What can a man do in bed in a slump?

By Jens Haberlein
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What can a man do in bed in a slump?
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Why sex is often stressful for men too

The best tips for hot, intimate moments

It’s not always the men who are constantly in the mood for sex and want to have fun in bed. Often the case in partnerships is exactly the opposite. The woman feels like having sex, but the man does not feel it the same way. Often there are physical symptoms behind it – but the lack of desire does not always have to be due to erectile dysfunction or other physical problems. Often fears or mental illnesses are also behind it. In this article we want to clarify a few reasons why men do not feel like it and what man and woman can do for a nice togetherness.

What can a man do in bed in a slump?sexophobia

Many men have the image in their minds that they have to be ready anytime and anywhere. The porn industry in particular suggests to men that there is nothing more important than satisfying women. But experts do not agree with this. Psychologists in particular emphasize that the pressure that many men put on themselves is the decisive factor that the lust decreases. It is, as described in this article, perfectly normal that men do not feel like it at times. If men sleep with women despite having little lust, it is not surprising if the penis is not erect properly and therefore sexual intercourse does not take place. After this mishap many men feel bad and avoid intimacy. In addition, the male sex often has the feeling that they have to be very good in bed and cannot afford to make mistakes. These thoughts, which are constantly circulating in the head, can be very stressful, especially when men are under pressure. Men who know this problem should speak openly with their partner.

Lack of attractiveness or too little self-love

Even if it sounds funny – many men have the problem that they find themselves unattractive and therefore cannot really get involved with the woman or the other man. This is no wonder – social media wants to give not only women the image of the perfect appearance, but also men. Well-trained, broad shoulders and a six-pack – many men do not have this and are therefore insecure. But during sex, looks and muscles only play a secondary role. The important thing is to be responsive to each other and to forget the negative images of oneself. But many men find this not easy, which is why they cannot let themselves fall so often.

Why women are sad after sex

Sex: Was kann Mann bei einer Flaute im Bett tun?Too much in her head during sex

It is so anchored in people’s minds that men are always in the mood. But this is not so. Especially when men have a very stressful job or other problems, it is clear that they too may not think about the one thing for a certain period of time. Men are allowed to take this space and also talk about it consciously with their partner. It is not always the right time to have sexual intercourse and love for your partner can be shown in other ways.

What can you do about problems in your intimate life?


No matter what the problem is – open discussions are always the be-all and end-all. This is the only way for couples to ensure that all problems, fears and worries are brought to the table.

Seeking help: Erection problems during sex – what to do?

There are still many men who keep their erection problems a secret. Instead, one should have the erectile dysfunction clarified and find the cause. That’s one way of dealing with it. So before men simply buy a sexual enhancer, the physical cause should be clarified. If there is no other solution, one should read the potency remedies experiences and look for potency remedies that are natural. In most cases they work just as well, but have fewer side effects. On the Internet you can find many different natural sexual enhancers for men. If men find little information about sexual enhancers, the article Viasil in the Test can already be very helpful.


Problems in bed are not rare. Especially for men, the pressure to be good in bed is constantly increasing. Even the strongest man can develop fears and worries. With open conversations about lust and possible clarifications about the lack of potency one can save the relationship and the sex life.

You can find more information here: www.focus.de/gesundheit/ratgeber/maenner/news/tid-25220/erektionsstoerungen-die-11-haeufigsten-ursachen_aid_721903.html

Having a hangover is not the end of the world, but the man concerned should deal with it and possibly seek advice from his GP or urologist.

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