When the professor sleeps with his student

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When the professor sleeps with his student
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Sex between professors and his female students

The situation is conceivably difficult and has already provided material for various books and film adaptations. What happens when the school relationship between professors and their female students suddenly turns into something more? Female students are usually in the prime of their lives, are pretty to look at and live out their sexuality. Who could be blamed for dreaming about sex with a student every now and then?

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Sex with student as a fantasy of omnipotence?

Wenn der Professor mit seiner Studentin schläftA professor has a not inconsiderable power over his charges. Finally, he corrects their work, distributes grades and gives recommendations for further, professional career. This advantage is compounded by greater life experience. Many a student will still be inexperienced and naive, a professor with a doctorate certainly not.

This position of power can, of course, tempt people to exploit it. After all, professors are only men, too. Some of them may have a tendency to dominate anyway. Who would not at least come up with the idea of occasionally meeting a student for sex and enjoying her bondage? Once this is done, the question arises whether sex with a student will remain.

Or will it become two over time? Or much more? Professors who have perfected their scam will find rows and rows of potential victims at their universities. Building a young, female and submissive following would be the fulfillment of any dominant SM fan.

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Looked at another way, this balance of power also exerts a strong attraction on the other side. Female students who are perhaps just discovering their sexuality suddenly feel submissive tendencies. Where better to live this out than with your professor, who also teaches you so much in other ways?

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Of course, it can also happen here that a single student has it in for several professors. Depending on how pronounced the submissive tendency is in the student.

Wenn der Professor mit seiner Studentin schläft

The weapons of a woman

Many a girl quickly realizes that she can use her charms to her advantage. It’s no different at universities. The female students flirt, try each other out and dress hot. Even the professors are not spared. On the contrary. Whoever manages to get one of the faculty emotionally attached by having sex with a student has an advantage.

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There are many reasons for such behavior, some of which have already been mentioned above. Grades, recommendations for the job market, or just preferential treatment during class. I’m sure some of the girls actually have a soft spot for older gentlemen. With the others, it’s simply calculation.

Many female students have the same professors for years. So you have time to prepare. Girls who show themselves every day anew sexily dressed in provocative poses in the lecture hall do not remain hidden even from the established professor. An after-lecture conversation here, a smile there.

Forbidden is forbidden – even such a relationship

Wenn der Professor mit seiner Studentin schläftA seemingly random touch, first on the arm, later in other places. All this can soften a man in the long run. Not long now, and most men will dream about sex with this student.

If the act actually occurs, she may even videotape the teacher having sex with student. In the harmless case, it is a collection of trophies. Films of this kind can, of course, function as future blackmail material.

Sex with a student usually ends badly for the professors
The bottom line is that both parties are affected. If the relationship blows up, it can cost the professor his job. Not to mention the damage to their reputation. But the student will also have nothing to laugh about. She is sure to be called a slut or a tramp, and these are still the more harmless terms.

Most of the time, the student is even forced to change the university and also the city over the short or long term. But since the Internet came into existence, physical distance is no longer the ultimate protection.

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For this reason, although relationships of this kind appear again and again in books and films, they are rare in reality. That’s a good thing, too, and hopefully it won’t change.

Role Play Template

Role-playing games that are about power relationships are a dime a dozen. Policeman and prisoner, soldier and terrorist, nurse and patient, mother and baby. The list could be continued almost endlessly. A “professor has sex with student” role-playing game is almost inevitable here.

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The submissive part can play the silly naivete to his heart’s content and let himself be seduced. The dominant part mimes the teacher and teaches his protégé everything he thinks is important. If you move the game a few decades into the past, the cane and paddle are not far away either. Thus, sex with a student in role-play should be especially something for friends of spanking.

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