Asked: How does sex change after 50?

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Sex after 50 can be different

Does sex really get worse after 50, as the common cliché claims? Don’t the changes due to age set in much earlier? Or is it more like a good wine that reaches its full potential as it matures? After all, you learn more and more tricks over time, which makes sex after 50 more interesting.

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With increasing life experience, the approach to many things changes. At a young age, the sporting idea is more important. In terms of the sexual aspect, this means: as much sex as possible with as many women as possible. Try out different positions, be ready at all times and take every opportunity that arises. The allure of the new keeps you trying out new things and gaining experience. This can often lead to a veritable collecting frenzy. Some people focus more on working through the lists in their head. The pressure to perform is self-imposed, even if many at this age do not yet admit it.

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This changes as people enter the second half of their lives. It becomes quieter, more comfortable and you take more time for things that are important to you. The sporting aspect fades into the background, but the thirst for knowledge increases. More books are being read, often on the subject of eroticism and seduction. This is also reflected in sex after 50. To put it simply, you could say quality instead of quantity. Foreplay and the framework conditions are becoming more important, as are the feelings and satisfaction of the partner. Not that these things were unimportant before, but as you get older, your perspective on many things changes.

Honesty lasts the longest

Asked: How does sex change after 50?
Asked: How does sex change after 50?

Another important difference in sex after 50: The inhibitions to express any wishes become less. Even the most unusual fantasies can be discussed in a completely normal way. After all, they both have enough life experience to know that anything goes. As long as they both like it. At a young age, women in particular are embarrassed by sexual fantasies that do not correspond to the mainstream. The realization that submissive ideas are not reprehensible only sets in over time.

Even rape fantasies are more widespread than initially assumed. Talking openly with your partner about something like this requires courage and trust. These two things have a lot to do with life experience. This is why many women only dare to admit their fantasies later in life. Unfortunately, you only learn over time that an open conversation with your partner can only enrich your sex life.

Does the negative outweigh the positive in the end?

The general desire for sex decreases with age, as the reproductive instinct is curbed. In addition, stamina sometimes lets some men down during sex after 50. Quite a few women complain about quick squirts and the short duration of sex. These are sometimes the same women who were complaining 20 years ago that the men would never finish.

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But in exchange for the fact that the act itself is perhaps shorter, the foreplay and framework conditions are expanded further. The duration of the “event sex” will therefore not change, but rather be extended. The ideas for foreplay become more inventive. Complex ideas for role-playing games are worked out and later acted out.
Most people of advanced age have settled on a partner.

Asked: How does sex change after 50?
Asked: How does sex change after 50?

Anyone who always sleeps with the same partner knows their needs and desires. The partner, on the other hand, knows his or her own most intimate needs and can respond to them. The result is a wonderful erotic game between two people who are perfectly attuned to each other sexually. Living out this harmony together is one of the highlights of any well-functioning relationship.

Forgotten are the times when people were rather selfish in their approach and only had their own satisfaction in mind. Even the initial “screw right, screw left, screw screw, get in first” game will grow up one day.

Mature women over 50 – call

In the nineties, this extremely penetrating advertising slogan annoyed everyone who wanted to watch television at night. However, the mere fact that a company releases a corresponding advertising budget means that there is a correspondingly large market for this. So the demand for sex with women over 50 is not just there, it’s enormous. Mature women have already experienced a lot and have been through it all. Naturally also in the field of eroticism. Younger people in particular could still learn something here.

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