Allowed? Masturbation in the partnership

By Faizel Ahman
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Allowed? Masturbation in the partnership
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Once fie – now fie

In the past, masturbation was often still frowned upon. It was considered dirty and disease-causing. But times have changed, fortunately. Whereas in the past there was a threat of punishment for this, today no one has to be afraid of it. Even sex experts endorse it and say it is a part of a healthy sex life. Masturbation in the partnership must also no longer be kept secret. In fact, it has a positive effect in many cases.

Erlaubt? Selbstbefriedigung in der PartnerschaftMasturbating in the partnership can be enriching

When one’s partner wants to satisfy themselves, many believe they are no longer interesting to them sexually. You think the relationship is falling apart. But that doesn’t have to be the case at all. Experts believe that masturbation in the relationship is absolutely not uncommon.

Therefore, there is no reason to fear the relationship breakup if your partner is caught jerking off. In addition, men often masturbate only to induce a quick release. Sex with the beloved has a completely different value for them. During masturbation in a partnership and in general, it is easier to switch off and concentrate on one’s own self. Sex with your relationship partner after a hard day is much more exhausting.

Masturbation in the relationship can have a positive effect

Experts believe that masturbation in a partnership can have positive effects on it. It can be helpful in discovering how to bring on an orgasm more easily. In addition, onanism in the relationship can be a compensation if one partner values sex more than the other.

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However, both should be careful that it does not become the central issue and replace sex between the two partners. Masturbating should only be seen as a supplement. If there is no more closeness, this can lead to problems in the end. Therefore, absolute honesty is mandatory in a relationship. This includes talking about hand holding (autoeroticism) and sexual preferences.

Who does not speak about his own inclinations, only deprives himself of many beautiful experiences with the partner. On the other hand, interest in each other should not be neglected. All topics concerning masturbation in the partnership should therefore be discussed. In addition, masturbation can also be incorporated into the sex life of two.

Erlaubt? Selbstbefriedigung in der PartnerschaftMasturbation in the partnership – almost everyone does it

Almost every person, no matter whether man or woman, satisfies himself from time to time. It doesn’t matter if they are in a relationship or not. Some couples deal with it openly and do it together, even on the phone, when they can’t be together. The prerequisite for this is that both give their consent. To consent only because the other person wants it would be wrong.

There must be no secrecy about masturbation in a partnership. That would simply be counterproductive. Even more so if it were possible to have sex together in parallel. And yet, it happens more often than we think. As a result, problems gradually crystallize. It becomes a difficult topic to avoid and keep quiet about. There are couples who don’t mind talking about masturbation in the relationship, while others put blinders on and don’t want to hear about their partner’s masturbation. Yet they know he does. And they don’t handle that well.

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As a result, they worry unnecessarily about their own worth and become increasingly convinced that they are no longer attractive to their partner. All of this could be worked around and out of the way in an honest conversation, if only both would take a step toward each other.

Erlaubt? Selbstbefriedigung in der PartnerschaftSelf-gratification in the partnership and the power of thoughts

First of all, masturbating in a relationship has nothing in common with cheating when it comes to physicality. But what about the imagination? What does the partner think about when he masturbates? Very few give it away. Whether it’s to avoid hurting the other person or to avoid arguments. But the head cinema can just as well come on during sex together. Since they are both together, this is not a problem for the other partner. He may even think that the other person is only thinking about him while making love together. If the masturbation in the partnership takes place on the phone, this is also okay for both.

However, if you masturbate secretly, you risk making your partner feel excluded. This can lead to insecurity and mistrust. As I said, the other may believe that he has lost attractiveness. However, it is the case that many people really think about their own partner when they masturbate. It is also possible that there is complete emptiness in the head.

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However, if he imagines having sex with someone else, it does not necessarily mean that he wants to take action or break up. Most of the time it’s just about pure relaxation and doesn’t mean anything else.

Masturbation in partnership has some advantages

No two people are alike. The same goes for the need for sex. Some can’t get enough, while others don’t need much. That there is a lack of desire from time to time is completely normal. There are many reasons for this. Stressful days, illnesses, and numerous other shortcomings.

People with a strong need for sex cannot live out their desire in this way. Just then masturbation in the partnership is topical. There’s no other way, the pressure has to escape. The orgasm takes care of that in perfect form. It stimulates the circulation and relieves stress. In addition, happiness hormones are released.

Geile Sache: Selbstbefriedigung vor dem Partner

This is also allowed as long as masturbation in the partnership is not a substitute for sex as a couple. It has been proven in studies that people who masturbate frequently, on the other hand, have regular erotic contact with their partner. This in turn is conducive to a good relationship.

So masturbation in a partnership doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as long as both are honest and open with each other.

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