Erotic stories: sex, eroticism, fetish "She looked as sharp as a tack. Just the way I liked it, she wore a black miniskirt, red stockings underneath, with the lace flashing out bluntly, and a white tight blouse, the top button of which was left open, making her big breasts look really beautiful. -- (Erotic stories - double fucked) "She looked me straight in the eyes and at that moment I discharged myself into her mouth. I injected all my sperm into her throat. She couldn't swallow everything, the white testicular milk ran from the corners of her mouth, ran over her lips, her chin and finally dripped onto her breasts. My cock pumped and pumped. She had literally sucked me dry. -- (erotic stories - sex slave of a strange taxi driver) "She had instructed me and told me about his fantasies. So he was particularly attracted to hard trampling: trampling around with high heels or boots on his naked body. He wanted to be kicked until he whimpered in pain like a maltreated dog. Tormented and humiliated. I was supposed to urinate in his face and use a scalpel to slash his skin, stretch his urethra and hit his penis hard with a wooden board". -- (Erotic stories - (M)a double life as a dominatrix) "When about two thirds of my length was inside her, she started to move up and down, moaning louder and louder. With each stroke she seemed to become wetter and widen. My tail enjoyed the narrowness, but wet grotto visibly. It began to pulsate and swelled up again. - (Erotic stories - The hottest cunt in town) Erotic stories - fantasy knows no boundaries Erotic stories are a particularly sought-after reading material. Fans of sex stories will find a large selection of stimulating reading material on the taboo-free erotic magazine Eronite. Those who like to relax while reading are guaranteed to get their money's worth here. Erotic stories offer their readers the best entertainment and provide the necessary kicks. Horny stories about sex experiences Whether everything described in the stories is authentic or not is irrelevant. Erotic stories have the advantage of putting secret wishes and desires into words. When plot and language go together, a lot of erotic tension is built up. Will the first-person narrator succeed in seducing the sweet colleague? What feelings flow through a guy with his sweetheart during group sex? What really happens during forbidden sex or fetish encounters with a dominatrix? How do spontaneous fucks and surprising oral sex take place? The authors who write erotic stories for Eronite do not mince their words. They do not leave it at hints, but make it clear. Even the descriptions of the attractive girls and women in the stories whet the appetite. Especially as all stories are illustrated with erotic photos. It only takes a few minutes to read through the popular sex stories. This electrifying reading should not leave anyone cold - on the contrary. Erotic stories stimulate the senses Everyone has their own dreams of horny encounters and wishes for intimate experiences. Many have already experienced how unexpectedly these sometimes happen. This is also often mentioned in the Eronite stories. Eroticism is not just between two people, but also about threesomes and group fucking. Gays and lesbians also tell of their hot dates. In addition, some stories have "old fucks young" as their content. There is often a lot going on in the fictional and true stories. BDSM and fetish are often mentioned. Erotically formulated depictions on this topic revolve around dominas and their slaves, submissive girls and chastisements. What goes on in S&M studios is described as well as certain fetishes and rituals. Everybody has the possibility to choose bizarre erotic stories according to his individual preferences. Sexstories heat up That's why erotic stories are also ideal for reading together. Some couples appreciate sharp reading to get themselves in the mood. If you like pleasurable solo sex, sex stories are sure to get you going. Lust and passion have countless facets. Their descriptions never become boring if they are written with that certain something. Female and male authors make sure that sparkling erotic stories appear on Eronite. They are written in a way that is easy to understand and appeal to readers. Sometimes open-hearted and cheeky, sometimes a little mysteriously formulated, erotic stories captivate men and women of all ages. The fact that almost all sex variants are addressed is one of the reasons for the success of this section on Eronite.

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Blowjob pocket pussy for uncomplicated and lifelike pleasure. Made of medical grade silicone, this high quality sex toy offers both vaginal and oral canal for ultimate pleasure. Easy to use, easy to clean and discreetly packaged. Fantasies with a realistic and sporty beauty to sniff! The Blowjob Pocket Pussy is available for only 15,99 Euro!

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Especially in stressful exam situations, panic attacks and fear of failure can sometimes occur. But what exactly helps in such situations? Is maybe even sex the right way to overcome exam anxiety?

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The erotic story from France: Not even in my dreams did I suspect how horny sex with the black maid could be. We did it without restraint in my hotel room, which she had cleaned during the day. So she had taken my suggestion!

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