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Why are so many women into body insemination?

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Warum stehen so viele Frauen auf Körperbesamung?

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Body insemination – more than wonderful!

In eroticism body insemination is called with the abbreviation BI. This refers to the spraying of the man or men onto the woman’s body. The preferred “target” are tits, bottom and belly. Ejaculation into the face, on the other hand, is called facial (from “face”).

Why are so many women into body insemination?Why is body insemination so great?

On the part of the men, the answer is clear. They find their sex partner very attractive. Their curves and curves make them feel like it. They express this desire by injecting sperm into the particularly attractive body parts. One speaks here of a salirophilia.

There’s probably no man who hasn’t injected his sweethearts on the buttocks or the breasts. Such a big butt or a few big tits sometimes even scream for it. But also many women love body insemination. Probably it is because they understand it as a kind of crude compliment. After all, your partner only practices body insemination in places that arouse him sexually. As the saying goes: “Actions speak louder than words. This is exactly what body insemination expresses. Because her bottom, her thighs or her boobs make him so horny, he wants to cum there at his climax.

There’s even a sex practice that deals with body insemination: Spanish sex. He sticks his stiff tike between her plump breasts and she rubs him until he splashes. The feeling is just as exciting as with normal pussy sex.

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For couples who do not use contraception, body insemination also has another great advantage: pregnancy is excluded.

Spraying as a cosmetic?

That’s not bullshit, it’s true. Sperm makes beautiful. Semen contains ingredients that are good for the skin. Spermidine (as the substance is called) stimulates the growth and regeneration of skin cells. More proteins and nucleic acids are produced. The result will soon be visible. The skin becomes smoother and firmer, wrinkles disappear. In addition, body insemination has a cooling and calming effect on the skin. This is not an assertion made on the hair. One of the best-known German women’s magazines recently reported on it. Several scientists confirmed the thesis independently of each other.

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However, there are two problems with body insemination as a cosmetic. There is no care product to buy that contains sperm and the treatment only works if it is done regularly. By the way, this could also be one of the reasons why women who have a lot of sex usually look very attractive.

Body insemination in the partnership

At this point, the spirits divide. Some women like it, others find the practice disgusting. In any case, before having sex, man and woman should talk about the subject and determine what works and what doesn’t. If you categorically reject this type of “skin care”, He has to abide by the pronounced ban, even if the temptation is very great. If, however, he is selfish and still takes action, he risks at least a major quarrel over what is actually a null and void cause.

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There are also men who are not so much into body insemination. When they spray, they want to be as deep as possible in her and feel how the sperm splashes into her cave of pleasure. By the way, there is also an alternative to KB. When the man has squirted, he can pull his best friend out of her pussy and wipe her buttocks, breasts or stockings. That looks also very cool and has almost the same effect as a real body insemination.

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