Your sex horoscope for the zodiac sign Scorpio

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Your sex horoscope for the zodiac sign Scorpio
Your sex horoscope for the zodiac sign Scorpio
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The Love Horoscope for Aries

The zodiac sign of Aries is considered stubborn, hot-headed and wild. A look at the sex horoscope for Aries reveals that there could be a lot to it.

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21 March – 20 April

The ram is a hunter and always ready for mating. He knows exactly what he wants and is ready to get it. The love horoscope for Aries shows that this zodiac sign wants to be the dominant part in bed. Emotional sloppiness and romance are less his strength. Openness, honesty and sex to the point of exhaustion, however, is a cradle to the zodiac sign of Aries.

Sex-Horoskop Widder - Das Liebeshoroskop im FazitCaution: The ram only likes its prey as long as it plays with it. Those who surrender and lie motionless will very quickly lose the interest of the imperious zodiac sign. From the Aries sex horoscope it is clear that with this sign of the zodiac a rendezvous in public places is not uncommon. The ram is not afraid of discovery, the danger stimulates it much more. The zodiac sign Aries is very persistent and is very difficult to dissuade from a conquest. Without appearing obtrusive, he does everything to actually kill the desired prey.

The ram is not a classic flirter, he prefers to tease his counterpart. He wants to conquer and expects resistance at any time. A verbal duel, a heated discussion, wild, unbridled glances – all of these irritate the ram to the bone. A woman who wants to appeal to this sign of the zodiac should give him the cold shoulder.

Your sex horoscope for the sign of Aries

The conclusion about partnership in the love horoscope

The Aries is one of the most vivid zodiac signs, dominant, imperious, imperious. Also according to the love horoscope for Aries, he is not willing to submit, he shows what is important and takes the lead. In case of disputes this zodiac sign behaves openly, temperamentally and self-confidently, it does not avoid conflicts. Also the own partner must be able to bear it that with the ram now and then the rags fly. But as controversial as the hotheaded star sign sometimes is, it loves reconciliation. Then, matching the sex horoscope for Aries, preferably in bed, for hours, with lots of sweat and lust.

Nevertheless, the love horoscope for Aries clearly states that a partnership or marriage with the restless constellation is also possible. Indeed, his dominance and the pleasure of conquest are joined by honesty. This ensures that Aries are faithful in a firm bond and at most dare a little flirt now and then. But boredom and routine should not settle too quickly in the marital bed at home. Then the bored ram quickly takes flight and looks for another home.

Sex horoscope for Aries – how he loves

You have to be able to cope with the ram in bed! This zodiac sign has horns on its head, but not only there. Just as wildly and unrestrainedly as the ram at the conquest to the act strides it behaves also in the mattress close fight. The sex horoscope for Aries describes its merits very precisely.

He immediately takes the reins in his hand and with him, showing off is not an empty pose. The ram delivers what it promises, and once it gets going, there may well be injuries. Delicately strung sex partners have a hard time with rams, they will have to deal with scratch marks and love bites.

Your sex horoscope for the sign Sagittarius

Even if the sex horoscope for Aries shows that he gets to the point quickly and violently, the number is far from over quickly. The ram is very persevering and takes great pleasure in lovemaking. You keep him happy with changing challenges. The ram finds surprises exciting and quickly catches fire.

Zodiac sex for Aries – The Conclusion

The love horoscope for Aries clearly shows that it is a dominant zodiac sign and the partner should be ready for submission. But which sign of the zodiac can stand up to Aries in bed? That’s the way it looks when it comes to star sign sex for Aries:

Two rams

Two rams are an explosive mixture, but it can certainly have its appeal in short-term affairs. According to the sex horoscope for Aries, the Aries woman also wants to take the lead, which causes problems for Aries man. Conclusion: In the short term, it may be tingling, but in the long term it is not the best choice.

Bull and ram

In Aries star sign sex, the bull takes on a special role. How well the connection harmonizes depends on the bull. If the ram is willing to subordinate itself and leaves the leading role to the ram, exciting moments can arise. Bulls run the risk of boring the ram because they lack spontaneity. Conclusion: Suitable for one-night stands and affairs, permanently according to the love horoscope for Aries rather boring.

twins and rams

This is an exciting mixture, as both the ram and the twin have a strong urge to explore. The twin is even able to curb the dominance of the ram, but only for a short time. Conclusion: According to the sex horoscope for Aries, there are only two ways in which these constellations come together: As a short-term affair or as a long-term marriage!

cancer and rams

The attraction between these two signs of the zodiac can be felt already at the first encounter. However, it lasts only for a short time, the ram is too dominant for the calm cancer. Conclusion: An affair, a one-night stand, a friendship – all conceivable, but the marriage will most likely turn into a fiasco.

lion and ram

Two constellations as proud and aggressive as they could not be. But what does the constellation for the zodiac sign sex mean for Aries? The sex horoscope for Aries and Leo is hot and wild. Both live out their sexuality openly, but the lion does not want to do without his cuddling units. Conclusion: As long as the Leo is willing to tolerate the dominance of the Aries, a long-term relationship is also conceivable for these two star signs.

Virgin and Aries

The bold ram and the reserved virgin are according to the sex horoscope for rams like fire and water. Nevertheless, the quieter virgin is curious about what the charming ram has to offer. Her restraint, however, demands his hunting instinct and he will do everything he can to conquer her. Conclusion: It can work if the virgin is ready to give herself completely to him. Then even a marriage between the two is possible.

balance and ram

The Sex Horoscope for Aries predicts great difficulties in this connection. The shy balance is quickly startled and hurt by the dominance of the ram. He, on the other hand, cannot make the necessary concessions. Conclusion: This connection is no good and even an affair will usually end quickly.

Your sex horoscope for the sign of Aries
and Aries

These two signs of the zodiac are characterized by their dominant behavior and blazing passion. Here the sparks can really fly while trying to get the upper hand. Since Aries and scorpion are too similar, a longer connection needs a lot of tolerance from both sides. Conclusion: The sex horoscope for Aries and scorpion is tingling. The sparks can fly, but so can the shreds.

shooter and ram

While the ram usually wanders through the world in a good mood, the rabbit >/g> is characterized by a natural melancholy. The sensitive shooter must first learn to engage in playful activities in the bedroom. If the ram is willing to practice with him, a wonderful connection can develop. Conclusion: The constellation is only conditionally suitable for an affair. However, a long-term partnership with a lot of trust is conceivable.

capricorn and ram

The sex horoscope for Aries and Capricorn predicts good times. At least if the ram is ready to ignite the libido of the cautious capricorn. This is because he is initially very reserved and only arouses his desire once he has gained trust. Conclusion: Good cards for marriage, but not for a one-night stand or an affair.

Aquarius and Aries

The sensitive Aquarius is a challenge for every ram, as it tends to dream and fantasize. Nevertheless, the Aquarius has its own mind and does not seamlessly blend in with the superior. Tactful rams are quite capable of enchanting the sensitive dreamer. Conclusion: Playful affairs and long-term relationships are often very positive between the two zodiac signs.

fish and rams

The quiet fish has an extremely intuitive side, which he likes to live out in bed. The fish wishes the realization of his fantasies and the dominant ram will have his pleasure to respond to it. Conclusion: Both for debauched, sexual affairs and for marriage, the stars in the sex horoscope are good for Aries and fish.

It is the season of scorpions

But what does the year 2023 offer in terms of sex and adventure? With the sex horoscope for this year, Scorpio can learn a lot about upcoming relationships and sexual experiences. We have tried to find out what aspects of Scorpio contribute to the importance of sex relationships and what can be learned from this horoscope.

Sex, lust and fun in the new year?

Your sex horoscope for the sign of Aries

The year will be a very special one for Scorpio: full of sex, happiness and fulfillment. We all had a pretty difficult start indie last years, but now it’s time to prepare for a new year full of erotic dreams and pleasure. This year the stars are very good for the Scorpio. He will gain a lot of experience in sex and passion. The scorpion searches and finds its prey quickly and brings it to its nest in a targeted manner. This is also true for the sex horoscope this year. It is only important that the Scorpio does not let his object of desire out of his sight early on. Otherwise, there may not be any passion between the two partners in the first place. However, once the scorpion has landed its prey, it will not and cannot escape so quickly.

For Scorpio-born people, the sex horoscope for this year means first of all new opportunities in terms of partnership. The best way is to be proactive and talk openly about sexual needs and preferences. Also, the Scorpio should be honest and focus on choosing the right partner. Scorpios are full of passion and therefore sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between a quick number and a long love affair. Therefore, it is enormously important that clear relationships prevail and that no one feels disadvantaged during the joint lovemaking sessions.

Your sex horoscope for the sign of Pisces

Both sex partners must therefore clarify what kind of relationship it is, otherwise the new year will quickly become a horror year in terms of sex and relationships.

Zodiac sign Scorpio: a sex partner in demand

Scorpio in particular really has a lot to offer in bed and is therefore also a sought-after sex partner this year. He likes to conquer and is available for all shenanigans in bed. This makes it particularly attractive and seductive again this year. So the sex adventure can begin!

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