5 warning signals that he does not want a relationship

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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5 warning signals that he does not want a relationship

He is not looking for a partnership when…

Dating is fun! That is a matter of course. But it tends to be more fun if you know that you like both and that it will lead to something special in the long run. When it comes to commitment, women and men are often on different sides. You’ll find that women are likely to look to the men they’ve just met and give themselves up too quickly just to find out that the guy was about to meet them and then end the relationship. A guy who didn’t want anything long-term from the start.

The love and relationship expert Bernardo Mendez highlights the difference between men who want something long-term from women and those who are not committed (or just not looking for a relationship with you).

Here are the signs that he (probably) doesn’t want a relationship:

5 warning signals that he does not want a relationship1. He’s pushing for sex early

Guys are known to be first interested in the woman’s body, as they often go to bed much faster and then often don’t want a relationship. If a man is interested in something long-term and if you are the kind of woman he eventually wants to bring to his mother and meet his family, he will wait much longer to talk about sex.

He will wait until he knows you a little better to make sure he is doing something meaningful. He’s not the type to use you and then go to the next woman. This man is definitely not the type who just wanted a “physical” connection with you.

2. He’s not really curious about getting to know you well

If a man doesn’t think long-term with you and doesn’t want a relationship, he will always talk a lot about himself and only about things that aren’t important.

He will not ask you questions that will make you talk more about yourself and your person. Which can only mean that he is with you just for fun.  And is not ready for a relationship that goes deep.

3. Imbalance between what he wants and when he wants it

A man who is not there in the long run will not concentrate on asking you about the things that are important to you. Instead, he concentrates only on himself and on fulfilling his own needs. He suggests things that are only of interest to him. Without worrying about the things that might please you or what you want to do.

A dedicated guy is all about balance. About what both of you want and need, and he will make these investments in the relationship first to get to know you and dive into things that are exciting for you so that you feel more attracted to him.

5 Warnignale, dass er keine Beziehung will4. There’s no progress in taking you into his world

A man who’s about not to want a relationship won’t introduce you to his friends or family. That’s because he’s not really interested in making you a part of his life.

If you really like someone, you will want them to be part of your daily life, won’t you? You will involve him in most things and you will want everyone in your life to know that you are with him.

5. He’s not ready to talk to you about the future

If a man fails to tell you what he wants and when he wants it and avoids “the subject” for a very long time, he may be looking for something very short. And he just doesn’t want a relationship.

If a man is really in love with you, he will push you. He will make allusions and tell you what his plans are. And he will push them forward so that you stay and know that he wants to make everything possible.

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If he feels very comfortable and doesn’t tell you what he wants and when he wants it and you are the one who has to keep pushing him to give you more all the time then heartache can be pre-programmed. This is the clearest sign that a man does not want a relationship.

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