Wir wollen dich und deine Neuigkeiten bei uns haben!

By Mario Meyer
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Wir wollen dich und deine Neuigkeiten bei uns haben!
Wir wollen dich und deine Neuigkeiten bei uns haben!
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We are interested in your news about sex!

Taboos do not know the online erotic magazine Eronite – and therefore everyone is welcome here. Those who have a lot of sex and/or live off of it sometimes have blatant experiences. We want you to share your exciting experiences with our readers. Tell us your news about sex dates, erotic shows, flings, projects, trends, toys, your individual inclinations and kinky experiments! So we publish worth knowing, amusing and exciting.

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Wir wollen dich und deine Neuigkeiten bei uns haben! • Presseverteiler EroniteWho provides sharp news and stories?

Are you a private or a professional webcam girl? Then you know what users like most about you and want to see most from you. How do they bring up their desires, what turns you on, and what do you have to put up with? How much fitness is required for you to move provocatively in front of the webcam? Where do you get the hot lingerie for your performances? Maybe you have some other ideas about what details you would like to tell our readers. We are totally open to your news and would love to see some meaningful photos from you as well.

Have you had your first experience as a porn performer? Or have you been in this business for a while? What practices do you still enjoy? How have the requirements changed over time, so what trends do you see? Where do you think the best porn comes from (USA, Eastern Europe, Germany)? How popular are Latinas and black porn queens with their colleagues? Is amateur porn serious competition for professional porn?

Eronite readers will also be interested in what you, as a content or film producer, can contribute to this topic. Who inspires you to come up with creative ideas for awesome content and/or stimulating images? Share with us your coolest ideas and the experience of their implementation, tell us your news. Surely you know something about dubbing porn videos. Or know people who work in the background, creating snappy headlines and teasers for wank templates, for example. We not only write about you, but bring the animating photos to match.

Wir wollen dich und deine Neuigkeiten bei uns haben! • Presseverteiler EroniteYour news is in good hands with us

Because we have really curious readers who are well connected and share a lot of information and especially your news. Therefore our call to webmasters and model scouts: If you are active in one of these fields, you will probably often meet remarkable guys and daring girls. Tell us about the funny and curious incidents that are part of your job and how you deal with them. Perhaps some Eronite readers can learn from your experience. Your news is read by an eager audience. Many people don’t even know the different levels on which a model scout operates. Or how much responsibility someone who takes care of a decidedly sexy website also has.

Are you a trade show vendor and grateful for serious, factual coverage of your event? Then provide us with timely information on upcoming events. We like to report about erotic fairs and special attractions like star guests, promotions and user dates. The sooner we receive your news, the more detailed we can write about it in our erotic magazine. Readers will learn about the locations and how to get there, and receive exclusive recommendations. Whether it’s a preliminary report or a trade fair report: as a supplier and organizer, you benefit from working with us. Inviting photos and stimulating texts are our trademark.

Wir wollen dich und deine News bei uns haben! • Presseverteiler EroniteDon’t hold back your favorite news either

Yes, you are meant, the one who earns money as an affiliate program operator. How does affiliate marketing work in the erotic sector? What tools do you work with there? What can Eronite readers learn from you in terms of efficient affiliate deals, and where do pitfalls lurk? We are curious about your news and exemplary photos. Or are you active in the area of dating sites and portals? Then I’m sure you’ll have a lot to talk about as well. What warnings should our readers heed, and how gullible can anyone be these days? Have the sex dating portals long since caught up with or even overtaken the normal flirting exchanges? Your know-how and news as well as your tips on this topic are in great demand.

Do you run a sex store, work in one, or are you involved in making sex toys? Then you’ll be working in a sector that is of great interest to our readers. We offer you to write reviews about new products, conduct comparison tests and make recommendations.

Neue User für Dich durch ein Interview!

So if a particularly promising dildo comes on the market, please don’t keep your news to yourself. We would like to inform the users about it. Our site is visited by many who like to learn about sexdolls, vibrators, fuck machines, plugs & co. There are also a lot of readers who are specifically into BDSM and fetish. They want to know which wicked and lust-promoting toys are hot right now. With us, your news will meet an open-minded editorial team.

Wir wollen dich und deine Neuigkeiten bei uns haben! • Presseverteiler EroniteYour news for us can also be quite private

Of course, people not only like to read about the everyday professional life of people in the erotic and porn business. Moreover, you would also like to get to know their private sides. Who masturbates or fucks for hours in front of the camera, does he/she still have “normal sex” at home? In our erotic magazine Eronite, however, we span a wide range thematically. We report on all facets of eroticism and sex and also leave a lot of room for the imagination. Our editorial team takes news and background reports, studies on sexual behavior or general gender trends just as seriously as exciting stories, stories by voyeurs and other sparkling experience reports. So your news appear in a framework of diverse experiences and facts with high pleasure factor.

When your news reaches us, it will be edited and appropriately illustrated. We’ll preserve your anonymity if you wish, but still stick to the facts.

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… or add our email address redaktion(at)eronite.com to your press distribution list so that we always receive your latest news!

Don’t worry about Fake News! Our focus is on eroticism and sex – that’s why users click on us. You want to keep yourself informed so that you are always up to date. There’s a lot going on in these areas, and your news is helping to let readers know about it. Even small incidents or tingling observations can be the appropriate material for our site.

We don’t mince words, so we call a spade a spade. Write down your news in the language you are used to. If necessary, we defuse one or the other expression. And please do not be afraid to entrust us with your news from the field of bizarre sex. Bondage, Spanking, Ball Torture & Co. are exactly the reading material for thousands of readers! We are already looking forward to your news for the Eronite erotic magazine!

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