Your sex horoscope for the star sign Virgo

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Your sex horoscope for the star sign Virgo
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August 23rd – September 22nd

The zodiac sign Virgo stands for critical, insecure and often hesitant people, who, however, score points with their sense of subtleties and empathy. The more respect and humour the other person brings, the faster the virgin thaws out. Her pragmatic thinking and frugality is also evident in her sex horoscope. However, the shy contemporaries are by no means just cooking on the back burner. Once they are inflamed, the sex horoscope predicts exciting experiences.

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Single virgins sometimes have a hard time, as they cannot commit to a bond too quickly. They observe the people around them extremely critically and sometimes seem eccentric and prudish. The love horoscope clearly shows what a reliable partner this sign of the zodiac is. To conquer the virgin, however, you need skill, empathy and intelligence.

The love horoscope says that it is a very uncertain sign of the zodiac. Virgins do not trust blindly and are initially suspicious of a flirt. Nor can they come out of themselves directly, even if there is interest in the other person.

A virgin can open up much faster when she feels safe. May she therefore help with something that she masters well or if the topics of conversation correspond exactly to her taste, the reserved star sign thaws quite quickly. But those who study the love horoscope know that she needs routine and order to feel comfortable. Nothing is worse for a virgin than a messy date where she loses track. Luxury is not so important to her, but a stylish, tidy ambience all the more so.

Sexual restraint in the sign of the zodiac Virgo

Unfortunately, the Virgo sex horoscope does not predict explosive and passionate affairs, but pragmatic relationships. So the single virgin is quite willing to have an erotic friendship with her best friend if her sexual needs can be satisfied in this way. Since the love horoscope for Virgo clearly states that the sign of the zodiac does not fall in love so quickly, there are hardly any problems with friendships with special qualities. The very controlled virgins can keep their emotions in check and find it difficult to fall in love with other people. However, once they have caught fire, it is permanent and burns for a long time.

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For the love of security

Most people are open-minded about sexual experiences and look forward to the first experience. The sex horoscope for Virgo is really exceptional here. For the security-loving zodiac, first experiences are a horror. The “first time” is planned with devotion and perfectionism, and if it doesn’t go according to the wishes of the Virgin, she certainly breaks off the pleasures in between and waits for another moment. But once she is on familiar ground, knows her partner and opens up, even a virgin can be easily seduced.

Sensuality and passion belong to the repertoire of the shy star sign according to the sex horoscope for the Virgin. She likes it neat, quiet, lustful but not wild, unbridled and loud. The virgin will never bother the neighbours with her cries of lust, nor will she be ready for a rendezvous in the stairwell. Unknown experiments are not one of her preferences; even in bed, the sex horoscope for the virgin indicates routine behaviour. She has her preferences, favourite positions and desires to which she orients herself. She does not like changes at all, even a new body hairstyle of her partner can lead to irritations. The same behaviour can be seen in the love horoscope for Virgo.

The virgin in the partnership

As can already be guessed from the sex horoscope for Virgo, the zodiac sign needs its routine in love as well. As a very controlled personality, the Virgo takes its time until she decides on a partner. Those who appear sympathetic are first analysed on a long-term basis and only when everything fits, the shy virgin slowly opens up. But it also needs its consistency in the partnership. But skilful partners are quite capable of teaching the Virgin that there is no guarantee for everything in life.

Relationships of this zodiac sign are long lasting and honest. The virgin is faithful and down-to-earth, she keeps a cool head and always stands by her partner.

Star sign sex for a virgin – who fits her?

Aries and Virgo

The sex horoscope for Virgo and Aries is very mixed. Through the rawness and wildness of the raid erotic encounters are possible. In the long term, however, the virgin cannot withstand the brutal handling of the rudder.

Bull and Virgo

The star sign sex for virgin and Bull doesn’t look bad. The two earth signs are quite similar, but the Bull takes the leading role in this constellation. Once the virgin has opened up, both can have a fulfilled sex life.

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twins and virgin

The Virgo is down-to-earth, twins rather airy and fluttery. No wonder that the zodiac sign sex for virgin and twins looks rather ambivalent. In the short term, pleasant experiences can emerge, but for a partnership it is usually not enough.

cancer and virgin

The sex horoscope for virgin and cancer promises sensual hours. Both this zodiac sign and the cancer are calm, sensitive personalities. The risk of injury is low, so that often lasting partnerships develop which can lead to marriage.

Leo and Virgo

The dominant Leo is not suitable for the shy virgin as a permanent partner. However, the sex horoscope for Virgo and Leo looks extremely hot in the short term. However, the vulnerable virgin runs the risk of falling in love against her will.

Virgins among themselves

The sex horoscope for Virgo and Virgo is extremely ambivalent. While a long-term, stable partnership with a good sex life can be achieved, there is also the possibility of torturous boredom. However, the trend is quite fast in such a pairing.

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balance and Virgo

Although the balance is a balanced constellation, it does not manage to give stability to the so safety striving Virgo. Too superficial, too fluttery and too unsteady is this connection, as the zodiac sign sex for Virgo and balance clearly shows.

scorpion and virgin

The scorpion may be a perfect partner for the zodiac sign, but she cannot hide anything from it. His ability to manipulate represents a danger for this zodiac sign. However, if the scorpion loves, then this love is upright and she may feel safe.

shooter and virgin

The sex horoscope for Virgo and Shooter leaves many possibilities open. In the love horoscope for Virgo and Sagittarius, the two signs of the zodiac harmonize well, but in the sexual realm it can be difficult. Only strong protectors are able to challenge the sexual readiness of the virgin.

capricorn and virgin

The sex horoscope for Virgo and Capricorn predicts fiery hours and it can work well here in the long term. The dominance of the capricorn can lead to difficulties from time to time, but these are endured by the sensitive.

Aquarius and Virgo

The Aquarius is not the right choice for the orderly virgin, neither sexually nor in terms of partnership. Through her pedantry she quickly puts the unpredictable zodiac sign to flight. However, it may be enough for a virgin adventure.

fish and virgin

Due to her great shyness, the sex horoscope for virgin and fish does not offer much variety. Both have to jump over their shadows if they want to approach each other at all. If it succeeds, a long-term partnership can be the reward.

Virgins in the New Year: Finding the Right Sexual Partner

Virgos are generally considered to be more cautious and shy partners. But does this principle also apply to this year? Virgo sex horoscope this year holds some tips to intensify sexual experiences and adventures. We have tried to find out what the new year has in store for us in terms of love and sex and what you can or should do concretely as a Virgo.

Virgo tip for the year: find a partner and give up control

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Virgo will face some challenges this year. Sex and love will play a big role in their lives, but there could also be conflicts with other people. This year, the zodiac sign Virgo should try to have emotions under better control and not to react so quickly excited. When it comes to sex, more self-confidence is the order of the day. Respond to new stimuli, approach potential sexual partners, and then let yourself drift during a little adventure. Virgos generally find it hard to relinquish control, but this year they should give themselves a jolt. The new relationship has so much sexual energy that Virgos can safely sit back and still get their money’s worth.

Virgo-born people are ideal partners once they have committed to the relationship. They are reliable and also very routine during sex. If the virgin has found a sex partner who shares her favorite position, then that won’t change anytime soon. Not even this year. Wild experiments are also not so much desired in the new year. For this, a partner who also focuses on consistency and routine is ideal. Routine in this case does not mean boredom. Virgos can become a little more open to new flirtations this year, so things will spark and get down to business faster.

Sexual ecstasies are possible

If sex is about consistency, then Virgo is the ideal partner. This year it is also the case that Virgo wants to be conquered slowly. However, this year she may decide to relinquish control during sex. Should this succeed, the zodiac sign Virgo will experience completely new sexual ecstasies this year.

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