Why sex with older men is better in golf

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Why sex with older men is better in golf
Why sex with older men is better in golf
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Sex with older men and why it is so good

Sex with older men has many advantages. They have experience and provide their partner with a high level of pleasure in the most beautiful pastime in the world. But why is that, and why don’t younger women regret engaging in sex with older men? Let’s clear that up now.

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Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Die Zukunft des Dating 3.0 startet hier!

What are the reasons for the good sex?

Warum Sex mit älteren Männern beim Golf besser istSex with older men is so good because they have experience. They have already sowed their wild oats and have nothing left to prove. In addition, the know-how in terms of positions and practices is great. They are well acquainted with the female anatomy. This leads to older men knowing exactly where to lend a hand.

Sex with older men is also so good because they put the woman’s interests above their own. They think nothing of a quickie, but enjoy the erotic encounter to the fullest. Older men love to spoil their partners. They go to great lengths to do so.

Frequent change of position is not necessary when having sex with older men. That’s exciting too, but when it comes to sex, enjoyment is more important. But older men know exactly how to stimulate the desire of their partner. And this does not require a change of position. They know what to do to lead them to the peak of pleasure.

Sex with older men is safe

Older men do not refrain from using condoms for flimsy reasons. You know exactly how important safety is. While younger men often justify their unwillingness with a latex allergy, this tends not to happen with sex with older men. They take care of contraceptive measures on their own. This way the sex is even more relaxed.

Also the romance does not come too short during sex with older men. You do not want to just come to orgasm, but plan a magical evening. First there is a candlelight dinner with champagne to the sounds of soft music. They also like to have conversations with their partner. It is well worth having sex with older men.

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Older men do not play games. They have long since left this bad habit behind them. They don’t need excuses and things like that. Instead, they are honest and say freely what they expect from their counterpart. This gives great security.

Other advantages of older men

Older men also get involved with self-confident women. They have no problem with strong women who say what they think and want. This is because older men now have enough self-confidence. And this, in turn, ensures that they even welcome it when the lady plays with open cards during sex with older men. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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Maturity is also much more pronounced in older men. This can be seen in many things. Jealousy dramas are a thing of the past. This prevents the often childish and embarrassing arguments in public that can occur with younger men. Older men usually do not want to forbid anything anymore. They are aware that bans lead nowhere. Maturity in sex with older men also automatically leads to more serenity. They know from experience that bans, pressure and other negative things just don’t cut it. Sex with older men is completely easy.

Sometimes sex with older men also leads to a relationship

Since honesty is important to older men and they don’t play games with a woman, they often want to start a relationship with her. Provided she wants it too. One-night stands no longer appeal to them. Likewise, they do not value meaningless relationships. If they are interested in a woman, they are serious. Women who have sex with older men are, for the most part, fine in a relationship with them.

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However, it should be clear that the above-mentioned advantages do not apply to all older men. Even among them there are specimens who are dishonest and lack experience. Therefore, it is always important to first get to know the person including character and get an idea about it. On the other hand, younger men are not generally considered to lie, lack experience, or lack maturity.

It just depends on the individual personality. Age is left out of the equation for the time being. Nevertheless, because of age, the older men are, the greater their maturity and experience. The attempt is worthwhile.

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