You wanna bet… I can taste 25 swingers clubs on the hot tub water?

By Faizel Ahman
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Bet you... I can taste 25 swingers clubs on the hot tub water?
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Thomas Gottschalk would be proud of me!

That’s right. As a scene-goer for years, it wasn’t just the hot girls that caught my eye during my visits to the relevant establishments. All the swingers clubs, nudist oases and brothels are differentiated by a multitude of subtle nuances. You just have to pay attention. To be able to recognize these subtle differences at any time gave me the idea to formulate a bet from them.

The selection of the bet with the swinger clubs

Wetten dass… ich 25 Swingerclubs am Wasser des Whirlpools erschmecke?There were many options to choose from:

  • Using a two-year-old music playlist from a table dance shop, name the exact date and the number and order of strippers.
  • Only after cracking a whip can name the zip code of the SM studio.
  • After the bubbling sound of the Jacuzzi, recognize the corresponding nudist oasis.
  • On the basis of the lady’s favourite drink, recite the exact escort service including the hourly rate.
  • After ten seconds of dialogue, name the porn title plus the year of release.

I would have done all that without hesitation, but it would have been too easy. After all, I wanted to master a real challenge, not these toddler bets like on TV with Thomas Gottschalk. After all, he liked the hall and outdoor bets best and not these fake pranks in the studio.

“I can tell 25 hot tubs by the taste of the water”.

Anyone who has ever been a guest in swingers clubs or nudist oases knows the situation. You are lying unsuspectingly in the hot tub and several ladies come by. They usually look so hot that you forget to swim for a few seconds. Quickly it happens: You swallow water and are reminded of where you are. Admittedly, this situation has happened to me more than once.

Deutsche Swingergirls

There is also nothing embarrassing about enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman. The fact that I was in a Jacuzzi at the time gave me the idea for the bet. To be honest, I now visit some swingers clubs mainly to test the aroma of the water.

Swinger Clubs Are My Real Home

I love swingers clubs. For years I have been looking for the erotic establishments again and again, in the meantime even all over Europe. One wall of my living room is covered by a map with over five hundred little flags in it.

Ultimativer Kick? Mit dem Partner auf die Swingerparty!

Swinger clubs are blue, nudist oases are yellow and table dance shops are red. The blue flags, by the way, are by far the most common. Like I said, I love swingers clubs. Of course, I don’t tell that to everyone who comes to visit me.

Practice for the bet

Admittedly, it wasn’t easy explaining to the swingers club security why I was taking a water bottle into the Jacuzzi. But I had to get my samples somehow. As more and more bottles accumulated, the original contents of my wine cellar had to go. It was kind of a shame to flush all that good stuff down the toilet.

Wetten dass… ich 25 Swingerclubs am Wasser des Whirlpools erschmecke?

But sometimes you have to set priorities. So after making sure there was enough room, my basement filled up with the samples from the swingers clubs. Sorted by postcode and partly provided with the photo of a woman I had met on this occasion purely by chance. Sometimes I go to my basement to enjoy the sight of my collection, have a sip and reminisce.

Am I gonna be famous?

If this bet works out, I’ll come up with more things, I promise. Maybe that’s why I open a youtube channel and let my followers participate in the visits of the swingers clubs.

In the future, if you see someone sipping from a hot tub while visiting a club, don’t look surprised, give them a thumbs up. Quite possibly it’s me. ;-)

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