Kiffende Frauen haben bessere Orgasmen – stimmt das?

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Women who smoke pot have better orgasms - is that true?
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Open questions about sex and cannabis use

Researchers from the USA have found that women who smoke pot have better orgasms. In doing so, they confirm what many women had already suspected. However, this does not mean that it is advisable to smoke pot as much as possible. The conscious use of cannabis is what matters.

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Kiffende Frauen haben bessere Orgasmen - stimmt das?American scientists from St. Louis University have studied the influence of marijuana on women’s orgasm. It was not only recognized that women who smoke pot have more orgasms. In addition, the orgasms are particularly good. Sexual desire increases according to the participating women.

In addition, cannabis alleviates pain during sex. Of course, this is no wonder. Cannabis is a painkiller, after all. For reducing pain during sex, there are probably healthier solutions. On the positive side, however, cannabis has relaxing and pleasure-enhancing effects. However, it does not seem entirely out of the question that women who smoke pot simply have a lust-enhancing lifestyle in general.

Smoking pot women have better orgasms

The study refers to women who smoke pot. Whether other types of cannabis use have the same effect on orgasm is still unclear. In addition, of course, the dose must be right. Too much smoking pot, makes women rather tired and indifferent in the long run. It is therefore not conducive to orgasm.

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This is probably also the reason for the results of previous studies. These found no effect of cannabis on female orgasm. However, they noted that excessive use of cannabis can cause orgasm problems for men.

The tool for a good orgasm?

In the right dose, cannabis has a relaxing effect. It can therefore be helpful if stress is the cause of orgasm difficulties. In general, there are many ways to improve the quality of orgasm. Relaxation exercises can be used instead of cannabis. For example, exercises for the pelvic floor muscles or love balls are helpful.

Zu den orgasmusfähigen Frauen

In addition, studies show that many women have better orgasms when they masturbate. This suggests that some couples’ communication could be better. It also seems to make sense to incorporate sex toys into lovemaking. So creativity in bed is required!

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