4based.club: Like Instagram - only earning money


Monetization paradise for content creators

In recent years, social media has established itself as one of the most effective platforms for entertainment, communication and information. One of the main players in this field is Instagram, which attracts billions of users worldwide. But a new platform, www.4based.club, promises to revolutionize the social media space with a unique approach that strongly resembles Instagram, but with one key difference: it allows users to earn money.

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4based.club was launched two years ago and has been steadily gaining popularity ever since, with thousands of satisfied content creators and millions of users. Like Instagram, 4based.club offers a platform where content creators can share their work, be it through images, videos or text.

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What makes 4based.club special, however, is that this platform has mechanisms for content creators to monetize their audience.

High social media factor with community

4based.club: Like Instagram - only earn moneyThe Swiss platform offers a variety of features that increase the social media factor and enliven the community. This includes a search function for individual content creators, various trend pages and an algorithm that primarily records activity and interaction. Unlike other platforms, users stay longer on 4based.club, which benefits all content creators. In addition, 4based.club offers a wide range of payment options for users, from credit cards to PaySafeCard and PayPal.

Another noteworthy aspect of 4based.club is that content creators can also earn money when their users buy content from other profiles. This allows Creators to earn passive income, in addition to selling their own content. In addition, a Creator’s business can be invigorated by the followers of other Creators. With these features, 4based.club offers an attractive alternative for content creators looking for ways to monetize their audience.

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With around 300,000 images trending, 4based.club offers a wealth of material to attract curious users to the various Creator profiles. Similar to TikTok, reels are displayed on the platform, increasing the interaction factor and giving creators another way to expand their reach.

The 4based.club trends include only free content and attract thousands of users every day, which increases the presence of content creators and drives more subscribers and followers to the profiles.

Just too hot and sexy for Instagram

4based.club: Like Instagram - only with money earningThe operation of 4based.club is intuitive and strongly reminiscent of other social networks. A special feature of the platform is that certain content becomes visible only after payment, which allows monetization of images, videos and even chat messages. Whether as a hobby or a full-time job, 4based.club offers a wide range of opportunities for content creators.

4based.club ‘s fast and reliable online support helps resolve issues in a timely manner and provide Creators with a smooth user experience. The payout model of 4based.club is also attractive. Seventy percent of the revenue goes directly to creators, plus they get ten percent when their users spend money with other content creators, and five percent for referred creators. This ensures that creators on the platform are compensated appropriately.

The monetization features of 4based.club make it an interesting alternative to platforms like Instagram. It not only allows creators to reach their audience with high-quality content, but also gives them the opportunity to turn their passion into a lucrative business.

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By combining social media with monetization, 4based.club allows Creators to reach their audience in a way that is both creatively and financially rewarding.

4based.club differs from other platforms in its stronger focus on social media and its active community. User retention is higher than most competitors, resulting in a more vibrant and engaged community. Not only is this attractive to users, but it also gives creators a stronger platform to share their content and monetize their followers.

For fans and content creators alike

The look and feel of 4based.club is strongly reminiscent of Instagram, which makes it easily accessible to users who are already familiar with other social media platforms. However, the ability to monetize content is a key difference that sets 4based.club apart from Instagram and other social media platforms.

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Overall, 4based.club offers a unique platform that combines the best of social media and content monetization. It allows creators to turn their passion for content creation into a lucrative business, while providing users with a vibrant and engaged community.

While Instagram and other platforms continue to dominate, 4based.club, with its unique blend of social media and monetization, could be a serious contender.


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