Your sex horoscope for the zodiac sign Scorpio

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Your sex horoscope for the zodiac sign Scorpio
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The Love Horoscope for Scorpio

The scorpion is merciless, he knows no compromise. If he wants something, he gets it! However, he does not approach his object of desire directly, but rather uses his ability to play subtle games. The iron will of the zodiac sign Scorpio makes sure that he triumphs in the end. The scorpion is also the boss when it comes to sex, but it takes a long time to show this.

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23 October – 22 November

The sex horoscope for the scorpion reveals his special ability! He is able to control himself to the utmost. This way he can appear cool and unapproachable on the outside, while passion is already bubbling inside him. The scorpion stalks its prey bit by bit, tests, irritates and finds out its weaknesses. He then uses these specifically to shoot his victim. The scorpion is careful not to reveal too much about itself.

Sex Horoscope Scorpio - Love Horoscope Star Sign SexThe Love Horoscope for the Scorpio

In firm partnerships the scorpion is above all faithful! He appreciates the partner at his side, but often does not show this enough. Also here it seems rather cool, but it extends its sting as soon as someone starts poaching in its territory. Sociability is not very important for the Scorpio according to the love horoscope.

He prefers to surround himself with a few, familiar people rather than posing in large groups of strangers. His hobbies on the other hand are sacred to the scorpion and these are often very unusual. Good sex is definitely part of it, which he practices persistently and passionately. Scorpions love sensuality and visual stimuli, burlesque shows appeal to the zodiac sign as much as BDSM games and new experiences.

The love horoscope for the Scorpio makes it clear that he is a hidden conqueror. He skillfully threads it so that his counterpart will come towards him. He teases his counterpart until he is drawn out of his reserve. His hobby-horse are the intense glances, which hardly any victim can escape. The zodiac sign Scorpio has an extremely high erotic factor, its charm, allusions and ambiguities weave a web from which hardly any zodiac sign can escape.

But there is another characteristic that makes the love horoscope for the Scorpio so tingly. He radiates a certain dangerousness, which exerts a magical attraction on others. Even if the inner voice warns against flirting with the scorpion, hardly anyone can really escape its charm.

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Sex horoscope for a scorpion promises desire

Once the scorpion’s flame is kindled, it will kill its prey. It’s not a question of if he stabs, just when he does it. Once he has caught fire he puts everything into achieving his goals. His goal in this case is not only his own climax, but the unrestrained devotion of his playmate. He plays with fire until his counterpart is on fire and asks for more. Scorpions love it when they’re asked for sex. Once the star sign Scorpio is ready, all boundaries are torn down and a sexual flood breaks out.

The sex horoscope for the scorpion shows that an affair with him can end painfully. The love for this zodiac sign is addictive. No other zodiac sign is capable of loving and showing passion so deeply and intensely. Scorpions do not engage in meaningless sex without feeling, they invest deep feelings and want to possess their counterpart. At the same time the scorpion expects the full attention of his partner. His control addiction and jealousy can become a problem in lasting relationships. However, scorpions very quickly lose interest when the other submissively subordinates himself and lets everything be done with him. He needs the resistance and the setting of limits, otherwise he gets bored.

The sex horoscope for the scorpion tingles hot

A fast number without feeling and passion? In the sex horoscope unthinkable for the scorpion, it is one of the most enduring signs of the zodiac. The act itself is not decisive for the scorpion, he celebrates the way there with devoted passion. Nothing do scorpions love as much as a completely uninhibited and excited bed partner, who pines for his touches.

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Taboos? In the sex horoscope for a scorpion an absolute foreign word. This sign of the zodiac is ready for anything and will always try to get the upper hand. However, its nature is much more subtle than that of other, dominant zodiac signs. The scorpion plays and challenges without demonstrating its superiority. How dependent you can become on this sign is something that most playmates realize very late.

Star sign sex for the scorpion – who does it work with?

The sex horoscope for the Scorpio is clear, this zodiac sign is a volcano full of relish. But who is equal to him? What about star sign sex for a scorpion?

Aries and scorpion

How the love horoscope for Scorpio and Aries turns out depends on the Aries. Aries are dominant and freedom-loving, scorpions are jealous. Only when the ram is mature enough to deal with the possessive nature of the scorpion can this bond work in the long run. Sex factor: High!

Bull and scorpion

The sex horoscope for Scorpio and Bull is clearly tingling. For the marriage it becomes more difficult, because both are contentious signs of the zodiac. Only with a lot of tolerance can a relationship survive even severe storms. Sex factor: Very high!

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twins and scorpion

The love horoscope of Scorpio and Gemini is in bad shape. The Scorpion is jealous, Gemini is moody. At the beginning it crackles, but the fire goes out too quickly. The marriage between these two signs of the zodiac does not promise anything good. Sex factor: Mediocre!

cancer and scorpion

Both in love and in the sex horoscope for Scorpio and cancer it looks good. The calm, adapted cancer is a willing play partner for the active scorpion. The two harmonize extremely well in bed and in everyday life, but fierce arguments can arise. Sex factor: Very high!

lion and scorpion

Hardly any connection is more explosive than the zodiacal sex for Scorpio and Leo. However, the egotistical Leo and the jealous Scorpio are incompatible for marriage. In bed, however, sparks will fly in a way that is hardly possible in other connections. Sex factor: extremely high!

Virgin and scorpion

The sex horoscope for Scorpio and Virgin is not excessively sparkling, but also not hopeless. The simple virgin seems boring to the scorpion at first, but then awakens his hunting instinct. Once he has lit her fire, he is rewarded with a persistent play partner. The combination of these two signs is designed to create lasting relationships. Sex factor: Mediocre!

balance and scorpion

The love horoscope for Scorpio and balance is unbalanced. It depends on the characters, how well it harmonizes. With the zodiac sign sex for Scorpio and balance the signs are better. Explosive passion and blazing fire are possible. Sex factor: Very high!

Scorpio and scorpion

Extreme caution is required in the connection between two scorpions. Both are extremely domineering and want to get the upper hand. However, the pronounced passion makes for unforgettable pillow talk, which welds both parties together. Sex factor: extremely high!

shooter and scorpion

The sex horoscope for scorpion and shooter allows only one conclusion: hands off! These two signs of the zodiac do not harmonize and even in bed the cool shooter is no companion for a scorpion. The lack of passion and disharmony cools every spark in the blink of an eye. Sex factor: Very low!

capricorn and scorpion

Once the scorpion has lured the introverted ibex out of his reserve, he finds in him a loving and passionate partner. The sex horoscope for Scorpio and Capricorn predicts exciting nights and the stars are also good for marriage. Sex factor: High!

Aquarius and Scorpio

The Aquarius cannot cope with the smouldering passion of the scorpion. It needs calm and constancy, which it does not find in the Scorpio in this form. So the sex horoscope for Scorpio and Wassermann does not look very good. Usually a short blazing fire cools down quickly and the connection is terminated. Sex factor: Low!

fish and scorpion

The insecure fish is an ideal partner for the scorpion. The sex horoscope of Scorpio and fish is hot, these two signs can fully engage with each other. fish need the possessiveness of Scorpio and feel right at his side. Sex factor: Very high!

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