What’s the point of blocking xhamster other than free PR?

By Benno von Sandhayn
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What's the point of blocking xhamster other than free PR?
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Blocking xhamster really useful?

The Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media has decided to block the erotic portal xhamster. The four largest ISPs must block access to the site. The xhamster blocking is explained by the fact that there is no proper age control on the site. Access for children and young people to pornographic content would be too easy and must be stopped.

What does xhamster have to do to remove the block?

Was bringt die Sperre von xhamster außer kostenloser PR?The protection of minors complains that age controls are too lax. If xhamster revises this, the xhamster block will be lifted again. Of course, the operators are now wondering how many current users they would scare away by doing this. How many are willing to provide a credit card or send in a copy of their ID as proof of age?

It is precisely this anonymity that might have been a reason for xhamster fans to choose this portal. The operators certainly don’t want to mess with this considerable number of users. The question remains whether they will therefore continue to accept the existence of a block on their portal or whether there will be changes.

Isn’t xhamster’s suspension rather pure harassment?

So, with the four largest Internet providers, there is supposed to be a block of xhamster. If you let this sentence roll off your tongue, you already know how to solve the problem for yourself. Of course, we will not give any instructions on how to circumvent a parental control at this point. But a tech-savvy youngster shouldn’t have too many problems with it.

Die legale Porno-Alternative

So the question arises, what exactly is intended with this half-hearted blocking of xhamster. Is an example to be made here? If so, it is very poorly executed. What exactly is a ban of xhamster supposed to bring, except a greater traffic on other, relevant portals?

Superior youth protection?

Clearly, the blocking of xhamster is intended to prevent children and young people from consuming content that is not yet for them. But is this the right approach? Does xhamster blocking actually prevent curious teens from wanting to find out more about sex? Hardly.

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Rather, it is the parents who are called upon here. Those who are open about sexuality have an easier time of it. Those who are sensitively introduced to the topic deal with it differently. Enlightened young people do not even need to watch sex films for further education. You’ll also find out faster that the action in porn doesn’t always have anything to do with reality.

Is that why less porn will be watched in the future?

Let’s face it: porn video portals abound. A ban of xhamster is more like the famous drop in the bucket. If you are in the mood for porn, you are unlikely to stop watching it just because a certain page is blocked. The range is simply too large for that and, above all, too easy to reach. Whether the Internet address entered is called xhamster or something else is completely irrelevant.

Does xhamster’s lock trigger a boomerang effect?

By blocking xhamster, it is clear that this site is not suitable for minors under the age of eighteen. Okay, that was clear to everyone before, but now it’s more official. But doesn’t this lock have the exact opposite effect? You think back to your own teenage years. Everything that was forbidden had a special charm. Peers perceived you as cool if you were involved with something forbidden. Besides, you were considered dangerous, revolutionary, and so on.

Are Russian women prettier than German girls?

In short, the appeal of somehow circumventing xhamster’s lock is much greater now than it was before. Teenagers meeting in chat and having a race around the xhamster barrier would be conceivable. Screenshots as target photo evidence included. The site might even become more popular thanks to the lock. The future click numbers will show.

I wonder if this is what the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media had in mind?

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